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My Bloody Valentine’s new album
  • You can get the new MBV album now, from the following website: http://www.mybloodyvalentine.org/

    Which is quite nice to know. They posted samples on youtube in case you’ve forgotten what MBV sound like, which is also nice to know. And if you buy the album then you get an instant download in anything from high quality MP3s up to decadently massive 24/96 WAV files, alongside whatever physical product you might want. The website features the word “analogue” quite heavily.

    Nothing to say about what it sounds like yet, but I thought you might like to know that you can listen to it, if you’ve missed the media exploding about it in all its usual ways.

  • It was streaming on YouTube for a while, but it’s been taken down due to copyright violation.

    It’s … good, you know?

  • it’s very good. last three tracks are something else

  • The last track answered the eternal question, “Can a song make me feel like I’m taking a shuttle to space while being soothed and patted by angels while a little bit drunk?” in the affirmative, which is more than most any song has done for me in a long time. The previous two tracks are also phenomenal.

  • Agreed with the hivemind here, though I’ve only played it on YouTube, not really ideal. Anyone know whether the vinyl version will be in stores (vs direct-order only)? I looked around a bit but don’t see an answer. Basically I just hate records in the mail because we have wonky delivery here that I don’t fully trust (I used to just ship them to my work address, until a GBV package was clearly opened by someone).

  • it’s so awesome I got a mass text from someone I don’t even know telling all these people who I also didn’t know (except one guy?) how amazing it was.

  • I love it so far, but time will tell how good it sounds 20 plays down the line. I’m not totally sure it has enough going on in there to touch the heights of their best stuff, but at this point in time, I don’t think we could have realistically asked for more.

    Everyone’s talking about the last 3 tracks, but it starts with a hell of a 1-2 as well.

  • I reviewed it for Spin here: http://www.spin.com/reviews/my-bloody-valentine-m-b-v-self-released

    I know no one wants me here, I just thought I’d say hi. I was wondering what happened to lptj.

  • Things were going south there fast so we more or less moved here. We tried to replace the forums with a big // but alas, it was not to be.

  • pleasure to meet you, murk. thou art like a URL with its alphabet stripp’d :)

  • murk, your name is a verb here! stick around!

    i’m gonna listen to the album tonight. it’s gonna be so goooood

  • I know, it is a verb because of me. Because I am annoying, or was. Let’s stick with was.

  • or because you delete your posts. cool review by the way, now I’m even more excited for the album.

  • I thought for years that the verb was an appropriation of the hip-hop slang for “murder” rather than a reference to the behavior of the eponymous individual.

    Also, welcome back Murk!

  • Playing this a couple of times a day at the moment, but mostly on phones as it’s not been a big hit with the family.

  • Mark Richardson’s Pitchfork review is right that it’s an album of three thirds. The opening 3 tracks are ridiculously good, the last 3 are really adventurous and the middle 3 are a sort of gooey, warped pop soft centre. I really didn’t think they (he) would pull this off.

  • those last two songs are really great when you are playing sonic racing transformed.

  • Just heard the 3rd track on KALX played by Transistor Sister, a favorite DJ. Made me feel like I was melting. Mmm.

  • Today I fell for Is This And Yes. Those organ sounds keep mutating and are just really jarring in a great way. It’s quite droney.

  • I have a feeling this one is going to take a while to sink in. I should probably order a vinyl copy while I still can…