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LOL Conservatives Thread
  • Want to have your faith in humanity completely destroyed? Read the NRO “Symposium” on Sandy Hook:


    Right out the gate:

    There was not a single adult male on the school premises when the shooting occurred. In this school of 450 students, a sizeable number of whom were undoubtedly 11- and 12-year-old boys (it was a K–6 school), all the personnel — the teachers, the principal, the assistant principal, the school psychologist, the “reading specialist” — were female. There didn’t even seem to be a male janitor to heave his bucket at Adam Lanza’s knees. Women and small children are sitting ducks for mass-murderers. The principal, Dawn Hochsprung, seemed to have performed bravely. According to reports, she activated the school’s public-address system and also lunged at Lanza, before he shot her to death. Some of the teachers managed to save all or some of their charges by rushing them into closets or bathrooms. But in general, a feminized setting is a setting in which helpless passivity is the norm. Male aggression can be a good thing, as in protecting the weak — but it has been forced out of the culture of elementary schools and the education schools that train their personnel. Think of what Sandy Hook might have been like if a couple of male teachers who had played high-school football, or even some of the huskier 12-year-old boys, had converged on Lanza.

  • i truly hope that the public doesn’t let this conversation drift off course. a ban on large magazines isn’t nearly enough.

  • Right, we need ex-high-school-football players in every elementary school to make sure the husky kids are appropriately aggressive

  • :\ <— my face

  • Tap two water mana to play husky 12-year-old boy; counters any gun attack

  • We currently have tens of thousands of troops fighting alongside allied Afghan forces. Will women be embedded alongside them?


  • if my son, who already at this young age, has his heart set on the Air Force Academy, must ever follow a female Captain into battle, they will both have to undergo on the job training. Because I won’t be responsible for erasing their natural instincts toward the opposite sex.


  • all this from a chick named SCOTTIE

  • so, the u.s. just allowed women in combat positions, this year? that’s fucked up.

  • They allowed women in the few MOS’ that they’d been excluded from because of the “No women in combat” rule. In reality, women truck drivers, logistics experts, and Military Policewomen have been patrolling in Iraq and Afghanistan, getting shot at, and shooting back at people since 2001.

  • Y’all may or may not remember the illustrious John Ziegler. He’s probably most famous as a David Foster Wallace subject back in his talk radio days, but we also discussed him a few years back when he was arrested at USC protesting a Katie Couric appearance and wrote a bizarre rant defending himself at Big Hollywood.

    I didn’t realize this, but apparently he’s take the stage again over the last year or so as the world’s last remaining Jerry Sandusky apologist. For real.

    Anyway, Today is going to air an interview he did with Sandusky, and is hyping it as “Jerry Sandusky in His Own Words.” A major network is going to air an interview with a convicted child rapist, conducted by someone who is not only that child rapist’s foremost apologist, but is also mentally unstable and has spent the last decade thoroughly discrediting himself. Fuuuuuuck.

  • I genuinely don’t know how current affairs will be described in a few decades’ time—perhaps when the story will be that globalisation lead a volatile boom fed by the principle of beggar-thy-neighbour, each bust leading to a further widening of the gap between the rich and poor, like the US’s gilded age run again on a global scale and with greater cynicism—but the disfigurement that social policy in the UK has suffered in the past month will surely feature as an indicative moment. I won’t link to an overview of it because nothing I’ve found does it justice. The National Health Service is now privatised in all but name, with tax-payer money funding a series of tenders to deliver cut down services at higher cost plus a generous margin of profit; a disembowlment of the welfare system with beneficiaries forced to go into the labour market at the same time as unemployment races upward, leaving the victims of market forces turned out into the street and with nowhere to go, and extra tax burdens placed on the poorest members of society.

    If you want to be thrown into despair, read about the changes to health law, and the benefit reforms, with special attention to the effects on families with children and the ‘bedroom tax’. There’s more, but that’s already too much for anyone to handle. A brief glimpse here

  • The Harper government is working very hard to privatize the Canadian system. And it is so fucking gross because the strategy is to the starve the system of cash so much that people hate it and can’t access care or services and then push for privatization when people demand reform. Also pretty restrictive reforms to Employment Insurance (what people access when they lose their jobs, the name always confuses me). Ugh.

  • GI, CCGs are responsible for recommending private companies to GPs for support on things like IT or scheduling. The GP contract remains intact and publicly funded. There is no fee for service model being discussed, but there is “pay for performance.” As with anything else under European Union Law, when a government procures services it has to do so via competition. This exempts NHS employees and has done so in the past, but in the past, NHS IT services and business intelligence was underfunded and poorly staffed. I don’t know anything about the welfare reforms, but to refer to what is going on inthe NHS as privitization is an error akin to calling OObamacare socialized medicine.

  • Huge in my opinion on that post, FYI

  • Of course it’s bloody privatisation—services that used to be delivered by the government is now being delivered by a private company by tender. That’s the definition of privatisation. I don’t know why you’re bringin up their IT—that’s going to be affected, of course (and probably needs serious help), but all of the commissioning of health delivery is now up for tender.

    It’s not total privatisation, but nobody said it is. The government remains the employer of a lot of medical staff, that is true. But enormous stretches of NHS delivery, in particular the creation of points of care, is now privatised. Every service delivered by the NHS is now to be put up to tender. This is a huge deal. And the GP contracts you mention will suffer as well: doctors are now employable by private companies, which have as much of a bite at the cherry as the NHS. This is a disaster for two reasons.

    Firstly, having private healthcare sit alongside public is exactly an example of the beggar-thy-neighbour policies I referred to in my OP—private companies will grab the low-hanging fruit and leave the least profitable cases (poor people needing expensive healthcare) to the state, playing the taxpayer for a sucker. This has happened again and again.

    Wonky reason second. As everybody should know but almost none of the public commentators seem to, the free market is hopeless in matters of healthcare (for those keeping score at home, because the information required for sensible prices to be set simply isn’t available to the market). It simply cannot perform the job.

    I’m at home now and can’t seem to be able to look up to the meaty bits of the BMJ discussions of the healthcare reform from off campus, but they’re unequivocal about the scope and effect of the changes in healthcare law. I don’t see why I should disagree with them.

  • edit: Oh God, it’s been quite a while since I’ve looked at Instapundit. Who wants to pre-order his wife’s new book?


  • The Premier of Newfoundland (Kathy Dunderdale, PC) expelled a member of the legislature (Gerry Rogers) from the House of assembly when she wouldn’t apologize for a comment she didn’t make in a Facebook group she didn’t join (someone else added her). Kathy Dunderdale was later found to be following a porn site on twitter. Her response? “I didn’t do that, this is different”. Then she deleted her twitter.

    Facebook drama all up in provincial politics.

    Also; Justin Trudeau (the Prince of Canada) won the Liberal leadership race. The Harper Government’s first attack ad against him was about a charity strip tease he did in 2011 for the Canadian Liver Foundation, where he rose $1900. I’m p. sure the attack ad did nothing but make people go “lol.” and donate money to the Canadian Liver Foundation, which is nice.

    This is a politics thread, right?

  • The North Carolina Repubs have both of our houses for the first time in forever. Not sure if their systematic dismantling of what had been a pretty strong infrastructure has made national news, but it’s really something. We all laugh when they do headline-grabbing stuff like making it legal to capture and drop opossums on New Year’s Eve (don’t ask). But it’s the lower-level stuff, like removing the class size limits for grade school classes (which had impeded to their efforts to cut pubic ed budgets), that really hurts.

    The NC Dems were a horribly corrupt bunch, and tossing lots out was a good thing, but it’s gonna be years before we clean up this mess.

  • Yeah, it’s been amazing how many douchey bill proposals they’ve managed to crank out since January. I think my favorite was the one intended to overhaul the Coastal Resources Commission by throwing out all the environmental scientists, conservationists and fisheries experts and replacing them with land developers.

    And yeah Eastern Democrats in NC are the worst bunch of people. The worst. Not sure how many other states there are where you can make a decent argument that the Republicans are the lesser evil in your state’s politics.

  • One strange thing about twitter is how it’s transformed Ben Shapiro from a kinda boring right-blog also-ran, jumping from site to site, into everyone’s favorite right-wing internet troll. His pieces were always deeply, deeply dumb, and always attempted to be provocative, but he kinda always wrote everything like a bad middle-school book report, and lacked the panache of the best of his peers. But you restrict him to 140 characters, and BAM, he’s gold.

    He’s one of those conservative internet figures where I genuinely wonder whether there’s a single other conservative who cares about or listens to his opinion on anything, or if his entire audience is just outraged libtrards.

  • Speaking of “audience is just outraged libtrards,” I think Andrew Brietbart: Mall Cop needs to start up again.


  • I’m still bummed about how poorly I timed all that, stopping just before the first James O’Keefe tape, starting up again, then stopping just before Breitbart died. I coulda been an internet celebrity!

    I’ve been toying with the idea of starting up again, though, what with Hating Breitbart’s DVD launch happening in May. Which, holy shit:


    In spite of his strong beliefs, Andrew enjoyed the times he was able to engage his opponents in the mainstream establishment. At Hating Breitbart, we believe liberalism is an illness that is best treated with a healthy diet of being exposed to different points of view. We’re offering fans of our movie the chance to “sponsor” an intellectually malnourished member of the mainstream establishment by ordering a copy of the film to be sent to them to help overcome years of indoctrination by the liberal elite. This is your chance to make a difference in the lives of those leaders in academia, entertainment, the media, politics and the law by “sponsoring” them. Simply click below to “sponsor” a member of the liberal elite and we’ll deliver a DVD to them on your behalf.

    Below which there are options to “Adopt” a liberal politician, a professor, a journalist, a celebrity, a Supreme Court justice, and a college student.

  • Loooove that trope that extreme conservatism is just ‘mainstream’ and any even vague leftism is a weird abberation. Like, I mean, I know a liberal bias when i see one, but conservatives seem to so often pretend like a right-wing bias just can’t be a thing that exists.

  • I went to breitbart.com because I was curious what they’d say about Jason Collins (Breitbart himself was actually one of the most vocal pro-LGBT-rights advocates on the right). Somewhat disappointingly, the site itself just reported the news straight, with no editorial slant. The comments, however, are absolute gold.


    My favorite:

    The only survivor of Torpedo 8, the torpedo squadron which attacked the Japanese carrier fleet at low altitude during the Battle of Midway, was named Ensign Gay (not that he was homosexual), and the bomber that dropped one of the nukes on Japan was called the ENOLA GAY, after the pilot’s wife.

    Like anything else they touch, homosexuals have polluted the name.


  • “Chicago is a very gay city. Most if not all sport reporters are gay.”

  • Overall I’ve been pleasantly surprised by the reaction to Collins coming out but I also don’t read conservative blogs

  • That’s kind of why it’s fascinating to me, ‘cause it’s definitely an issue where there’s a widening gap between the professional right and the rank-and-file. It’s kind of funny to watch people like the aforementioned Ben Shapiro trying (and failing) to find an angle to criticize Collins without saying anything specifically anti-gay. He’s not really the first, he’s only doing this for attention because his career’s on the down slope, etc etc

  • That Enola Gay thing HAS to be trolling, right?

  • I thought so, too, but in light of that poster subsequent posts, evidently not. I’d post some of them, but they aren’t funny, just depressing :(

  • http://www.guardian.co.uk/world/2013/may/03/david-stein-cole-holocaust-revisionist

    Hahaha, awesome. I don’t think he ever wrote for Big Hollywood, but he’s a big west-coast networker and fundraiser; his parties and events have kept more than one BH contributor of dubious creative talent out of the poorhouse, and he got drunk and railed against Obama with our boy Andrew innumerable times.

  • Amazing.

  • Woooooooowwwwwwww that is the best thing

    Check out the comments on his last post on the Republican Party Animals blog: http://www.countercontempt.com/archives/4716

  • “Claiming one is a hollowcost denier says YOU are ignorant at best or a judaic liar at worst. Judaic liar being redundant.”

    “Anyone with a brain is a holocrock “denialist”. David did the world a big favor 30 years ago. Go see his interviews and the video on the camps. A schoolkid can tear the hoax to shreds, and he proved it bigtime. This guy is one of the greatest americans to have ever lived.”

  • Cannot decide between hollowcost and holocrock


    “Many of us are so happy to hear that you are alive and well. The religion of Holocaustianity allows no heretics, so we are happy that you have survived their thugs.”

    What is it with the American right and the schoolyard portmanteaus? Even the crazy fringe does it!

  • Guh, i was looking for an annoyed thread but this will have to do. Mother fucking fuck Omaha just elected an awful woman as mayor. The incumbant was a pretty great, progressive fellow that did wonderful things for the city, like create an immense budget surplus, make huge srtrides in transportation making the city much more friendlyvto bikes, pedrestrians, etc, and was very lgbt friendly, sperheading an act that doesnt allow someone to be denied employment due to gender/orientation/etc. Warren Buffet, a fellow who knows a thing or two about being successful, yet modest, and being generally well dispositioned toward his fellow man, was all like, “Hey dudes, seriously, this guy is alright and we should stick with him!” And yet the homophobic, fiscally obtuse (and republican) competitor won. I know it’s Nebraska and all and i shouldn’t be THAT surprised, but lately I’ve felt like my city is better than this. Anywho, I’m drunk and holed up at a Motel 6 in southern california and tired of typing on my phone, so end rant.

  • Did she exile you to SoCal, Josh? I can’t get behind that policy at all.

  • Yeah, none of her shit makes any goddamn sense, but at least the weather is nice here.

  • One of my favorite things in the world is when conservative bloggers are dicks in a public setting, then take to their blogs in a huff to write about how heroic they were:


  • Guys. I need quick clarification. The whole six months or so the Benghazi thing has been going on, I have been confused about it.

    Is everybody really bent out of shape about this solely because the administration kept refusing to say it was an act of terror in the beginning? I actually HOPE there’s something more sinister about it than that at this point. But I just read about it online for about an hour, and…yep, not feeling like it’s a deal big enough to devote this much news time to.

  • It gets pretty complicated and ridiculous, but yes, the chief claim is that the administration was deliberately downplaying the attack because they didn’t want to endanger Obama’s reelection effort. ie, they deliberately gave false information to the public, then lied about it later. Like, a reverse false flag operation.

    Later on, the Obama administration blamed the initial confusion over the nature of the attack on CIA/DoD memos, but it turned out someone within the administration had edited them. Later still, an anonymous source told Jake Tapper that the GOP were in possession of smoking-gun emails between Obama advisors crafting the talking points on the attack. This turned out to not be true.

    My overall impression is that someone in the Obama administration probably made a minor fuck-up, and a combination of confusion on the ground and the administration’s focus on the campaign probably contributed to incorrect information being given to the public in that first day or two.

    I’m actually surprised the GOP hasn’t done more of this kind of thing throughout Obama’s presidency.

  • Yeah, I mentioned to a friend that if this and the IRS thing are the best scandals the GOP can come up with, then Obama’s actually doing a pretty good job in terms of keeping his administration tight.

    You missed the part about how Obama is a Muslim sympathizer, though.

  • Yeah, that’s another angle pushed in the rightwing blogs, though not among the actual politicians trying to make hay out of it.

    There’s also the angle that Clinton ignored the embassy’s requests for more security, but yeah, the “HE LIED TO THE PUBLIC” thing is the main jam.

  • The actual massive fucking scandal is the AP stuff, but the GOP isn’t going after that because that’s the sort of awful bullshit they love.

  • Jesus. So, I pretty much understood it the whole time, which is a plus. It’s just…

    I’m going to be honest, what made me read all about this looking for more information was that somebody I know posted a thing about how the Benghazi cover up was ‘so much worse than breaking into a hotel’ and I was thinking “Jesus, if this thing is worse than the Watergate Burglaries, there’s got to be something I’m missing.”

    It occurs to me now, the guy posting that probably just doesn’t have any idea what the fuck happened in the 70s. Or that, you know, the director of the FBI destroyed evidence about the first burglary. Or that the hotel was the goddamned headquarters of the DNC.

  • Oh, the right loves them some Watergate revisionism; that could absolutely be a part of it.

  • My favourite part of Watergate is how Nixon was recorded seriously considering raising $1mil in government cash for hush money.

    Really, it’s easy to forget just how much was going on in Watergate.