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  • I am going to Iceland in February for four days! One of the days we’re going to go glacier walking, stop off at Country Hotel Anna, and then go see the northern lights. What should we do for the rest of the days? Ai!

  • Wow, I am jealous. Always wanted to see Iceland—I have this fascination with cold, faraway places, though I haven’t been to many. Tell babar we all said hi. Have you been brushing up on your Icelandic?

    FWIW, since it’s an island sitting in a warm current, Iceland isn’t as cold as, say Yukon, and February temperatures appear to be downright mild by northern US standards: !http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Iceland#Climate

  • Brush up on your bloodthirsty Icelandic epics. Perhaps you’ve got a sequel in you.

  • We went last September for nine days. It was 40-50, grey, and raining most of the time.

    We ate a lot of Indian food, at two veg restaurants, at a place called the Laundromat, and had one dinner in a Viking-themed restaurant with a funny show about Iceland’s history in the basement. There are a lot of cafes and they all turn into busy bars at night. Everyone will be in the square yelling and breaking things until 4am on Friday and Saturday nights.

    We took a few trips: first on the Golden Circle bus tour (Thingvellir, Gulfoss, Geysir/Strokkur). Second on a whale watch. Third was a terrifying off-road bus to Thorsmork. Bill went on a fourth trip to go glacier hiking. We wanted to go see the Northern Lights but the trips were always canceled because of cloud cover. We decided to take a bus to the Blue Lagoon on the way back to Keflavik.

    Getting there is cheap, but everything is A MILLION DOLLARS once you’re there, so save your pennies. We stayed in a studio apartment style hotel so we could make a couple of our meals. Flatkökur and smjör, best friends forever.

    Pictures: http://billhenderson.org/images/trips/iceland/

    Clayton_Peacock said: Brush up on your bloodthirsty Icelandic epics. Perhaps you’ve got a sequel in you.

    The second thing we did once we got there - after eating breakfast - was go into a bookstore where I bought a gigantic volume of the sagas. I haven’t even opened it. IT IS SO HEAVY.

  • They’re sort of like one long Iliad of the north, except the motives aren’t always obvious. Troy had Helen, Iceland has mead-soaked warriors who kill for the fuck of it.

  • So, you know, sort of a Flaming Tusk vibe


  • We’re going to Iceland for five days on Thursday, and it looks like we really, really, really should have gone a week earlier. Not only would that allowed us to miss Carnival in Maastricht* and to be back in time for the Nick Lowe concert, but apparently it would have been really, really good for seeing the Northern Lights. The weather forecast for the period we’ll be there is pretty much be non-stop clouds.

    (*) probably my least favourite time of the year to be in this town - the Andre Rieu outdoor concerts in the summer are tough competition, but at least you can avoid them completely by staying away from the city centre. Carnival finds you wherever you are.

  • I am so glad after watching your views about Iceland. This is really nice for me and will like to kow fro you what will you liek to selec me for me next visit?