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Imminent tears: a Dark Souls thread
  • I know one or two people on this board played DARK SOULS when it first came out. It recently got a PC release with extra content. If anyone still has any interest in the game, this is a thread for general discussion. (And if not, IGNORE ME!)

    I’ve sunk over 300 hours across this and the Xbox 360 release. It’s one of my favoritest games ever, and I’ve gotten good enough at it that I haven’t been truly challenged in a while.

    Today that changes!

    In a little while, I’m going to start a new character, and this character’s going to have some serious limitations placed on it:

    Soul Level 1, no leveling allowed. This means starting as a pyromancer; no other class starts at SL1. This restriction gives me a very small list of usable weapons with no possibility of STR or DEX scaling or HP increases.

    No Ring of Favor and Protection. This restriction guarantees I’ll never see a significant HP increase.

    No magic. This is the big one. A level 1 run with a maxed-out pyromancy flame isn’t much of a challenge at all. The 3 sorceries I’d be able to use wouldn’t be a big boost, but they would help a lot in the beginning low-damage stages.

    No summoning. I can’t get help online from a low-level with strong pyromancy. I can’t even get help from the NPC summons the game occasionally throws at you, 2 of which are so helpful I have no idea how I will beat the bosses without them.

    No Dragon Torso Stone. This item makes playing naked much more viable.

    For fun, I’m going to be streaming all of this online! Unfortunately I don’t have the upload bandwidth to put together a really good show. I’ll probably get 10 FPS max. But still, this will be more fun with others making fun of me when I die. So if you’re into that, go here: http://www.twitch.tv/swimmylionni

    I’ll play all of it online except for grinding, which I might do a little of offline.

    If you make a twitch.tv account, you’ll be able to chat on the sidebar there, and you’ll also be able to follow my channel and get emails when I’m playing. Damned if I’m gonna announce it here every time.

    Ok so that’s all I’ve got. As for general discussion: Hey, how about that there Dark Souls?

  • Are you allowed to use the secret item you can get by jumping down the well at the start?

    I love this game too, though I haven’t played it anywhere near as much as you, and I know fearandwhiskey/girl also loves it, and I believe Milly loves it too. Everyone should love it. I wasn’t sure about getting the DLC but apparently one of my friends worked on the translation so I kind of have to get it now. I’m pretty excited - I haven’t really been able to get into a new character beyond clowning around near the start and helping people out, so it’ll be a good excuse to start again. And it’s the right time of year for it.

    My absolute favourite thing is probably the skies, followed by the map, followed by how it’s pretty much the best game.