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  • gflb

    Alright let’s tackle this one. The album is huge, I haven’t even listened to it all the way through yet. There are pockets of fire here, but also long stretches where the thing is just too nice for my tastes. Or worse, kind of bland. This is the fan favorite for this year, right? Confident album though, wow, it was a shock when it came out.

    I love the turn in this song, where he’s like, “IF SOMEONE’S BULLYING YOU CALL THE POLICE”

  • Don’t have much to add except that I really took notice after this mixtape. A lot of great stuff. Have we talked about “Deep Ass Thoughts” yet? I totally have some deep ass thoughts and no one ever believes me. TYBG!

  • Deep Ass Thoughts is a classic for sure

  • I’m really into the non-beat of “Bitch Im Bussin”