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Thread for repping awesome local(ish) bands
  • I’ve talked about these guys before, but Carbondale, IL’s Autonomy are one of my favorite bands around. Last year, they released a fantastic demo (which ended up at the top of my year end best-of), and then this summer, an absolutely incredible full-length. It’s gothy, post-punk type stuff, at times sounding an awful lot like The Wipers, but highly influenced by anarcho/peace-punk, as well. If that sounds at all up your alley, you should check them out. Even if it doesn’t sound up your alley, you still should, because they are awesome.

  • oh shit this awesome miami band Cop City/Chill Pillars I’ve seen in town a bunch is in FADER! that’s cool. I have their first album, it’s good!

  • and actually the way jeb describes Autonomy is really close to how cop city sounds, except more no wave/pere ubu/james chance-y

  • That sounds very much up my alley!

  • check em out!

  • Autonomy is good stuff. When is Rikk Agnew joining the band?

  • Justin, I’m glad you liked Autonomy! You should listen to the demo too. It’s a little more raw sounding. I think I like it better.

  • hey this is as good a time as any to mention that my friends in elephant rifle just released a new record!


    sort of splits the difference between outright stoner metal and post-hardcore? also i don’t live in reno anymore but i guess that’s always gonna be my scene

  • People who haven’t already should check out Black Eagle Child. I think Nick and Ryan would especially dig this stuff:

    http://digital.blackeaglechild.com/ https://soundcloud.com/blackeaglechild

  • Fellow punkers (Museum Mouth) from my tiny town of Southport put out the best goddamn album of the year (Sexy But Not Happy), with the best summer anthem of the year (“Blood Mountain”), and now their video is getting airplay on mtvU. They’re super nice guys, too.


  • One of my favorite local dudes, Dan McCarthy, plays under the McCarthy Trenching moniker. He plays folksy, ragtimey stuff that’s increasingly piano driven and is fucking awesome. He recently did a live score to Buster Keaton’s Sherlock Jr. at a local theater, and there’s a bar where he goes and plays ragtime jams on the piano for a couple hours a couple nights a week. He played with Goon Saloon at our first show a few weeks back. There’s this video, which is one of my favorite songs, but he’s got a ton of stuff on Spotify also. Newest album is loaded with killer ivory-tickling.


    Edit: found some stuff on soundcloud also. This is a good jam: https://soundcloud.com/slumberpartyrecords/theoretical-love-song-with-gus

  • He also plays some keys in this other sweet band called So-So Sailors which is sort of a supergroup of sorts and features Alex McManus (of the Bruces, sometimes Simon Joyner’s band, Lambchop for a little while, and about a thousand other bands) and Chris Mach who screams in the band Ladyfinger but croons in this band, and they sound like this:


  • I will forever rep hard for What Happened To Your Fire Tiger?. They’re friends of mine and I feel like they’re bringing something that you don’t hear much of anymore—really good vocal harmonies by female singers who aren’t cutesy, and instead are making emo-influenced stuff with a drummer that just fucking kills it.

    Brother Hawk is the band that will kill Mice in Cars. My brother (MiC’s drummer, if you’ll recall) plays keys for them and jesus they destroy. They make the kind of music that could really get huge, and they’re working at it. They just put out their second record and that shit is NICE y’all.

    Atlanta’s scene is pretty amazing. MiC have played some great shows with HALMOS, Places, Royal Thunder, Hail the Titans from Montgomery, AL, Swank Sinatra, and a shitload more.