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  • you could talk about swans in this thread. I just recently started listening to some youtubes of theirs. I like some of them. I didn’t go see them the other night when they were here. Really I just wanted to make a thread because I came across something interesting (possibly nsfw) to me that some of you may have seen, some of you may not have seen, I’m sure everyone would be fine with seeing again:


  • Is that Thor? That looks like Thor.

    After a quick google search, I find that it is, indeed, Thor. That dude is awesome. I want to be his friend.

  • He is fucking great. Once, he remodelled his house and HGTV did a feature on it. I’m not even making that up.

  • great taste in watches, too.

  • Biggins, link please.

  • peacocks said: Biggins, link please.

    Seconding this

  • I don’t have a digital copy of it, he just told me and Stephanie about it after a show one time. If it was a lie, my life is a lie.

  • I was hoping for a minute this thread was going to be about terrifying swans (the birds) are.

  • No video, but here’s this anyway: http://www.indieworkshop.com/archive/blog.php?id=75

    “Shearwater’s Thor Harris will soon be featured on the HGTV (Home & Garden Television) program “Small Space, Big Style.” The program showcases “incredibly stylish homes, all measuring in at under 1000 square feet.” Apparantly, the exact air date of the episode hasn’t yet been announced but watch Misra’s website because they’ll announce it soon.”

  • I believe it. Hell yeah. One time Jonathan Meiburg was telling me about Thor’s house and it sounded absolutely amazing, and I was like, man. Why do I not live in a place where I can hang out with these dudes every day and be best friends with them. For real.

  • Swans are so superior to everybody else that I’m now making a mix only of music not on their studio albums between Children of God and Soundtracks for the Blind (B-sides, EP tracks, live-only tracks), and it stands in the relationship to most other music the way the conquering Caesar does over the defeated chieftains chained to his chariot for the parade in honour of his triumph. Here’s the track I’m weighing up as either the opener or the second track.

  • yessss said: I was hoping for a minute this thread was going to be about terrifying swans (the birds) are.

    It can be about how terrifying both the birds and the music are, if you like.

  • Pretend I’ve basically never paid much attention to Swans. What do I get first?

  • The Burning World.

    No one is gonna agree with me on this.

    The Black Swans that hang out in the lake across the street from me are totally vicious. They hang out by the walking path guarding their offspring and hissing at passers-by.

    Is this band touring NZ as well in February, or just Australia?

  • Just Aus, alas.

    I don’t agree with @midnight_augury, though The Burning World was my first Swans disc. I’d get the one after that instead, White Light from the Mouth of Infinity. Last.fm tells me I’ve listened to it more than any other album.

    I also made a couple of mixes of Swans, one covering the early, grinding, violent, aggressive stuff, and another the less aggressive, but no less powerful, stuff from the late 80s to the late 90s. I listen to the latter one quite a bit, though I would have made it slightly differently if I didn’t insist on giving more or less equal representation to all of the albums. Just make sure the tracks are in the right order: ‘I am the Sun’ should be the third track. If it isn’t, move it there. Only @Clayton_Peacock said anything about the early mix, which is fair enough, since it starts with a heavy industrial track about rape (which was a single!).

  • It’s worth saying that the Swans reviews on AMG are one of the very few parts of the site that is worth anything. They’re by LPTJ power-planer Ned Raggett, so no surprise. He’s really keen on Children of God, because music reviewers are like that: no album, before or since, has sounded anything like Children of God.

  • Those are some good photos, sir.

  • Children of God is probably my favorite, but there are definitely several distinct periods of SWANS and you might find something else entirely more appealing. I think it’s really interesting to watch the way they evolved throughout their career, a trajectory which you can follow through Gira’s post SWANS band Angels of Light as well, and all the way back into SWANS. It’s pretty compelling.

  • I can’t say that Children of God is among my favourite Swans albums (those would be White Light, The Great Annihilator and Swans are Dead), but I have come to appreciate its deeply strange, monomaniacal approach. And, like I said, nothing else sounds remotely like it.

    Like @jeb says, seeing how the band changes over time is very rewarding. For instance, here is a track from the earliest, heaviest period (‘I Crawled’, from the Young God EP), which they continue to perform to this day.

    Original (1984)

    Swans are Dead version (1997)

    We Rose From Your Bed with the Sun In Our Head version (2012)

    ‘Your Property’ from Cop also has a version on Soundtracks for the Blind and that era’s live recordings (under the names ‘Yr Prp’ or ‘Yrp’), if you want to play this game at home.

  • swan did not cancel his show

  • someone send me 26 bones so I can go see the swans concert tomorrow

  • I’m not sure if it’s real or a hoax, but there’s this handwritten list of Kurt Cobain’s favorite songs, ranked 1 - 50, going around FB. Song #50 is a Swans track.

  • I find particular Swans albums EXTREMELY sexy in all the correct ways. Which maybe tells you everything you could want to know. Especially in the Greed/Dirty Money period.

    Experiment and let me know.

  • Clayton_Peacock said: I’m not sure if it’s real or a hoax, but there’s this handwritten list of Kurt Cobain’s favorite songs, ranked 1 - 50, going around FB. Song #50 is a Swans track.

    I’ve seen the same story. It’s supposed to be a listing for the Young God EP (only retrospectively called that, and it appears as Raping a Slave on the Kobain list). That EP is the one where the song I posted three versions of is from.

  • I liked that! Also here is a 27-minute documentary about Swans that Dad sent me and I haven’t watched yet: http://pitchfork.com/news/48639-go-on-stage-and-behind-the-scenes-with-michael-gira-and-swans-in-pitchforktvs-new-documentary/