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The thread about possums
  • I have a horrifying story about a possum but I’ll save it for a later date.

  • We’re still getting to know one another around here.

  • There is no story about possums that is not horrifying.

  • I love possums! They’re so cute!

  • They look like demons and their tails make me want to die. :(

  • Chomp chomp. I’m still horrified, Nog. LOOK AT THE CREEPY PAWS.

  • That’s pretty adorable honestly

  • You’re not supposed to eat the green part you silly possum!

  • However this video reminds me of an old friend of mine who used to keep a ferret as a pet and called it “kitty” and would let it walk around her apartment and once it bit my hand when I tried to pet it and it absolutely would not let go

  • Probably the single hardest time I have ever laughed in my life is when my old roommate picked up his cat when she DID NOT WANT to be picked up. She clawed at his neck, and got her claw really stuck in there. So he started screaming and pulling the cat away from his neck, and it pulled this like 3-inch triangle of skin outward from his neck, like a cartoon or something, before the claw finally came out and neck-skin snapped back.

    It was one of the more sublime sights I have ever witnessed.

  • More funny animal stories, please!


    My ex used to work at a wildlife-rescue place, and they had a possum for a little while. She named it Madge, because its tiny pink fingers coming out of the little black hands made it look like it was wearing Madonna-style fingerless gloves.

    image image

  • Ever play this video game?

    Awesome Possum kicks Dr. Machino’s Butt

    Because I have.

  • The kittens of one of the cats on the farm where my mom worked always turned out to be murderous fuckface cats, which was unfortunate, because we gave them away to friends and acquaintances. One of them lived with my friend Rachel. His name was Lenin and he would sit on top of open doors in order to ambush any passing human. He did that triangle-of-skin thing to my arm once. What an asshole.

    Also the cats around the farm were fed out of a turkey pan on our friends’ deck, and possums always came up at night to steal the food.

  • Possums are horrible, horrible creatures. I have held this position from a very young age. I am a huge animal lover, to the point of being somewhat active in animal rights activities (not in a PETA way, but I don’t look down on them either), and I STILL wish terrible things upon possums. I cannot cosign this discussion. Well, I can cosign davy’s statement. That is all.