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Boardwalk Empire (possible spoilers)
  • Anyone else watching this season? I’ve been surprised at how they’ve kept the wheels spinning this season after killing off probably the most compelling character on the entire series in last season’s finale.

  • I really feel like I should be watching this show; I just didn’t get hooked after the first two episodes of S1. Gorgeous to look at, and well-acted, but I didn’t find it particularly compelling. I think I have a hard time appreciating things on their merits; I tend to only want to watch Great Television, and trashy crap, and nothing in between. That’s not really true, there’s plenty of good-not-great tv that I watch, but stuff like this (and Scorsese in general) does not trip my trigger.

  • Yeah, the first episode of this season I was like, “Eh… I’m not sure they can keep it up without Jimmy” but I thought this week’s episode was great. There hasn’t been much of Chalky White so far this season either, he’s one of my other favorite characters, so if they get him back in the mix then it’ll be all the better for me.

  • Also, I enjoy drinking Templeton Rye while watching Al Capone beat up some dudes.

  • I like Boardwalk Empire, but I’ve never been able to get very into it, though. I also get lost in the intricacies of the booze trade and lose interest in some of the plots. The main thing that keeps me coming back is Buscemi’s performance - he is a genius. Though come to think of it, I also really like Margaret and the hilarious Van Alden. I would totally watch an Agent Nelson Van Alden spin-off series.

  • Holy crap tonight’s episode.

  • I’m really impressed by the way they’ve worked this show. It’s definitely gotten better as it went along. Tonight’s episode was badass.

    also, oh god the suits

  • Sunday’s episode was fun, but it was also very reminiscent of a high-end video game. I think my favorite scene was the Lucky/Meyer conversation.