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Lost people
  • So uh what with Adam worrying that Greg hadn’t been about much and stuff, does anyone know where Em is at?

  • I don’t want to put words in her mouth, but she’s around around she seems to be doing very well indeed :)

  • Some of them were in the back half when the LPTJ broke apart. We’ll find them. they just might be ‘different’

  • yeah I’ve been seein her posts on fb and I think she’s doin quite aight!

  • Anyone know how Dom’s doing? I worry about that guy.

  • Last I heard from him was when he was thinking about coming to the states for a bit. It wouldn’t hurt to check in with him, but he’s not always the greatest at replying to emails. Though neither am I, which is the perfect segue into the other person I miss/sometimes worry about: santaclaustral. I took a long while getting back to a big email from her, and I worry that I may have offended her either in how long it took me to respond, or something in the content of my email. Though that seems fairly unlikely to me, which makes me worry about her. I’ve tried reaching out via email a couple times, but to no avail.