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postcard trade-off
  • I feel like drawing/making some postcards for the end of the year. Does anyone want one? PM your address B)

  • Whoa whoa whoa, I want in on this. I will pm you!

    I can also send people postcards! I am sending some out to friends and family soon, PM me if you want one too. :D :D :D

  • yes! also me!

  • nice, so far no repeat countries, I like it. just tell me where to mail it adam

  • done! also if anyone else wants one PM me! i am not artistic at all, but might have to make my own because every store-bought postcard in this damn city is hobbit related.

  • ah shit, I guess I should send you this hobbit postcard then..

  • Not to derail, but Fucking Hobbit - I am going to go see it, no doubt, because that book meant the world to me when I was six, even though on rereading this year i found it pretty awful.

    I predict it will be a disaster of epic proportions. Radagast the brown (who is mentioned in ONE LINE in the book?) as an hilariously accented Jarjar Binks chatacter? The whole 48fps thing is supposed to be teh awesoem but the trailers look like a Kincaide painting. I was also suspicious that all the premiere reviews were “the effects! the framerate! Jackson is God! New Zealand, rah rah rah!” rather than saying anything that even vaguely made it sound like a good film.

    The thing that makes me most inordinately fucked off about it is so stupid and sticklery I’m a little embarrassed, but it’s about that one moment that has been used heavily in all the advertising of Martin Freeman running through the Shire yelling “I’m going on an adventure!”. Did the makers of this film even read the book? The whole POINT of the first half of The Hobbit is that Bilbo is the most reluctant hero ever. Gandalf’s whole “there is more to mr. baggins than you might think” is predicated on the fact that Bilbo is an old stay-at-home granny for whom going on a quest is like pulling teeth. He practically slinks shamefully out of the Shire should anyone see him heading out for an adventure. Having him merrily screaming about it to his neighbours deflates the whole main character’s arc. I can hardly express how immensely irritating I find this.

  • oh, it’s gonna be terrible. i mean, this is a book which could easily be a two hour film, extended to fill nine. I’ve read things from Jackson like “the talking dragon felt inconsistent, so we added a buttload of scenes with various other talking animals”

  • Oh Christ, that’s stupid. Yeah I was surprised they were doing it across three, if you have to extend it at least make it only two. I wonder if the elven tra-la-la-lallying will be as stupid as it is in the books. Also lolol at the Gandalf-Galadriel fanfic element.

    It reminded me, for some reason, of how they structured The Golden Compass, which I was so thoroughly expecting to be god-awful that I didn’t hate it, where it ends on an upbeat note rather than, you know, Roger dying.

  • Since I can’t delete it, every time people double-post they should put something amazing/hypnotic in instead. http://hdrevolution.ytmnd.com/

  • one of the trailers has bits of the dwarves’ interminable sing song at bag end, so i expect all the tra-la-la-lallying will be there, and will be just as excruciating as in the book, never fear. I can’t remember the LOTR films that good, did they include all the Tom Bombadill stuff? I either erased it from my mind or it wasn’t in there, so maybe they’re makig up for leaving out all the embarrassing fol-de-rol that they omitted with the last lot.

  • nah, tom was omitted completely so, yeah.

  • Nah there was no Tom Bombadil, as Greg pointed out. (Dammit xpost.) Still wanna go see it and scoff? Though I’m dubious about putting any money towards it, makes me feel like a scab, of sorts.

  • i really don’t want to see the hobbit even though I liked the book as a kid. I’ve mentioned the horrid sheen of the film to others and they tell me it looks just like the other LOTR movies but I think this is different. It looks rotten, but I’ll probably be dragged to see it.

  • oh yeah i like this idea and i like post cards but i am a terrible terrible pen pal. like sometimes i go for a whole month without checking my mail.

  • I got a postcard from pants quite a while ago! It’s beautiful globs of drippings stuff in various hairstyles, and also a dog.

    Here are some pictures! http://imgur.com/a/1WSvr

    I put it on my magnetic bulletin board with some other postcards I’ve received.

    I got some messages with people’s addresses, I haven’t forgotten. I’m just … slow.

  • ha ha, nice, you got a good one!