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Neptune’s Pride II: Triton
  • I’ve been absolutely hooked on Neptune’s Pride II by Iron Helmet recently. It’s essentially an online 4x game played at very slow real-time speed. But it completely hits the sweet spot for me—it’s simple enough and slow enough in all respects that I can drop in a couple times during work and not feel overwhelmed. But it’s flexible enough and—and I think this is also because of the simplicity—focussed enough on diplomacy that even though there’s not too many buttons to push or numbers to keep track of, you can end up doing an awful lot of wheeling and dealing and double crossing. I played Diplomacy online recently to extremely middling results—I was confused by the mechanics and obviously didn’t engage with the actual diplomacy bit enough—but I feel I have taken very well to this game’s back-room politics. A somewhat advantageous starting position has allowed me to make up for not really understanding the game at all for the first couple days it was running (I reckon it might take weeks) and now I’m forming partnerships and arranging peaces and setting up my allies to be attacked like I was born to it. Imgur

  • This seems cool! I think I’m going to check it out. Going to share with my brother as well, as it seems up his alley.