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jerb thrad
  • My professional life is in a pretty ridiculously awesome place right now. Every time I verge on complaining about this job, I mentally list just a few of the ways in which worlds—worlds—better than any job I’ve ever had or could likely get in this salary range. I guess the greatest downside to the work is that I’m not intellectually challenged or stimulated very often, and that’s certainly something I miss about the short taste of academic life I got recently. But the obverse of that is the relative straightforwardness of the day to day, and the conviviality and earnestness of most of the people you deal with. Plus it’s just a shitload of fun. Beer is an amazing business to be in, and there are a lot of opportunities in the beer/wine/spirits world at the wholesale level right now. I never pictured myself in sales, but that hoary wisdom about it being easy when it’s centered around something you’re interested in or passionate about is true, at least in my experience. I could recommend this work to anyone with good communication skills and even a passing or nascent interest in the product. Decent pay, relative daily autonomy, opportunities for advancement, etc.

    Maybe this should have just gone into the awesome thread, but I figured it’s been a while since we had one of these. I’m not even sure what some of you cats are doing to pay the rent these days.

  • So Miles, how does a dude get into this line of work? It probably helps to work in a bar/beer store to get some experience I would guess?

    I keep thinking I should do something with beer down here…like a beer tour guy I met said, it’s “like 1999” beer-wise in Australia right now. Things will probably be blowing up big time in the next 5-10 years (especially if they get some of the more stupid tax issues out of the way).

  • become a Tooheys old exporter. I am not a beer guy by any means but I did enjoy that in australia

  • Tooheys Old isn’t too shabby, but it’s real old school and I’m sure 90% of their revenue comes from Tooheys New (lame US style macro swill).

    There are a fair amount of new microbreweries popping up here, but they tend to do pretty standard styles (IPAs are considered adventurous) and the craft beer market is still very small compared to the majors (Carlton, XXXX, Tooheys). Nowhere to go but up!

  • I’m moving to Japan next week to start a new job teaching English in high school - I have no experience teaching, but the semester doesn’t start until September 1st, so i guess i’ll be spending the first month planning lessons and stuff. i’m placed in a city i’ve never heard of, and i have no idea what to expect, but i hope it’ll be fun, and that i have enough free time to spend on writing.

  • I thought this was the Jeb thread! I came in here to be all hey Jeb! Hey Jeb! My job is cool I guess.

  • ^I also thought it was the Jeb thread! I am about to attempt to survive a term on scholarship and whatever marking I can pick up. It’s not going to be the easiest, and I would’ve loved to be tutoring again, but I know that I was going to be made to work for this awful bullying lecturer and I don’t think I could’ve coped another term working for that guy without doing one of us an injury.

    One of my students from last term did ask me to tutor her privately, so that might keep my head above water.

  • Sounds awesome, Adam! Yeah!!

    I got a contract archivist position that will be starting in a couple of weeks (whoa, very soon) and will last 8-12 months. Very, very excited. Couldn’t be in a better place to start my career, really.

  • Yeah Morgan! Fuck yeah!

    My job is basically stretching out the feeling of being burned out for as long as possible. It was my six year anniversary this week and I’m basically transparent at this point.

    Y’all can feel free to start a Jeb thread.

  • I’m about to hit my six year anniversary at my soul sucking office job also. And yeah, what jeb said.

    It’s also almost my 4 month anniversary at the part time gig I picked up in the craft beer shop/bar. Not a day goes by where I don’t think about how I might gradually find a way to parlay that into something like pollo’s doing. Good on you, dude.

  • My job is also soul destroying, but i keep doing it, for reasons I dont quite understand. Apathy, I guess. I work selling fruit and vegetables to often annoying yuppies and new-age pains. My boss is a hopelessly idiosyncratic micro-manager (one of my favourite cow orkers referred to her style as ‘mum-management’ once) and at least one of my cow orkers is really really annoying. Two days a week I start work at 6:30am and finish at either 2 or 4. The other day, I work 9-7. the rest of the time I’m so exhausted from this (and exercising frantically on my days off) that I feel like I don’t do anything else, including see my family. Something’s gotta give.

    I had a revelation in the shower this morning (as you do) that I’m really not cut out for full-time work. I don’t think I’d survive it with my sanity intact. It’s hard enough doing these 3 days.

  • they just moved me to a new section at my work, the uniform is a jumpsuit.

  • argh. Cow orkers is about the best spelling

  • I was about to post exactly that

  • alt.urban-legend (or whatever it was called, that turned into snopes.com) I used to hang there a bit.

  • Pants said: they just moved me to a new section at my work, the uniform is a jumpsuit.

    What do you do these days?

  • Well, it’s a bar inside an old gas station.

    but I’m also volunteering a bit at oto! they have some good shows coming up…

  • Being told to your face by management that the company’s bottom line is more important than your concerns, wishes or financial needs really fucking sucks

  • Is blowing that popsicle stand still on the horizon?

  • I’m stepping down from my position to focus on school, and while doing so seek employment elsewhere.

    I have reason to believe that they are going to force me to step down earlier than the date I gave them—as a way to save money. Part of that is the comment referenced above, part of it is how they handled a similar situation.

    Now, what I’m wondering is whether there is anything I can do or threaten them with to stop it from going down that way, or any recourse I can take in case it does. My thoughts are that possibly it could be considered a demotion without cause or a cut in hours and pay and possibly I could collect unemployment? Or something? I really don’t know.

    I don’t know for sure that its going to go down that way but it seems very likely that it will. And it just really sucks to know that I’ve been with this company for six years, an admin for five, doing goddamn good work, and they don’t give a shit about me in any meaningful way.

    I’m also kicking myself because I was going to wait to tell them, but I thought I’d do the right thing and give them extra notice.

  • Damn, I only just saw this Jeb. I hope it’s all going OK for you. They really sound suckworthy.

  • Agh, I am sorry, Jeb. I know this will prove to be the right decision in the long run, but it is awful that they treated you this way.

  • Thanks guys. I still haven’t heard anything, so I’m hoping that’s a good sign. Though I wouldn’t put it past them to come up to me on Friday before I leave for our vacation and tell me that the position change and wage decrease is effective immediately. Here’s hoping that’s not how it goes down.

  • Fingers Crossed for you, Jeb. That royally sucks.

  • it’s that time of year when stuff gets all slow at work and I’m making less money than I ever have and I find a job at another company that I’m qualified for so I think about applying to it. The only thing is the description calls for a B.S. when I have a B.A. Everything about the job is stuff I know how to do well and I have over 5 years experience. I’m going to apply just for the hell of it to see what happens. I also might talk to a guy I’ve worked with recently that isn’t totally part of our company and ask his advice. I am unsure about leaving, as usual. Super unsure about talking to my boss about leaving, super super unsure about sucking majorly in a more structured big company environment.

  • I’ll bet that BA + relevant work experience will be fine. Experience almost always counts for more than the specifics of the degree at undergrad levels.

  • Also at graduate levels

  • At least in the humanities

  • Yeah. A mate told me recently about the jobs he’d been knocked back on, after interview saying “you’re well qualified enough, but lack experience” He’s just about to finish his PhD.

  • A PhD without non-academic work experience is worth less than 2 years as an admin assistant. Unless you’re looking for a job in the academy.

  • Although if you’re going to be an admin at a university, you should be prepared to get paid less strictly because you don’t have a degree in even a wholly unrelated field.

  • Holy shit fall beer season


  • The B.S./B.A. distinction is particularly not important given that each school determines what they award differently—there’s no standard. If I had graduated from my initial undergrad institution, I’d have gotten a BA, because it’s a small liberal arts school that gives that for everything, including hard sciences, and the degree would have been more scientifically rigorous than the BS I eventually got elsewhere, where the two degrees involved different core classes and the BS had more science and math. On the other hand, my ex got just choose whichever he wanted for his degree (also Psych), and there was no meaningful distinction at all.

  • Yeah, because I had two majors, one science and one arts, I got to choose. so I have a BS now!

  • I had two majors too! Both B.A.’s but one of them is evironmental studies -though I did take a bunch of science classes- and the other is philosophy. I could have taken maybe 2 more classes to get a biology degree and that would have earned me a BS but I was so done and broke at the time that when I was done with my 2 senior theses I was like SEEE YAAAA. So, anyway I decided I’m going to apply.

  • I’m really glad to hear that!

  • I’m going to Bangladesh for 3 weeks on October 14th, to a place called Sylhet, to do some teacher training work. Feeling excited and a little nervous.

  • Sounds pretty cool, Nick. Never been to Bangladesh, but the Indian subcontinent is an interesting place.

  • No longer a trainer or admin member. Just logged into my email though. Seems they haven’t gotten around to turning it off yet.

    I know I’ve made the right choice but damn does it ever not feel like it.

  • My work wants me to start helping out with survey stuff. It seems pretty easy and I’ll get to be outside and possibly be able to work 40 hours a week for the first time in about a year! Surveying isn’t my dream job but everybody needs cash. There are times when I feel crappy about this job but they teach me how to do everything, which can only be good in the long run right? The office Manager started calling me the Peacocks of All Trades. But hopefully I can be a master of wetland ecology at some point.

    Plus my boss is sending me to New Orleans in a couple weeks to do some training for a shoreline restoration project. Can’t wait!

  • Yeah peacocks! Full time work yaaay.

    I got a job! I’m afraid I’ll bail before I start working (October 20th), so I’m putting off telling people the details — but it pays well. In January I lose some money because the government thinks I’m too old to still be a student, so having some work I feel like I can do is going to be super helpful. I don’t really have a great history with holding jobs / getting paid for things, but this is enough not-like-a-job that I’m hoping it doesn’t make me panic and quit before I give it a chance. My boss seems like a cool and genuine person, which can make me go either way on the panic scale but is largely a good thing.

  • I had two interviews at my #1 top choice dream job office. Thanks to insider info from the chief up here, I know that I’ve been chosen for the third and final interview.


    Waiting sucks.

  • Cocks, you’re in environmental consulting, right? The fact that they have the cheapest competent person do everything was my favorite part of the gig. And I’m pretty sure the BA/ BS distinction is meaningless, especially in comparison to years of relevant experience.

    Pollo, it’s been interesting to see several of my science buddies transition from lab/ field tech to full-time beer guy. They’re on the producing end, not sales, but they’ve had a similar experience. Maybe not as intellectually stimulating, but a great work environment making something they enjoy. North Carolina seems to be approaching the saturation point, so it’s good to know that the next time someone starts talking about an interest in the beer biz, I can recommend they move to Ohio or maybe Oz.

  • That saturation point is coming nationwide more or less, I think. Still a lot of opportunities though!

    Going to Denver next week for Great American beer Festival! The admonitions to comport ourselves professionally have extra weight as earlier this week one of the regional sales directors got shit canned after drinking something like ten Cali Belgiques and making out with a 25 year old sales rep in a bar full of people from a competing wholesaler.

  • Sounds to me like there’s room to move up to Regional Sales Director, though. So, you’ve got that potentially going for you.

  • Good god, we have an intern at Scoop for three months who is nineteen and from Connecticut and actually said the phrase “America is the greatest country in the world” in full sincerity this afternoon. Which, if I had any NZ pride, would be kind of an offensive thing to come to someone else’s country and say to them. While he knew that other countries hate the US, he was surprised that we hated their system of government, since it “works really well” although “we’ve made mistakes”.

    I guess you guys come across this a lot, but it’s actually quite weird coming across overt American exceptionalism in person; the bulk of Americans I’ve met over here are usually pretty nice liberals who’re trying to escape all that. And then there’s all of you guys, who are great. I mean there’s a certain Americanness in their behaviour, but not a voiced belief in the ideology. I’m treating this guy like a babe in the woods, because he’s nineteen and doesn’t really drink yet and is apparently startled by swearing. But they’re evil woods!

  • If I were in NZ I’d probably remember America fondly myself

  • send him home a radical, it’s the only way

  • ^ yes!

    Man I used to work with a woman who is one of those world traveling types and she said that about America all the time. It was so annoying. She also wished for the good old days of the 50’s when no one was gay or ever cross dressed- because that was her pet peeve. She now lives in Thailand and hangs out at temples doing yoga all day. idgi