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What happens when the RAA covers David Bowie?
  • Disappointingly, it just sounds like another RAA song

    However, I have some hope that the rest of the compilation might have some high points. I’m a big Elliott BROOD fan for instance.

  • And yet you didn’t alert me when they had a new album out last year!


  • mm i wasn’t into it! I’ve been getting into bowie lately- listening to whole albums for the first time- and man I don’t know I think RAA f’d it all up. I probably wouldn’t like RAA anyway though, judging from the sound of, well, everything.

  • Yeah, what cocks said. So much Bowie. I think my Bowie education has gone slightly backwards—I doubt people usually start with Low. From there I think I eventually went to Station to Station, then Diamond Dogs, looking at Aladdin Sane (not sure about that one), Scary Monsters and Super Creeps, and most recently Ziggy Stardust. Where to next!

    Oh, and I did Hunky Dory early on. Possibly before Low, actually. Lovely.

  • I have only done Ziggy, Station to Station, and Lodger. Did Ziggy blow your everlovin mind? It did mine. Low and Hunky Dory are next on my list. He’s my new record buying project. I’d like to get some more obscure, dancier stuff that would be cool to dj but f it I want bowie albums.

  • Yeah it’s pretty unrecognizable as Starman, which to me is terrible, as Starman is one of that album’s anchors for me. The comp as a whole was worth downloading and checking out but didn’t blow my mind and won’t be getting a lot of repeat listens. Elliott BROOD’s Ziggy Stardust wasn’t bad, and the Moonage Daydream was pretty good.

  • Station to Station and Hunky Dory are my faves, but “Sound + Vision” is by farrrrrrr my favorite Bowie track.

  • I started with Hunky Dory (though around that time, Let’s Dance was actually being released, so I suppose I was aware of that too), and then got Diamond Dogs and Ziggy Stardust. That was my starting point, and I still love all of those, even though objectively I can see DD isn’t really as good as some of his other stuff….Low is predictably my favourite later discovery.

    But Hunky Dory, that’s the one…Sally Murphy, 1983, a sunny afternoon bunking off school…ahh, the memories.

  • I have most of his albums, missing a couple from the 80s era. But yeah nothing beats Hunky Dory. Ziggy & Station to Station are a couple other favorites. The 80s (past Scary Monsters anyway) is compilation album territory, couple of Labyrinth tracks, Loving the Alien, Modern Love, a few others and you’re pretty much covered.