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Where are they now?
  • Ignatius appears to have recently quit the facebooks, which is a bummer because I’m in Indianapolis, where he lives with an absolutely delightful partner—the one he left upstate NY for, I believe, as recounted back in LPTJ days of yore—and we were going to hang out but my plane is mid-afternoon and now I’m not sure. Last year when I was here they took me on a record-store tour, and the two are both so young and adorable and swooning for each other that you sort of want to punch them or cast them in a Nick and Norah remake but ultimately you’re just really happy for them.

    So that’s Iggy. What about girl/Chris? The last time I ever spoke with her must have been around 2009; I missed a call from her, texted back my apologies, and she was like, “Oh, I must have accidentally dialed you.”

  • I follow girl/Chris on the Twurtster and we occasionally have lighthearted exchanges regarding drinking and food.

  • Where’s Dick? :/