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Cocktails at a wedding
  • So, our wedding is at a bar, and the bar will be open. I’d like to construct a one-page drinks menu to give some direction, highlight some cocktails, and steer people away from $8 glasses of wine.

    If you only had room for half a dozen drinks, in addition to catch-all entries for beer and wine, what would they be?

    Mojitos and Manhattans are essential, but I’m struggling to narrow down the rest. I’ve got room for maybe 5 other drinks. What would you like to see there?

  • a martini of some kind, like your favorite? I love martinis, the dirtier the better. WITH GIN

  • Sazerac or old-fashioned

  • jeb said: Sazerac or old-fashioned

    I like the way Jeb thinks.

  • Also, Pimm’s Cup could be nice.

  • As long as you are mailing us each a voucher for a celebratory drink, I…

    No, actually, I’m with peacocks. Dry gin martini’s nice.

  • Personally, I’m happy with a manhattan/old fashioned/sazerac or some such, or a martini is good too. For a crowd though, if you’ve got people who like their drinks sweeter/fruitier, you might want to throw them an option, and/or you might also consider whether you want an option or two that cut the liquor content with a mixer some (say, Gin & Tonic or Dark & Stormy, etc).

  • Caipirinha. It’s like a better Mojito. But if you’re having a Mojito there anyway then it’s maybe a space you can’t afford to use.

    Bramble is a popular gin cocktail that’s friendly to non-hard-liquor drinkers, and you don’t have gin or long drinks yet.

    And I would be letting my lady down if I didn’t recommend a Cosmopolitan. Plus that gives you a vodka drink that’s actually good, and people apparently like to drink vodka.

    If the bar can accommodate it, put a smoothie or milkshake or something on there for your children and drivers. If not, White Russian is another nice one that’s less threatening than your liquor-and-ice options.

    Then put your favourite beer on the bottom of the list because a good beer is just as worth highlighting as a good cocktail. I mean, if the bar will have your favourite beer!

  • You might want to check with your bar staff what they’re comfortable making though, because a poor Cosmopolitan really is an unwelcome surprise, and if they’re not experienced at making cocktails then keeping the list nice and easy would be a better idea.

  • peacocks said: a martini of some kind, like your favorite? I love martinis, the dirtier the better. WITH GIN

    “I love gin, that’s why I want it to taste like olive juice.”

    — Just make a bunch of these —

    The Gold Rush makes 2 drinks 3 tablespoons honey 2 tablespoons boiling water 1/2 cup (4 ounces) bourbon 1 1/2 lemons, juiced, about 4 tablespoons

  • I don’t think Martinis are a great open-bar wedding cocktail. You want something drinkable, relatively low-alcohol, and that doesn’t need to be ice cold in order to be enjoyable.

  • I’m with coldforge on that. Martinis at an open bar are trouble waiting to happen.

    I’m also with Dave on the subject of dirty martinis, and also how pretty much everyone ever likes a Gold Rush.

  • Am I using the term “open bar” incorrectly? All I mean is that guests can order whatever they want from the bar and a bartender will make it for them.

    Either way, I think martinis would be a little silly. So far, it’s mojitos, manhattans, bulleit & blenheim (and highballs in general), cosmos…

  • I’d love to put Sazerac or Old Fashioned on there, but I hesitate for two reasons: 1) I don’t have a lot of faith in these bartenders, and those drinks take subtlety, and 2) I feel like the Manhattan is sort of already representing the whiskey cocktail category, and I wanted to cover all the bases.

  • Open bar just means that the hosts are paying for everything.

  • I am not an alcohol expert. I drink what tastes good to me, so what is silly about martinis? idgi. fyi the reason I prefer gin is that it tastes like nothing.

  • Open Bar means Free For The Guests.

    As simple and unimpressive as this is, I’d suggest bourbon and ginger ale as one of the cocktails; it’s low enough in ABV to mean people don’t suddenly get totally blotto, it’s sweet and smooth for people who don’t drink a lot, and the bubbles are festive like champagne.

  • Champagne (or Prosecco/Cava, if this isn’t the Ritz) cocktails are a good move themselves. If you get the proportions right they can be quite drinkable indeed. The French 75 is an excellent one.

  • Oh, speaking of: whenever I have green Chartreuse around, I like making Green Bicycles.

  • Ugh go home Nog

  • r u jealous

    (a: yes)

  • what about the beer mang