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A Heart Glows In The Dark - A Mix
  • I made a new mix. It would be great to hear what you all think.

    A Heart Glows In The Dark from nickinko on 8tracks Radio.

    01: Kane Ikin ~ Titan (Sublunar / 12K, 2012) [2.21]

    This is Kane Ikin from Australian dark ambienteers, Solo Andata. It’s a short piece that is full of appealing little production surprises. Like affairs of the heart, it’s deep under the surface and murky as anything, but the track has a lot of light rippling in too. As well as the full-length, Sublunar, he’s released an EP, Contrail, also on 12K, this year.

    02: Ultra Vivid Scene ~ Lynn Marie No.1 (Ultra Vivid Scene / 4AD, 1988) [2.37]

    Kurt Ralske’s incredibly forward-thinking 1988 4AD album still amazes me, and this is a drowsy, narcotic song of submission. It’s dreamlike and pretty but gone very quickly, as moments of transcendence are, before the next tracks drag the mix into a darker place. Ultra Vivid Scene made 3 albums before wrapping it all up after just 5 years, and he’s now a video artist and teacher in New York.

    03: Family Battle Snake ~ Omega (Split LP with Astro / PAN, 2008) [3.42]

    PAN 1. This is label founder, Bill Kouligas’s own project and first ever release for PAN, whose string of impeccable records this year have defined 2012 for me. I liked having a nod back to the genesis of it all with something from the label’s first ever release, but I also wanted a transitional slide from UVS’s druggy devotion to Carter Tutti Void. In both tracks, the blood is pumping, but in V3 it’s turned quite a few shades darker.

    04: Carter Tutti Void ~ V3 (Transverse / Mute, 2012) [9.06]

    Performed live at the Mute Roundhouse Festival last year, Transverse is two founding members of Throbbing Gristle (Chris Carter and Cosey Fanni Tutti) with fellow traveller Nik Void. It’s dark and claustrophobic, but there’s a warmth in here. Chris and Cosey are of course long-time partners and the way they listen to each other and interact on stage, I liked the idea of this as a kind of love song.

    05: Daphne Oram ~ Pure Tone Excerpts (The Oram Tapes Volume 1 / Young americans, 2011) [1.52]

    A small, narrow corridor out of the oppressive cavern of the previous track and into the wider, vulnerable spaces of Don’t Break My love.

    06: Nicolas Jaar ~ Don’t Break My Love (Don’t Break My Love/Why Didn’t You Save Me / Clown & Sunset, 2011) [6.10]

    I think this was one of the most interesting pieces of music made in 2011, and I love the way it unfurls so delicately here. A fragile song for a fragile heart.

    07: Tim Hecker & Daniel Lopatin ~ Intrusions (Instrumental Tourist / Software Records, 2012) [4.53]

    But despite Jaar’s pitch-shifted pleas, I couldn’t resist the urge to break it into smithereens anyway. Tim Hecker and Oneohtrix Point Never’s Daniel Lopatin’s collaboration is one of those where it’s completely clear who’s doing what (and to whom). To stretch it a bit, in the context of this mix the way Hecker’s harsh bursts of noise attack Lopatin’s melodic synthesizers sort of felt like one heart being rent by another. The end of the affair. Instrumental Tourist is a new release this month.

    08: Stephan Mathieu ~ Orange, Pink (Sad Mac Studies / EN/OF, 2001) [7.45]

    More than a decade old now, this is a sublime side of flickering, lost, lonely oldschool digitalia from laptop sensei, Stephan Mathieu. I would tell you that all the samples are from Sesame Street and Muppets ballads, but it might spoil the mix’s narrative.

    09: The West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band ~ I Won’t Hurt You (Volume 1. / Fifo Records, 1966) [2.24]

    I’ve lost all my pride / I’ve been to Paradise and out the other side / With no-one to guide me / torn apart by a fiery wheel inside me

    It also makes me very happy there’s a heartbeat noise on this track.

    10: Concern ~ Pity (Misfortune / Isounderscore, 2012) [5.24]

    Gordon Ashworth has made a handful of small, gorgeously-crafted drone releases under the Concern name, and sadly, Misfortune is the last. And Pity is the last track on that EP. All things must end, and the way the kora and box harp samples pull themselves out of the darker drone and gently float away at the end of the track feels like a sort of resolution, and certainly an ending.

    {By the way, that 8track image is the nucleus of a cardiac muscle cell, viewed under a microscope. When exposed to a protein called apelin (used to treat heart failure) it puckers into a heart shape.}

  • Can’t wait, inko. Will listen today.

  • Thanks Jim. I hope you like something on there.

  • Ooo, gonna give this a shot in the kitchen tomorrow. Will let you know how it goes!

  • Ok, thanks. Brace yourself.

  • o man, i could listen to this forever … it’s like treading water

    only 3 tracks in

  • i will listen today! it will be the perfect completely inappropriate music to build up to the black keys concert I’m going to this evening

  • Well, you don’t want to get all worked up too early. Nice one.

  • Man, this is really good. Thanks for that. I like the even numbers especially, though they all blend into each other.

    Also dig the heartbeat on track 9. And

    I’m an untouched diamond / That’s golden and brilliant without illumination / Your mouth’s a constellation / Stars are in your eyes / I’ll take a spaceship / And try and go and find you

    is wonderful.

  • thanks nick!