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Post your earworm, good or bad
  • This, which has been repeatedly occupying my consciousness periodically for the past week or so, would be a rare example of a good earworm

  • oh if anyone is suffering from an earworm might i recommend wistfully recalling prince’s “diamonds & pearls”

    perfect brain-scrubber. compelling enough to obliterate your earworm, not catchy enough to become an earworm itself

  • I can’t tell if this an earworm or a permanent neuronal circuit at this point.


  • Jim (JimBeer that is), I’m not sure if I love you or hate you. I’ll let you know in 24hrs.

  • JimTheBeerGuy said:

    This, which has been repeatedly occupying my consciousness periodically for the past week or so, would be a rare example of a good earworm

    Good earworms = earbirds

    Earbird always eats the earworm

  • I spent 4 hours mowing/digging in my garden today. Blues in Dallas on a loop in my head pretty much the whole time.

    Also some Ramones the other day, but not as bad as today’s.

  • Arrgh stop
  • Arrrghhh. My first Coldplay earworm: “Viva La Vida”

    What’s kind of frightening is that I don’t mind it that much.


  • Antero, oh my.

  • Hahahahahahahahaha my roommate in college used to listen to that song CONSTANTLY. “IN YOUR MOTHER FUCKIN’ MOUTH.”

  • Hoshi said: (a video) Arrgh stop

    A month or so ago on Twitter I was interacting with a real life dude who could be the narrator (singer? “protagonist”?) of this song. He “saw the Shah of Iran assassinated at an airshow on live TV”, and various other misremembered historical moments.

  • Clayton_Peacock said: Arrrghhh. My first Coldplay earworm: “Viva La Vida”

    What’s kind of frightening is that I don’t mind it that much.


    I inherited this chronic depression thing from my mother where I will fixate on a single song when I’m most deeply depressed and literally listen to it a hundred or more times every single day without listening to any other music, for weeks or months. Usually it is a song I don’t even like very much. Once, it was Coldplay’s ‘Viva La Vida’. Those were dark days.

    I’m not even trying to make a joke here, they really were quite dark. That song and that Girls song ‘Lust for Life’ are the iron pillars of my despair.






  • It’ll all go back to normal if we put our nation first
    but the trouble with normal is it always gets worse

  • peacocks said: Antero, oh my.

    Every couple months - yes, today - it jumps back into my head and I’m walking around whistling and drumming on shit, people all “What’s in your head, it’s so cheerful!” and I’m like “lol zippity doo dah remix I CAN’T TELL YOU LEAVE ME ALONE”

  • Me and Finn both.

  • That awful Seth MacFarlane song is awfully catchy.

  • blowfly stuck in your head @ work = trouble

  • Hah, awesome. That’s like when I’m walking around whistling the hook from “Put It In My Mouth”.

  • A lot of 70s Elton John is maddeningly earwormy but I’ve had The Bitch is Back caught in my head so long it probably qualifies as a disorder. Since last Tuesday, I think? Mostly just the jangly guitar riff.

  • Hey, were you all aware that the sun is a mass of incandescent gas?

  • It’s really a miasma of incandescent plasma though

  • Somebody once told me / The world is gonna roll me


  • I probably never go a month without getting this song stuck in my head. The news ticker in this version makes me sad.

  • I’ve been listening to this (though the full version) for about half an hour now, what’s the bet that I wake up at 3am with it coursing through my brain in full 5 part harmony?

  • Pitchfork sez “Human League fans will be pleased”. I’m loving this…definitely Melbourne record of the year so far. “Safety Net” is even more of an ear worm, but I can’t find a youtube for that one.

  • And, of course, I’ve had this all day…

    RIP Doc Neeson (am I ever gonna see your face again? No way, get fucked, fuck off)

  • Best use of keytar…

    I discovered these guys when I discovered The Angels’ “No Secrets” in an ELO sleeve that I picked up at the Op Shop. Pretty good song…they remind me of Eddie & the Hot Rods and Status Quo in my somewhat limited experience.

  • I’m pretty sure that Total control picture, is a picture from earlier in the year when the Vatican let two children release doves, and the doves were subsequently attacked by a crow and a seagull. Not positive, but that’s my guess.

  • Yep, that’s the origin of the picture. I like it!

  • Yeah, No Secrets is good. Obviously, this is the music of my childhood. I watched Countdown religiously, so they’re pretty ingrained. The Bloke is always mystified when I know these songs, because they’re so unfamiliar to him…

  • Also that thing of Aus hard rock, that AC/DC paved the way for, which never really worked for me because I was too young, too female and too middle class… so I always kind of tuned out when they played on Countdown, but you know, it was still there, and I can sing along. Especially 35 years later.

  • Yeah, Kirsten went to a taping of Rockwiz a ways back (the Courtney Barnett/Billy Bragg one—our buddy Bruce was a contestant) and was baffled by all the songs that everybody in the audience knew but never made it to the US. AC/DC was really the only 70s era band that we got…until the INXS/Men at Work/etc stuff came around in the 80s.

  • Yes! we had a whole music industry that no one else knew about. Kinda cool really…

  • So now, that thing where you have a guilty pleasure song, and it gets stuck in your head and gets kind of annoying? This is me

    so embarrassing.
  • Good jam/hymn. I picked up that LP a ways back at the op shop. “Right down the line” and “Baker street” are premium slabs of dad rock.

    This was running through my head last night, during sleep, and this morning.

  • B&S, yay…

    ‘dad rock’ is totally where Gerry Rafferty sits I reckon. Good call.

  • so last week we drove to Vermont in the world’s shittiest rental car, with no iPod input OR CD player, so it was a mind-numbing procession of pop and rock channels for all 16 or so hours of the round trip. there was almost nothing good at any point, but around the 8th time it came on, this song apparently burrowed itself into my head, and then I began actively seeking it out, channel-surfing for the Top 40 stations in the hopes of finding it again.

    now I can’t get it out of my head, and we might even go see her play at the annual free 4th of July concert, which has an otherwise uninspired line-up aside from Nicki Minaj (I mean, the Roots? obviously much love and respect for a local group, but boy, that’s not exactly an exciting choice).

    anyway, dang does this video play up the Paula-Abdul-in-1990 vibe that the wretched sax breakdown already apes. with some shame, I present:

  • I saw Everclear play on Saturday, and they were like “this is a new song,” but the guitar part sounded just like “Self Esteem” by the Offspring, which has been stuck in my head intermittently ever since. It honks, and death would be preferable

  • Hahaha that’s hilarious to me, and the minute you said it it was there in my mind like OHHHWAYYYEEEOHHHYEAHYEAHYEAHOHHH-HO,YEAH YEAAAAHHH YEAH

  • Whit, I’ve heard that at the gym (which is where all my top 40 input happens) I love that sax riff (surely it’s a sample?) which is a scary thing to say - I usually have a deathly allergy to saxophones…

  • That’s downright un-Australian, Clare.

  • Well, except for Greg Ham, of course. His saxophone of blessed memory was gold!

  • My favorite saxophonist is this guy.

  • I like the base, base, base, base, I like the buttery biscuit base.