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the fire sale continues (baseball thread)
  • i did not see a baseball thread, so i am starting one. it’s the offseason, but who cares. i was not sure what category to put this in.

    anyway with the happenings, rumors, news i figured there’s stuff to talk about. read the marlins are dumping more players/salaries?

    trout/harper roy = no surprise.

    have we even talked baseball since the world series ended? (or started?)

  • All sorts of people on my Twitter feed are freaking about the Marlins. What happened?

  • I hadn’t bothered starting a baseball thread yet since I don’t think Thermo has signed up here and so I figured it would just be me talking to myself.

  • So anyway, this Marlins trade is fucking nutso. Josh Johnson, Mark Buehrle, Jose Reyes, Emilio Bonifacio, John Buck and 4 million wingwangs to the Jays for Henderson Alvarez, Yunel Escobar, Adieny Hechevarria, Jeff Mathis, Jake Marisnick, Justin Nicolino, and Anthony DiSclafani. Fuckin’ blockbuster.

  • The Marlins got some decent prospects with some good upside out of the deal (Alvarez, Marisnick, and Nicolino all profile as solid mid-rotation starters), but as is the way with prospects if only one of them actually pans out, you’re doing pretty good. Hechevarria is from what I understand a glove only shortstop, and Jeff Mathis is the 2nd worst catcher in the world (Miguel Olivo).

  • Heather, basically the dude that owns the Marlins is a total scumbag. He’s been a total cheapskate owner of a couple different ballclubs, always says he’s going to try to field a good team but ends up trading any star players and keeping the money for himself. Conned the city of Miami into publicly funding their new stadium, signed a bunch of high-dollar players under the guise of building a team that would be a contender, and when they weren’t a contender he immediately got rid of every recognizably named player so that they could collect a big portion of Major League Baseball’s profit sharing plan as a low budget team instead of a mid market team’s portion. And the trade that happened tonight was a blatant display of him reneging on all the promises he made when he campaigned the city of Miami to fund the new stadium with their tax money.

  • On the other side, though, the Blue Jays are going to be a team to watch this year. With the BoSox being not good, the Yanks being old, the Orioles being due for regression, and the Rays being unwilling to spend money, a lineup of Encarnacion, Bonifacio, Reyes, Lawrie, Joey Bats, Rasmus, and whoever they roll out in left field (Rajai Davis?) and Arencibia or D’Arnaud at catcher, and a rotation of Josh Johnson, Buehrle, Morrow, and whoever else is healthy (Drabek and Cecil? Fuck it, sign Edward Jackson) and you’re looking at a serious fuckin’ contender.

  • And yeah, Trout and Harper as ROYs is no surprise at all. Figured there’d be a little competition in the NL, with Wade Miley having a good season and my personal baseball-crush Todd Frazier, but Harper kicked it up toward the end of the season to cement his status. Trout is an MVP contender so there’s no doubt that he would get the ROY. Weird that the next two in line, Darvish and Cespedes are both pretty arguable candidates having played in the highest level in their respective countries before coming over this year. Even Wei Yin-Chen was pretty dominant in Korea. The only other true rookie really worth mentioning in the AL was Jarrod Parker, who was pretty great and who I plan on getting on as many of my fantasy teams as possible.

  • Man, I’m blowing off a whole load in here and I have so many other things I want to talk about that so few other people are going to care about…

  • On the rest of the awards, my predictions are as follows: NL MVP: Buster Posey
    AL MVP: Miguel Cabrera
    NL CY: R.A. Dickey
    AL CY: David Price

    Who I think should win? NL MVP: Ryan Braun, then Posey, then McCutchen, then Chase Headley
    AL MVP: Mike Trout, then Miggy Cabs, then whoever else
    NL CY: Dickey is fine. Kind of a tossup between him, Gio Gonzalez, Clayton Kershaw with Craig Kimbrel just behind
    AL CY: Verlander, followed by King Felix and then Price

  • Okay, so this is what happens when you start a baseball thread and then I come home a little bit drunk and find it.

  • Whoa, nailed the Cy Youngs. My Twitter feed is going to be unbearable when they announce the AL MVP later today.

  • go pirates!

  • what that guy said

  • Whoa, Andruw Jones is going to play in Japan next year. I guess I’ll root for the Rakuten Eagles. I was kind of thinking of rooting for the Chunichi Dragons, but maybe the Eagles can be my “Pacific League” team.

  • Ha, oddly enough I’ve been trying to figure out which Cuban National Series team to align myself with, but information about each team is pretty scant. “Any team but the Industriales” is my conclusion so far.

  • I’m reading, dude!

    What do you think of BJ Upton to the Braves?

  • Pricetag seems way steep for a 2.5 WAR guy but I’m hoping the best for you guys! His & Bourn’s OPS are nearly identical if I recall correctly

  • I like the Red Sox getting Napoli. I’ve always loved the guy. I still am not optimistic about this coming year given our mediocre starting pitching, but so far I like the moves we’ve made.

  • BJ Upton has actually been a 4-5 win guy 4 of the last 6 years, was worth 3.3 wins last year, so as long as he can maintain that production it’s essentially a break even deal. But yeah, his OBP was something like .298 last year, so hopefully Fredi isn’t considering him the leadoff guy. BJ got paid because he hits a few homers and is still on the good side of 30, agewise. I mean, while there were a lot of OF options going into this offseason, there weren’t a lot of great ones. I think I’d rather have Angel Pagan at 4/40 than BJ at 5/75, but BJ is definitely a better price than whatever Bourn ends up getting. I don’t think Bourn is going to have a year like this one again. In fact, his numbers up to this point in his career are frighteningly similar to those of Chone Figgins after his breakout year with the Dodgers after which the Mariners signed him to a big contract to have him crash and burn. I wouldn’t be willing to give Bourn more than 3, maybe 4 years at 12-15 mil per if I’m a GM. Dudes whose only skill is speed decline QUICK. If someone wants to give him 7/96, well hell, it’s not my money.

  • It’s gonna be interesting to see what the Dodgers drunken sailor budgeting, as well as all this new TV money that teams are getting does to the market values of players going forward. If all of the sudden 1 WAR inflates to being worth 7-8 mil rather than the current 5 or so mil, then deals like the Upton one might end up being a bargain by years 4 and 5. Also, it means that teams really need to think about locking up young players long term in the very near future while they can afford to do so. I’d love to see the Braves sign Heyward and Freeman to something like 8/96, and Simmons and Prado to something like 7/65-70, rather than wait another 3-4 years for them to become unaffordable free agents.

  • Hopefully the Dodgers just turn into the Yankees for a couple years and then when all their guys get old and all still have 5 years left on their contracts they’ll be like, “Oh, whoops, let’s get this payroll back under 200 mil.”

  • HOLY SHIT this Rays/Royals trade.

  • Benching Franceour and starting Wil Myers would probably be the same upgrade as adding James Shields. Odorizzi for Davis is probably a wash, long term. Royals give up early on Mike Montgomery, last year’s #1 prospect, and throw in a low-level, high-ceiling power prospect? Dayton, I’m not sure I trust your process and I’m really glad you don’t work for the Braves anymore.

  • So I guess the Angels are the new 1950s Yankees? That lineup is scary.

    Best baseball news today is the dope ass home alt uniforms the Pirates unveiled, with 70s-style yellow hats and “We Are Family” era stripes around the sleeves.

  • that IS good news!

    my dad is an advance scout for the pirates and i live in pittsburgh, so we think about the team a lot. he came over with clint hurdle a couple of years ago. he told me not to get my hopes up. :(

  • Dang I knew you were in the burgh but I had no idea your dad worked for the Pirates! Man that is completely insanely awesome.

  • Whoa, dang, I wish i’d known you were in Pit when I was there a couple months ago. Maybe I would have had some company while wandering about that beautiful city and drinking on a Tuesday afternoon.

    Did I tell you guys about the seats I had for the two Bucs/Braves games? Two rows behind the Braves dugout. Fuckin’ baller as shit. I loved that park so much.

  • It’s gonna be a lot easier to root for Dickey now that he’s no longer a Met, and even easier yet considering he’ll be playing a lot of games against the Yankees and BoSox.


  • Man, fuck half of these Hall of Fame voters so hard.

  • I mean fuck. If you cut off Bonds’ and Clemens’ careers after 1998, they still have Hall of Fame numbers.

    And nobody every rallied against dudes from the 70s and 80s because they probably used amphetamines to enhance their performance. There have been 33 instances of a player having 75 steals in a season since 1920. Four of those were after 1990 (and two of those were in 91 and 92). Zero of them were between 1920-1962. 29 of them were from ‘62-‘90. But sorry Rickey Henderson and Lou Brock, you’re outta there. Tim Raines, get off the ballot. There have been 159 instances since 1960 of a pitcher throwing 270 or more innings in a year. Two have been after 1990 (one of those was Clemens in ‘91). There were 37 300-inning pitchers in a single decade from ‘71-‘80. There were 40 total from 1931-1960. There have been zero since 1980. So I guess so long to Steve Carlton, Phil Niekro, Nolan Ryan, Gaylord Perry, Jim Palmer, Fergie Jenkins.

    There were like 15 Hall-worthy dudes on the ballot this year, and if you cut out the PED guys it’s still probably 8 or 9, and for none of them to get in is pretty ridiculous.

  • My disgust begins at Craig Biggio’s snub and works its way down from there. As long as the half dozen or so ’90s PED guys remain ballot eligible, there’s going to be a significant contingent of writers sabotaging deserving candidates like Biggio (a 3,000 hits guy and arguably the most iconic player in the history of that franchise) making dopey protest votes or abstaining or whatever.

  • So the Yankees now have 3 first round draft picks thanks to free agent compensation picks from Cleveland for signing Swisher, and from Washington for signing Raffy Soriano. Yankees gonna Blue Jay, I guess.

  • Whoa, that infield for the Netherlands WBC team is nuts! Xander Bogaerts, Andrelton Simmons, Jurickson Profar. Ain’t no ground ball gettin’ to the outfield, ever.

  • Rough weekend losing Earl Weaver and Stan the Man…

  • Josh, man, talk me down. Rumor is that the Braves are trading Prado and some others for Justin Upton. Noooooooo, etc.

    I don’t understand it! Prado’s THE most consistent player on the Braves roster, a fan favorite, and was a lock to start at 3rd this season. What are we planning to do with 3rd base now?!

    This makes me SAD.

  • Yeah, it’s a done deal. We get Upton and Chris Johnson for Prado, Delgado, Zeke Spruill, Nick Ahmed, and Brandon Drury.

    SUPER bummed about losing Prado. 3rd will be some combination of Juan Francisco and Chris Johnson. Both have good power, but strike out a lot. Francisco’s lost a lot of weight this winter, and might be a viable option. His arm is really really good, even if his range is iffy.

    The thing is, Prado is a free agent after 2013, and is said to be looking for around 12 mil/year over a long term contract, which is probably more than the Braves are willing to pay for him, so he probably would be gone anyway. Upton is locked up through 2015, and Johnson through 2016, so it’s more years of team control and more cost control. Also, Upton is only 25 and therefore has room to get better while Prado is 29, which is generally when players start to decline, especially guys whose skill is tied up in agility.

    Ultimately, we got at least 3 years of a perennial MVP candidate for 1 year of a guy who’s really good at everything, but elite at nothing, plus a few spare parts. I hate to lose Prado, but ultimately I think this is good for the Braves.

    Also, prepare to hear me refer to the Braves outfield as Up, Up, and a-Hey.

  • Also, getting Upton without giving up Teheran or JR Graham or Simmons is kind of amazing.

    Edit: And Sean Gilmartin.

  • Also, if Francisco/Johnson don’t work out at 3rd, then maybe we can get Texas to trade Mike Olt since they don’t have anywhere for him to play.

  • All right then. Sigh. :(

  • My initial reaction was “Oh no, not Marteeeeeen!” but the more I look at it, the more I think this is a big win for the Braves.

  • Unrelated: Was just goofing around looking at numbers and noticed this. There have been 19 times in baseball history where a team has scored 1000 runs in a season. 4 of them are the Yankees in ‘30, ‘31, ‘32, and ‘36 (in ‘27 they “only” scored 976). 5 of them happened in 1894, including the top 3 scoring teams of all time. 7 more were in various other years in the 1890s, and one in 1887. Only twice has a live-ball era non-Yankee team scored 1000 runs in a season: the 1950 Red Sox and the 1999 Indians. Kinda weird. Gonna have to look up what was going on in 1894.

  • But what about how bad this Johnson fellow is defensively? I just read something, probably on Talking Chop, that says he was worst in the league at fielding last year!

  • He’s definitely bad defensively. Really bad. Worst in the league depends on what metric you’re using, and using just a one year sample of defensive stats isn’t generally going to tell the whole story. But if we go with a straight platoon of him and Francisco, then Francisco is probably going to get at least 75% of the playing time, and he grades out as an average to slightly above average fielder, and that was before he dropped a bunch of weight this year. Without Upton, Prado was going to be playing left field against right-handed pitching anyway, ie that same 75% of the time, so the defensive difference at 3rd is honestly pretty negligible.

  • Before the trade, against lefties, we’d have Prado at third and either Gattis or Reed Johnson in left and against righties we’d have Prado in the outfield and Francisco at 3rd.
    Now against lefties we’ll have Upton in left and C. Johnson at 3rd (improvement in left, downgrade at 3rd) and against righties we’ll have Upton in left and Francisco at 3rd (improvement in left and same at 3rd). So overall, defensively, it’s a net defensive improvement against righties (which is most of the time) and basically a wash/slight step down against lefties (which isn’t as often).

  • There are a handful of recognizable names going over to Japan this year. Should make for some enjoyable late-night Japanese language streaming this year. Though I’m genuinely surprised Plush didn’t latch on to an MLB team with the way people were looking for CF help this offseason. I mean, platoon splits and antics aside, he’s got plenty of useful tools.

  • Man, I think I’m going to go to a whole bunch of ballparks this year. The Braves have weekend series in Milwaukee, in both Chicago parks, St. Louis, and play a couple midweek games in Kansas City. Plus I have every intention of doing at least one crazy week long road trip to go to a bunch of places (but kind of want to go to both coasts, so we’ll see. I think I have a west coast situation figured out for mid-May, hoping to find a way to go northeast in Aug/Sep(Edit: Just found a sweet week the first week of September that might work out to go Pittsburgh-Boston-NYC-Philly. Oh man.)). Fuck yeah.

  • Yesssss we need to do a Brewers game again

  • The Braves will be there the 21st - 23rd of June, therefore so will I.