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Durham/Research Triangle
  • Anyone here in that area currently? Going to Durham from the 17th-20th of this month to play with some data. Will be traveling with my friend/labmate who lived in the area for years, so will have a source for recommendations for stuff to do/places to go, but always happy to have more, and if anyone is around and wants to hang out, let me know! Will be my first time there. I have been assured that we will be eating plenty of BBQ, and I am definitely getting my hands on some Duck Rabbit.

  • I have a friend working on his phd in cognitive pysch at UNC and we’ve gone down to visit a few times — it’s a fun area! That’s all I’ve got! I’ll check in with him to see if he has any other suggestions…

  • Duke University Primate Center! Visit the lemurs!

  • My brother lives in the area (Cary, actually) and says his favorite BBQ joint is his house. boy does like to brag.

  • I live in Durham.

    (1) The Lemur Center is indeed great. You need to reserve a spot on a tour if you want to go. Call ahead. (2) BBQ— My favorite in the Triangle is Hillsborough BBQ. Bullock’s and Wilson’s farther out. Q Shack, despite their chain-like decor, is better than Allen and Sons— this is a minority opinion, but the correct one. Then again, it’s NC BBQ. If you like vinegar on your meat, it’s all pretty good. (3) Highland and Duck Rabbit are the best localish brewers. Fullsteam is the hangout spot in the ‘Ham even though their beers are merely fine. Tyler’s has the best selection on tap, if you can handle the brotastic clientele. (4) Durham is somehow becoming a food town. Guglhupf, Scratch, Toast, and others do wonderful baked things. Pizzeria Toro is new, expensive, and wonderful. (5) If you’re doing a fancy meal, Lantern in Chapel Hill is the spot. I will not argue on this. Poole’s Diner in Raleigh also worth it. (6) Crook’s Corner, Vin Rouge, and Dain’s (Sat only) for brunch. Guglhupf massively crowded then. (7) Top of the Hill bagels only ones worth eating in the Triangle. (8) If you run/walk/hike, Duke Forest and Eno State Park both great. (9) Carolina Theatre has cool movies, real theaters, sells beer. (10) Mexican food is really good here, if Lex isn’t up to snuff. La Vaquita for roadside, Nana Tacos and Carrburrito’s for “gringo Mex.”

  • Thanks for the recs, these are awesome! I am getting excited about this trip. I don’t know if I’ve ever had proper NC BBQ, but I like both vinegar and meat so it sounds good. Also, Lex is definitely not great in the Mexican food dept, so I may indeed get some there. I think my friend actually used to work in the primate center, before he switched to people. I’ll have to ask him. I wonder if he still knows people there. Maybe we can get a behind the scenes tour or something…

    Dumbfish, if you’ll be around and want to grab a bite/beer/coffee/whatever, pm me your contact info. Would be fun to hang out. I don’t have much planned in advance other than some research meetings on the 18th.

  • Wait, you people actually exist? I thought this was a Griffin and Sabine thing.

  • Imaginary friends make great drinking buddies!

  • I refuse to believe dumbfish exists until he goes with me to get hammered at a Durham Bulls game

  • Shamefully, only went to one game this year. On the other hand, I did get loaded and then walked home.