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i think in CAPS LOCK now! (annoyed thread)
  • i just wanted to use the title. maybe theres already an annoyed thread. either way i’ve made a mess of my life but still have to deal with other peoples bs. like this group home running out of my insulin. they are generally pretty slow to realize my pills need refills, and every month or so i find out that the dr hasn’t gotten back, i called the pharmacy etc. when if i was told it was out of refills and given enough time this shit wouldn’t happen. so i’ve had to spend this whole afternoon and calling and leaving messages with my endocrinologists and the first two times i left the wrong number for the pharmacy.

    maybe i should just avoid this thread altogether,

  • Doctors and pharmacies are annoying. I currently have in my possession a bottle of pills (a controlled substance for which you must get a new prescription every month) whose label reads: “TAKE ONE TABLET BY MOUTH AT BEDTIME (MAXIMUM DAILY DOSE IS 1 TABLET) QTY: 60.” You do the math (the actual dose is two tablets). So then I had to take ‘em out and count to make sure there were actually 60 in there.

    I dunno, my doctor is pretty used to writing this particular prescription so I’m tempted to blame this one on the pharmacy.

  • Gah, super frustrating. Tangentially similar: when I had my recent bouts with HORRENDOUS insomnia, the med that I was taking for it wasn’t always readily available, so I had this CVS by work telling me they had my scrip ready, but when I’d go to get it, they wouldn’t have it. And I’d just be there sayin’ “YOU GUYS REALIZE THIS MEANS I MAY BE AWAKE FOR ANOTHER 30 HOURS, RIGHT? THAT SUCKS.”

    Sleepin’ better now, though.

  • i recently started taking birth control again and i am weepy as fuck


  • Glad to hear you’re sleeping better now, biggins!

    I have had related experiences with respect to the pharmacy saying “Your prescription is ready,” or “Your prescription is coming in with the order we’re getting tomorrow at noon,” and then relying on that. I mean, you have to rely on that somewhat but there came a time when I started taking a relatively high dose of a serious anti-epileptic off-label and I truly ran the prescription through to the second-to-last day before I called it in, and then it wasn’t there when they said it would be there, or the next day, but between the pharmacy and the insurance company I was being held hostage, and I was like, “Awesome, I love even the slightest possibility of seizures in my future.” ‘Cause that actually can happen. And now I always call it in the first day the insurance company will pay for it. And then like four months before I moved this summer my old pharmacy had the bright idea to just keep it in stock (same med, same dose, every month), but then after a couple of months someone’s dog started taking it as well and the dog was eating into my supply so they would always owe me some and I would have to go back. Ha.

  • josie, sad face. I hope it gets better.

  • CONCLUSION: pharmaceuticals and the people who make, prescribe, and distribute them are evil and we should go hang out in the herbal medicine thread.

  • josie said: i recently started taking birth control again and i am weepy as fuck


    that happens to K. she switched pills once & i think it helped. I’ll find out more..,

  • I am not amped about going back on birth control, but I’m getting depo-provera shots until sometime next year when I’m gonna get an IUD. I feel OK about this, because I hated the pill a whole lot. Hope it gets better soon, josie!

    When you fill stuff at the mom and pop pharmacy here.. Ugh. “it’ll take 15 minutes.” “OK, I’m gonna go next door to _____ in the meantime.” “it’ll be an hour to fill if you leave the store.” and that’s why we go to CVS now.

  • IT IS 11PM WHAT IS WITH THE MID 90s ROCK SESH, ROOMMATE???????????????????????????????????????


  • ew josie! that sucks! which are you taking, if you don’t mind my asking. I’m a doin research.

  • heather: last night at like 1am my neighbor drives in blasting the mighty mighty boss tones. gaaahhh. last week she was drunk off her ass so she parked directly in the middle of the teeny tiny parking area behind our apartment making it nearly impossible for me to leave or get back in once I did leave. can’t wait to see where she parked this time.

  • so much rain I just want to ride my bike to the movies god damnit

  • I would ride my bike an hour to go to the movies but I refuse to take the metro for an hour

  • peacocks your neighbor should stop drunk driving

  • “one size fits all” knee brace

    dear knee brace makers, that is fucking laughable. sincerely, FUCK YOU.

  • I’m taking tricyclen regular (seems like most ladies who take tricyclen take take tricyclen lo?) I have probably-PCOS too, I think that makes BC weird. I’m gonna give this 5 weeks and if it doesn’t get better I’m going to go to the doctor all DOCTOR I CAN’T STOP CRYING AND I AM PRETTY SURE IT IS NOT JUST ANXIETY.

    however it is also kinda nice to be weepy and not immediately jump to the conclusion that i am just wildly anxious and that anxiety is the root of all problems.

    I recently went to the pharmacy across the street from me for the first time. It has been open since the 1800’s and it is way cool. they only have one bottle of everything on the shelf, so it looks like there isn’t much in there, but they had many things I needed! the pharmacist was super nice and talking to me about school and the weird architecture of my school in a sorta awkward cute way.

    i am looking forward to getting my next prescription filled.

  • my doctor told me I should try lo loestren, so many lo’s it’s gotta be good right?

  • josie said: I’m taking tricyclen regular (seems like most ladies who take tricyclen take take tricyclen lo?) I have probably-PCOS too, I think that makes BC weird. I’m gonna give this 5 weeks and if it doesn’t get better I’m going to go to the doctor all DOCTOR I CAN’T STOP CRYING AND I AM PRETTY SURE IT IS NOT JUST ANXIETY.

    Just want to say that I was put on this for PCOS about 12 weeks ago, and it’s definitely gotten better! The first 8 weeks were absolutely terrible, though, so I feel for you— I was a tearful, anxious monster.

  • super annoyed that I don’t have enough money to buy two direct drive turntables and a mixer because there just started being a 90’s rnb night at this new bar close to my house and dang i wanna dj so baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad. guess I could make a playlist or whatever but i got some good recrods.

  • maybe i’ll just do a playlist. more time for dancing.

  • ok i’m not annoyed any more thanks guyz

  • I am baby free until 5 pm! I need to dye stuff but there is a GIANT wolf spider in my dye sink. It was in there the last time I dyed stuff and it took me a long time to get it out. Go away you thing I hate admitting I’m afraid of!

  • Sooooo frustrating. I bought a new TV, and it arrived minus 8 little screws to fix the base stand. I contacted the seller, and after a series of bothersome transfers, muzak and call backs, I was told they needed to talk to someone in the warehouse, and I would receive an email.

    2 days later, no email. I ring back. More waiting, holding etc. Finally, I’m informed they have no screws in the warehouse and that I should buy some from Samsung. Obviously I got quite annoyed as I had already paid for the TV (and screws), and felt that it was their responsibility to supply what I had paid for.

    Next, I’m told I should return the TV (!) so that they could send a new one. I checked I had understood correctly that they had boxes of the same TV, presumably complete with the necessary screws, sitting in the warehouse, and that if that was the case, y’know, wouldn’t it be easier to open one and send me the screws? Rather than have me send my 43 inch set back and them then send another big box to me. Either way, they’re left with an opened box.

    In the end, my mobile ran out of juice with me getting rather irritated and saying I will expect to receive the screws and an email confirming they’re on their way in the next couple of working days. I then find 15 minutes later, an email in my inbox thanking me for me for ‘completing an online return request’ (I didn’t) and telling me what to do next to send the faulty (it isn’t) TV back.

    Fucking laughable, isn’t it? I mean truly Pythonesque. EIGHT SCREWS.

    I have actually found them on the Samsung site and may even shell the 20 extra bones to get this over and done with (I mean, I know how intransigent these places can be on this shit and I don’t it dragging, I really don’t), but I know in principle I should stand my ground.

  • For 20 quid? Fuck them. Stick it out and instead donate the money to the next charity drive that comes along, you’ll feel a lot better for it.

  • yeah, I’m with GI I reckon paying 20 for some screws that you already paid for is crap, but give ‘em hell. Open a twitter account to do it.

  • ridiculous.

  • Update: I decided I ought to set the TV up and make sure it was otherwise ok, and when I got to the ‘Select Country screen, it gave me the options Austria, Germany or Switzerland. One quick and efficiently handled phone call to Samsung later and it turns out those miserable bastards at ebuyer.com have sent me a German TV.

    So, it looks like I am returning it after all.

  • i don’t know about Samsung, but I’ve found with most companies, consistently asking to speak to someone higher up usually results in someone very apologetic and with the leeway to dish out refunds/otherwise sort shit out.

  • Screw COBRA for costing ten zillion dollars and screw me for really needing it.

    Sort of considering doing a moderately shitty short-term health insurance thing instead and spending out the deductible plus using the prescription benefits to buy meds, and then if really nothing happens to me in 41 days I’ll still have spent a great deal of money but I’ll be about $900 better off. Although if something does happen to me I will probably be much worse off. I would be okay HIPPA/pre-existing condition-wise if I did that, because the gap in creditable coverage is less than 63 days and I have certificates of creditable coverage going back for blah blah blah …



    I am a Health Care Worker, and I approve this message.

  • hell yeah, insurance and college tuition- both bullshit

  • adam said: i don’t know about Samsung, but I’ve found with most companies, consistently asking to speak to someone higher up usually results in someone very apologetic and with the leeway to dish out refunds/otherwise sort shit out.

    Yes. But to clarify, Samsung were extremely helpful. It’s the subhuman swine at ebuyer.com whose reputation I wish to destroy here.

  • So, I’m now returning this blessed TV and getting a refund. It turns out they have a whole warehouse full of German tellies, which is some consolation. I will continue my pursuit of televisual hardware at a more reputable vendor in the near future.

  • man i hate to be this person but mondays totally suck! lately I’ve been heavily stressed monday tuesday, start to feel normal weds then feel like I’m finally on top of things come thursday (my most of the time friday). it would probably help if I went to bed before 4am and woke up before noon on weekends.

  • Okay I think if I can have my one little rant I can settle down and go to bed.

    US Postal Service. Yes, I asked you to forward my mail effective October 31. I double-checked the confirmation I received to ensure that you had the date correct. I stopped receiving mail the day after I made the request. I didn’t think much of it because some days you just don’t get mail. Then I got two e-mails informing me that important documents related to student loans and health insurance had been sent and should be arriving shortly so I decided to be on alert.

    Previously, two friends in a nearby city asked for my mailing address, explaining that they wanted to send me things that would arrive before I left. They were being coy and sweet and didn’t tell me what those things were, and I didn’t ask, but apparently they thought they were important enough to pay for tracking and send the tracking numbers to me. So when I saw that the first item had been forwarded instead of delivered to me, I called you, US Postal Service. You confirmed that my forwarding date was October 31 and said you would fix everything and retrieve the forwarded item immediately and gave me an incident number. You did not. When I still did not receive the documents mentioned above, or any mail, I called you again and referenced the incident number, which seemed to have no effect. Tonight I see that today you forwarded my second friend’s item. So basically, someone who presumably still lives at my new address will be receiving my stuff and I will call you again but I may never get my items.

    P.S. Regarding the important documents, it took four phone calls to convince one of the entities involved to send me a .pdf, and the other flat-out wouldn’t. Thanks.

  • NO THANKS my baby doesn’t even want to smoke herself, let alone breathe whatever bacteria are infesting your lungs along with your used-up smoke.

  • One of my professors e-mailed us an hour ago to invite us to an “informal” discussion at some coffee shop TOMORROW, as well as to schedule a time to make up the class that we missed due to the hurricane.

    I politely and immediately responded that I had work tomorrow, so I can’t make the informal discussion, but that her proposed date for the make-up class would work well for me, etc.

    She wrote back annoyed, and requested that I take off work TOMORROW to attend the “informal” discussion, and said that she was intending to count our attendance toward our final grade.

    I mean, come on. Right? You can’t give 24 hours notice AND say it’s informal and then get peeved when a student can’t make it. I missed work for the hurricane, too! I work 45 minutes away from the coffee shop, and can’t take off three hours in the middle of the day to go chat! If she gave us a week’s notice, sure, I could rearrange it! but 24 hours? Nope. Blegh.

  • That’s total bullshit!

  • Bring it up with your dean of students immediately.

  • Yeah, complete BS. Agree with DCDave.

  • Thanks, guys! I just shot off an e-mail to my advisor about it. I hate feeling like I am THAT whiney student, but I am also not willing to see my grade take a hit for something so stupid.

  • That’s not you being a whiny student. Your teacher is being unprofessional and probably also breaking school rules. Saying that a class meeting is mandatory when you’ve scheduled it on short notice for a time other than regular class time is completely unacceptable.

  • maybe she was planning a surprise pizza and donuts party and wasn’t sure on how to get everyone there?

  • she’s just really bad at planning parties, y’know?

  • i like peacock’s idea.

    I have a professor who is new at the school, never prepared for class, and always telling us to do work for other classes while we’re in the class. We’re all pretty unimpressed and would like to complain to the dean, but we’re a little grateful that we have one less class to worry about. I had better get a good fucking grade.

    Also I bought a giant standing desk for my room from ikea but it’s about 6” wider than I thought it was. Which isn’t really bad but man, it is a big desk!

  • You know what is incredibly annoying? Complaining openly about needing new friends while hanging out with your friends. Also goes for posting about needing new friends on fb when you are constantly surrounded by people who care about you and make you the center of attention at every single gathering. Two people I considered pretty close to me are pulling this shit right now and it’s so childish and alienating. Why can’t they keep that shit to themselves? Its fine and pretty normal to feel like you need some new blood or like you need a different kind of support or whatever but it is possible to expand your social circle, make new close friends, and not be an asshole to your current friends.

  • Haha, I literally lost a friend for calling them out on that once.

  • So many damned emails to reply to, yaaargh