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Creepy, Bizarre, Abandoned, Isolated Places
  • So I’m staying in Nyack, NY with my aunt and uncle for Thanksgiving. Every year I’ve come to visit them we always drive past this house that I was always told was haunted. This year when coming in, my uncle told me that the house and the land around it, about 75 acres, had recently been purchased this year by two brothers. From the way he made it sound, they were having a lot of trouble with the house, so I figured it will probably be torn down soon. I’ve always been interested, and Thanksgiving Friday afternoon everyone is either on the way home or napping, so I took a walk by to take some crappy cell phone pictures.


    Here’s a view of the building from across the road. This area is pretty old, with all of the houses buried in the woods. Recently, New York bankers and stock brokers have started moving into the town since it’s only a 25 minute train ride from the city. Notice there’s a two story tower to the left. There are no stairs inside of the tower, or any hole in the ceiling for there to be a ladder or anything. My only guess is that the second floor of the tower could only be reached by walking across the roof of the pathway between the tower and the main building. This is facing WNW, with the sun setting off to the left of the picture, casting a pretty dark shadow over the house.


    Walking towards the right side of the building, this picture is across the face of the building, showing the porch. There’s broken glass all over, but since the house was recently sold, there is a line of power to the building, though it doesn’t look like they’ve done much work. I’m guessing the problem is structural, which can be a bit expensive to fix.


    Walking all the way to the back of the building, standing between the tower and the main building, this is a picture of the back of the main building. I’ve always loved buildings that have the strange tower attic. Figured it only ever existed to stow away deformed siblings from society’s judgmental eye. The open door space on the right of the picture leads out to the walkway/roof between the main building and the roof.


    Picture about 20 meters south from the previous picture, showing the tower, walkway, and main building.


    Just the tower. There’s a fireplace in the first room, before the tower. Notice the steps down from the open room to the walkway.


    Detail of the door between the tower and the main building. Some really pretty ironwork that would look awesome if sand blasted down a bit and repainted.


    Picture of the front room to the left of the front door. Creepy piano still there. The doors were all locked, and I wasn’t really keen on trying to break in since I’m not in my own city and it would be embarrassing getting in trouble at my uncle’s house. This picture is taken from a broken window in the front door.


    There are a few weird things on the ground as well. This is the shell of a building about 35 meters NW of the main building. Looks like the victim of fire?


    About 50 meters W of the building, there’s this weird stand. There are steps leading up to it on the other side, and a few chairs inside of it. The glass, as well as local law, prevents it from being used for hunting. So I’m not totally sure what the deal is. It does have a great view of the valley, but it’s pretty obscured by the crappy plastic used for the windows.

    When I told my uncle I had gone to visit the “haunted house” he told me that the last person to live there was the son of the owner, who would play dungeons and dragons there. That sounds awesome. I want to play dungeons and dragons in old derelicts.


    TNM Adventure Group

    P.S. If any of you City folk are interested in a day trip, the house is on Schuyler road in Nyack, NY in between Schuyler Town Park and Buttermilk Falls Community Park… which is pretty much on a mountain between Nyack and Blauvelt. I think the Tarrytown Metronorth station is your best bet? I dunno about public transit up here.

  • Awesome! I grew up across the river from Nyack, and you used to be able to take a ferry to get there. I want to play Dungeons and Dragons in that house, too. That tower definitely looks like it was built for satanic purposes.

  • Thanks for posting these, Kyle! So awesome.

  • Thirded! Great stuff.

    “There’s this unfinished building on Staten Island’s east shore, intended to eventually house an indoor track. When the wind blows strong, the metal strutwork and roof skin resonate to create this haunting music, like something one of those austere Nordic composers like Arvo Pärt would produce with a full chamber orchestra. This is a raw field recording on an iPhone 5, with no audio mixing or post-processing.”

  • Fantastic!!!!

    Reminds me of one of Eli Keszler’s installations, e.g.:

    Eli Keszler – Collecting Basin from eli keszler on Vimeo.

  • http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1220390/Pictured-The-abandoned-ruins-Mr-Blobby-theme-park-ravers-trash-site.html

    Wherein the Daily Mail clutches its pearls about how people might behave with less than total decorum in an abandoned theme park - so disrespectful!


  • Mr Blobby fan Chris Bryant, 25, said he had visited the theme park in 1998 with his parents

  • no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no

  • Yeah, come on, that was uncalled for.

  • Flavorwire strikes again: Strange Soviet Architecture


    I haven’t seen a lot of those, and they are awesome in the extreme.

  • Love the Soviet architecture.

  • Word I gotta a serious hardon for that brutal Soviet secular concrete look. I’m sure it was spirit crushing to inhabit that shit but it looks cool.

  • This is probably doing the rounds of fb, but it’s the first time I’ve seen many of these. There are also countless links (which I don’t have time to pursue)


  • Awesome:

    Tour Baikonur, the world’s first and largest operational spaceport


  • Re: the Dinsey World abandoned island thing- I’m pretty sure they are talking about a different Bay Lake when they mention bacteria. There are two in Orlando not too far from each other. I worked on one of them sampling seepage and storm water run off to find the source of bacteria problems and that is not the one with the island. The Lake with all the gross problems is much smaller and adjacent to a large industrial area. The lake that guy was on is on Disney property surrounded by protected wilderness and is part of a chain of lakes and is probably relatively healthy. Also it’s weird that he wouldn’t expect there to be alligators in a lake in Florida. The pictures are cool though.

  • http://www.flickr.com/groups/1716439@N22/pool/with/9395827536/#photo_9395827536

    Flickr group for an abandoned renaissance fair in Virginia.

  • that offices and humans thing is awesome

  • the text is obnoxious but the pictures are cool:


  • WTF? clicking link now.