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And we live with animals
  • Here is Pigeon. She was actually sort of happy at the time.


    Edit: switched to html because markdown stopped working.

  • Grayson is a lover. A suave lover.


  • Oh, he is beautiful! He looks like my old cat Mackerel (RIP). I want to give him a hug!

  • Come on over; he will cuddle with you all day long!

  • Today is the birthday of Scout & Mojo Jojo. They are 3 years old.

  • Maybe the best picture ever of Thunder Perfect Cat:

  • Happy birthday, Scout!

    Edit: Happy birthday to Mojo, too.

  • Also that is indeed a great photo of Thunder. And Grayson looks to be quite wonderful too, wow!

  • Here’s my dude:


  • Lola was attacking a dinosaur on my bookshelf from behind a curtain. She ain’t afaid of no dinosaurs!

  • Your cat looks like a disgruntled businessman, Jeb. I dig it.

  • I’m going to start posting pictures of the blue jay family that lives in our plum tree.

    EDIT: Cat people: if they get eaten I’ll know who to blame.

  • Good idea. We have a pair of African collared doves called Shalawambe and Amayenge that belong up here.

  • EDIT: Cat people: if they get eaten I’ll know who to blame.



  • Doh! A deer!

    My backyard. Going down NOW.

    alt text

  • i just have this herd of weirdos…


  • My flatmate took this photo of our cat (cbf image-hosting). She’s the most lolcat-genic cat I’ve met, I think, and is generally great. Named Bailey after Bill Bailey.

  • The size of this picture is accurate in proportion to how gigantic he really is. Actually, I think that this may be life-size.

    Vinnie MowMows

  • CAT

    “So you want to respond to Clayton_Peacock, do you? Also, I ate your cereal”

    It”s computer sitting season I think

  • It is, as my cat’s entire back end is on my laptop

  • @heather - I love how he tucks his paws in like that…

  • Lola just moved to my apartment recently and I’ve been keeping her litter and food and water in my room because the screen door didn’t have a latch yet. I’ve fixed the screen door, but Lola is terrified of leaving my room. I take her into the living room, or the kitchen, or the back room and she looks around a bit, then crouches down and runs back to my room. When I leave my door open she’s agitated and can’t stop watching it all wide eyed.

    It’s cute, but a little annoying. I want this litter outta my room!

    This weekend I’m going out of town for a night and my roommate is going to be watching her. I’m hoping she’ll relax a bit if she gets to know my roommates, but I think she’s just going to stress out. Maybe if I put her in her kennel (safe place) and let her hang out in another room in the apartment so she gets used to the smell / sounds would help?

  • Linus, you guys.

  • <3 <3 <3

    Linus may hate being a mermaid, but I’ve never seen a more entertaining one.

  • Yes, more videos of Linus, please!

  • There are a lot more videos on Bill’s YouTube account than mine. So many costumes.

  • leans over cauldron toward Linus, flanked by eels

    It won’t cost much…


  • I don’t live with animals, but I have two part-time outdoor cats. By which I mean two of the neighbourhood cats hang out in our garden a lot, and have decided that they can trust me not to do them any harm. They also try to sneak into our house when we’re not looking (and sometimes also when we are looking), but only one of them has succeeded so far. In fact, I once accidentally locked her in when I left the house - luckily, S. returned soon after and freed her before she peed in our bed.

    That’s her:

    I have no photographic evidence of the other cat, but she’s also cool.

    I don’t know either of their names, and am not creative enough to give them new ones.

  • It’s nice to have part-time pets.

    I’m spending Sunday morning drinking cafe amb llet and watching the kitten cam. Hopefully these two things will cure what ails me.

  • Having part-time pets is indeed nice! Not quite as nice as having Mojo and Scout around full-time, but hey, it’s something.

  • in my head I’m singing that latin devil satan song from southpark when they go to hell but linus is every word of it.

  • I would like to own a cat cafe.

    There’s a florist on my street that has some animals that live in it that you can hang out with. There’s also a boutique that has a couple of cats that are pretty cool.


  • I bought a noise and pheromone spray that’s supposed to make my “bad” dog act not as bad. It’s a newish thing. It hisses, and I guess it smells like lavender and chamomile, but that’s for the people, I think. I haven’t had occasion to use it yet. There is also a collar that I guess releases pheromones as well. I don’t know, the dogs had to go to the vet today (ugh, vet bills) and the vet said to try this stuff first, and then if that didn’t teach her to get right to try one of those citronella deals. People online seem to like it. She really has a bit of an attitude (very sweet up close and just wants to be petted, but highly suspicious of people who, you know, look at me or talk to me), and I’ve tried every training trick in the book over the years so hey, weird pheromone products it is. We shall see.

  • Oh, I’ve seen those spray-collars that shoot sprays every time the dog barks! I really wish they made them in cat-size, so I could keep Caliban from meowing at 4 AM.

  • Well, the don’t make the spray-y things (that would be the citronella I think) for cats, but they do make the pheromone collar things! They’re made by Sentry and they claim they can reduce excessive meowing. They’re not terribly expensive and if you buy one from Petco you’re allowed to try it and take it back if you don’t like it even if the box is opened and stuff.

  • I went to a cat cafe in Korea the last time I was there — it was super weird. The cats all seemed drugged and basically didn’t respond to anything at all. Except there was this tiny hairless cat that was prancing around, and I held it for a little while and fell in love with hairless cats.

    There was also a munchkin. Actually all sorts of really expensive cats that were mostly bored and sick of being touched.

  • aw that’s sad

  • Yeah, it was.

  • Update on weird dog pheromone products: so my little dog is wearing the collar, and I guess that hasn’t had time to work yet (I really don’t know, it seems sort of odd anyway), but this “calming spray” stuff—I took both dogs on a long walk to the park this morning and just used a burst of the spray consistently when she got barky and snarly with approaching dogs or “threatening” people and by the end of the walk she was straight-up vaguely acknowledging other dogs by looking at them and then going on her way. And this is an animal with small-dog complex who thinks everywhere she walks is “her” territory. A+.

    Edit: I mean, I don’t let her get away with that shit normally, I redirect her attention to me and she has to sit, but that correction has never resulted in permanent behavior changes and the prospect of not having to do it every half block is quite exciting.

  • I think I had a dream about your barky dogs last night.

  • Ha ha ha. Only one of them is barky, the other one is scruffy and kind of a stoner dog. He looks pretty much like Benji only a little bigger.

  • haha soo cute. in my dream it was kind of a side story- you lived in the apartment below mine and my shadow self was hovering on a view of my building from outside and a bunch of dogs were barking and you ran outside being all OMG SHUT UUUP and then the dream progressed.

    the rest of the dream was about police brutality :(

  • Not an animal I live with, but I’m sad nevertheless. I really value my walk to and from work - I listen to music and it’s a nice time to myslef. I also like it because there are lots of neighbour cas the way I walk, so I get to stop and say hi and play with them every day. One of my favourites has been this little black cat with a red collar and only 3 legs. He lurches along the path towards you and rolls over and likes a scratch. He says hi to everyone - being on the hill near the university there are a lot of people fond of him. I heard last night he got run over and killed. The car didn’t even stop. Lots of students saw though, and moved him to the side of the road and stayed with him while someone went to tell his people.

  • There are two huskeys that live next door to me. Sometimes they start barking. And by start barking I mean one barks and the other howls like a siren.

  • Yikes. I don’t get any actual howling from my troublesome one, but when I scold her I do get this pretty endearing mini-howl (which is very, very quiet and short or it would be a lot less endearing), that seems to mean “I will stop doing the thing you want me to stop doing but I just need to say a little piece about it first.” Also, no matter what sound I set as the alarm on my phone, she cries when it goes off. Then I turn it off and she goes back to sleep until I’m dressed and ready to walk the both of them. Lazy.

  • So probably nobody cares but in case anyone does, cannot hype the pheromone collar situation enough. It’s like all the sweet, adorable, sometimes feisty things I love about my little chihuahua mystery mix with like 5% of the territorial anxiety.

    EXAMPLE: I had to start showing my apartment to prospective new tenants today. (Okay, well, actually, a broker is getting paid a lot of money to “show” my apartment to prospective tenants, which involves him posting an ad on craigslist and then texting me to be home all day and sell the place to the people who show up, but that is another story.)

    A few days ago, that kind of flow of traffic might very well have been a serious problem. Today, from the get-go, this dog was like, “Why hello, welcome to my abode, would you like a cup of tea or perhaps to briefly pet my head while you chat with my person?” So weird, but I’ll take it!

  • That is good to hear, Em!