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Twurting in a thrad
  • My boss made me join Twitter. I told Dad and he sighed and said he thought Al was getting progressively weirder. Anyway, FOLLOW ME, jerks. So far I have done nothing but be sanctimonious. Expect upcoming puns. https://twitter.com/elvisfchrist

  • Why would your boss make you join Twitter?

    I created an account several months ago, just to follow J. Tillman/Father John Misty, but I don’t think I’ve logged in since. I’m not much for social media I guess. Takes too much mental energy, which is a scarce commodity for me.

  • I like twitter because it’s the only site where anything happens on the weekend. Also Chet’s there.

  • Following you, AnnetheMan!

  • So I see! How do I link twurts to Facebook? I still need the validation of Likes.

  • I have a really hard time staying up-to-date on sites like Twitter and Tumblr. At least Twitter lets me make lists, so it’s not as hard.

    Anne, sending your twurts to Facewhatever is pretty easy. Here is a thing that explains how.

  • I like Twitter because the only people who can read my tweets are friends. And Lil B, but Lil B is everyone’s friend.

  • lil b is my friend 2012

  • Jose Canseco is posting his New Years Resolutions, one of which is this gem:

    “9. Do at least 100 promotional deals for good companies and products like Animal Rights, Human health, Environmental, and Beer companies”

  • Hey if any if you are friends with me on twitter and I start tweeting weird stuff about megu-mi, it’s because I got this app on my phone that’s like a tamagachi and it kept bothering me to sign up my twitter so I don’t know if its tweeting stuff. Haven’t checked yet. But feel free to block me if you haven’t already. I don’t think ill ever be a tweeter.

  • I hope everyone is following @Cmdr_Hadfield because he is doing Canadian tweets from SPACE.

    What is the best way to get a twitter feed directly to my brain, because i have twitter and sometimes like to read tweets but don’t have them all up in my face like they’re supposed to be. I don’t understand why OS X has a thing you can tweet from but not a thing you can follow tweets with.

    I reread the thread and everyone else seems to have the same problem I do. However, I have a mac and an android phone, does anyone know any good platform to brain apps?

  • I put tweetdeck on my iMac. There are a bunch of different desktop applications for it. I just use that one because it’s the first one I got and I’m lazy.

    I have certain users’ tweets going to my phone as texts. But it’s an iPhone and I also have the Twitter app and I use that a lot to read things.

  • I’m pretty confused. As some of you may know, my twitter username is crux. This is not the most uncommon name for internet things: somebody very recently released a web browser for iPhone called crux. The way I know this is that he repeatedly tweets about it under his own personal account and the official account for the web browser, and repeatedly forgets his own username, even when he’s tweeting under it. It’s baffling. Imgur

  • I say roll with it

  • what Jeb said. sometimes i’m asked if I’m the Jim fisher of Jim fisher Volvo in Portland. it’s a casualty of commonness.

  • You should make up some outlandish features to tweet about

  • you know heartbreak, that is an excellent idea.

    any Volvo owners onthread? what onboard features are the stuff of your dreams?

  • Guess you’re a web browser now

  • Clayton_Peacock said: you know heartbreak, that is an excellent idea.

    any Volvo owners onthread? what onboard features are the stuff of your dreams?


    stripper pole


    tank treads

  • Antero said:

    Clayton_Peacock said: you know heartbreak, that is an excellent idea.

    any Volvo owners onthread? what onboard features are the stuff of your dreams?


    stripper pole


    tank treads

    mmm, these are excellent ideas. i’m going to put the top on the pot & let it stew.

  • The official Godfathers Pizza facebook page quoted one of my tweets:


    So that’s kinda funny.

  • hahahahaha

    son, you’ve finally made it

  • Josh you bearded mystic of Nebraska, that is awesome.

  • I’ve been sucked in to the twitter fold. I was at @newgamma but my ocd and vanity have motivated me to @newgammarays. Only three of y’all friended me on twitter. come on and be my friends.

  • 10 months later, more accolades from that same Twurt:


  • yay eljosh! You’re all class.

  • Fuck, I miss Godfather’s. We had one in Macon, GA where I grew up but it closed 20 years ago and I’ve never been near another one. Actually really surprised they still exist.

  • Their headquarters is in Omaha so they’re all over the place here. A Google map search suggests they’re still somewhat prominent in the midwest with a handful of others strewn about the country.

  • One still existed in the southern suburbs of Minneapolis when I lived there. After not visiting a Godfathers for 20 years or so, I went there one day and although the decor was spot-on, the pizza was a disappointment. Keep it in your memories, Davy…

    Rocky Rococo > Godfathers, in terms of legacy pizza

  • The best one is in Columbus, Nebraska. None of the other ones I’ve been to have lived up.

  • The closest Godfather’s to me is like a half-hour drive away and I think it’s just a carryout place. I’m a sucker for a good Mexican pizza/taco pizza though. The one I grew up on, the place closed like 20 years ago and I’ve never found one to match it.

    That Godfathers taco pizza looks like it might be pretty close if you put crushed fritos on top and served it with hell of taco sauce and sour cream

  • there was a godfather’s in the hess station near the project I just finished working on! I didn’t get any while I was out there. maybe I should have!

  • Under recommended accounts to follow, Twitter just included this kid that went to my high school, who has a verified account and is followed by like half of the comedians I follow on twitter. I didn’t really know him, he was in the theater department gang but after I graduated. I knew he wrote a book, but I had no idea he was like an established comic in LA. Kinda crazy

  • Apparently I was a little Twitter naïve. - On a picture of some cool old sign Maaik posted, I thought I’d make a dumb reference to that show American Pickers. I didn’t link their twitter account or anything, just used the words American Pickers but somehow they sent back a reply: “That’s some blue ribbon picking”

    wtf. I didn’t know companies could do that. I’m going to go work on my drawings nowl

  • it has become self-aware

  • I thought that was funny as hell.

  • Huh. The guy from Spin Doctors followed me on Twitter for some reason.

  • My friend from Oklahoma posted the same thing on fb this morning. Something’s going on.