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Userpics (plus cephalopod-related investigations)
  • Explain your picture - mine is my eye.

  • My youngest child, who appears to be in the middle of saying something saucy

  • That’s me enjoying an omelet & café mélange at Cafe Sacher in Vienna. Taken this past May.

    Later that afternoon, we took a bus to the top of the Leopoldsberg and hiked back down through the vineyards as the sun was setting. We passed a number of friendly little heurigers (local wine taverns), and stopped at one of them for pretzels, cheese, and white wine made on site. Best vacation ever.

    north Vienna

  • Mine is a cassette tape with green slime coming out of it

  • Mine is me all blurry like

  • Mine is me in corpsepaint

  • Mine is a cat on a tight rope doing a funky dance move

  • A neon tight rope

  • Picture after I removed the 43 bobby pins in my professional hairdo but before I removed my professionally-applied makeup after my brother’s wedding on Friday. Vanity!

  • A ring-tailed lemur holding a 2x4 with a nail through it. I find it very motivational.


  • Mine is, for now, the M from my neon alphabet poster. The M is from DuMont.

  • Mine is me with a blue balloon, because I don’t look like a fatty in the picture. The balloon does, but I care less about that.

  • Welcome, |\/|y|<!

  • Mine is a cupcake. I like making cupcakes, and like it even more when I can color them in fun ways. Neon food coloring! The one in my profile picture is from a batch that I made for my museum studies class just to bring up our spirits one week when we’d been discussing our “Big Idea” forever and thought we would never move past it.

    Made these for a Prometheus party — a bunch of friends got together, watched Alien, and then went to see Prometheus. What a pile of shit. The cupcakes were a hit, though:


  • Holy hell, cupcakes!

    Mine is a bear atop a mountain wearing a loincloth shooting lasers out of its eyes. It’s my spirit animal. I think someone once posted it on the Plane and I liked it a bunch. It’s on my desktop too.

  • Mine is me chasing birds in the Pacific Ocean.

  • Yay for pictures! Mine is a pretty horse!

  • Davy, is that Sacher as in Sachertorte?

  • Mine is me from 2003 or so, run through a scanner with a twitchy error.

  • Josh I want to photoshop some fart clouds comin’ out yer butt as you run is that cool?

  • Yeah, I mean it wouldn’t be unreasonable to think that was actually happening anyway so go right ahead.

  • i don’t think i have one yet

    edit: ok, now i do. it’s a monster. it’s an early animation attempt of mine, for a game a friend is making. follow the link to see it move! http://3monsters.tumblr.com/post/31271307273

  • Mine is a picture of a dragon eating an elephant, our of the Aberdeen Bestiary.

  • Mine is this bird in one of my favourite animated shorts, in a moment of wondering what it should wear

  • Mine is the muted post horn and it’s a little disconcerting because I didn’t choose it—the forums pulled it in from one of my other social media profiles somewhere on the web. Maybe because it’s connected to my Google account and that’s the email I signed up with.

  • Davy, is that Sacher as in Sachertorte?

    Yep! In fact, there is one on the table in front of me, just out of frame :)

  • Mine is the sleeve for Atomic Rooster’s “Devil’s Answer” 45. If you look closely you can see snakes hanging from the ceiling. Also eggs.

  • Grace, that Paradise animation is lovely ~ I watched it with Ellie back when you first wrote about it on the Plane, but you’ve reminded me to bookmark it now.

  • Grace, that’s an incredible short. I want to watch it twenty more times.

    Are you a fan of Shakespeare’s poem “The Phoenix And The Turtle”? It’s also about a conference of the birds.

    LET the bird of loudest lay
    On the sole Arabian tree,
    Herald sad and trumpet be,
    To whose sound chaste wings obey.

    Full poem here

  • Mine is of me and my giant cat, watching SGU

  • Mine is wayfaring Nina. I might change it because I don’t want to tarnish Nina’s public image with my lousy posting, but for now I’m milking the halo effect.

  • Mine is a picture of a dragon eating an elephant, our of the Aberdeen Bestiary.

    This is so badass, really.

  • mine is a badass skeleton dude with a club from this excellent tumblr: http://blackandwtf.tumblr.com/

  • Mine is a picture of a hat

  • Mine is the floorplan of the Temple of Athena Nike on the Acropolis.

  • which looks like an emoticon!

    Mine, like the rest of me, needs little explanation I reckon, suffice to say I don’t take many selfies, and when I do I’m usually not happy with them. This’ll do though.

  • Mine is an octopus: my greatest fear.

  • mine is a gorilla figurine i keep close to hand

  • I think everyone should change their profile pic to her or his greatest fear

  • Mine is a giant snake with spider legs that makes me stand precariously on really tall things

  • I think everyone should change their profile pic to her or his greatest fear

    Mine is the pantheon of Olympian gods, telling me I have brought shame upon all my forebears

  • Greg, you are winning this new forum hands down so far!

  • Mine is an octopus: my greatest fear.

    The octopus is my favorite animal. Given the disturbing activity in the possum thread, I seem to be on a different page than some of you all in terms of what parts of the animal kingdom are awesome and which are evil.

    My picture is of peas. They are my favorite food and they make me happy.

  • I think everyone should change their profile pic to her or his greatest fear

    Mine is the pantheon of Olympian gods, telling me I have brought shame upon all my forebears

    Serves you right, Enki Du. You’re a goddam animal.

  • For clarification, EmJ, I don’t think of the Octopus as evil, per say. But they’re quite intelligent. And they can open jars. And they know how to steal and cover their tracks. And they can change color. And they can fit into really weird, small spaces. And they have tentacles. And they have beaks.

    All of these things are cool, yes. But also quite scary in the right light.

  • I guess I can see that. I’m stuck on the “cool” part, and also, much respect to the octopus and its scary smart abilities. Therefore, favorite animal.

    Edit: Also, I didn’t mean to attribute the notion that the octopus is evil to you; I was asserting that the possum is evil.

  • Mine is Nog’s memorial portrait of me riding a pegacorn.

  • You know how cats and other animals use their whiskers as a measurement of whether or not a space is wide enough for them to fit through? Well, an octupus does the same thing with its EYEBALL! And you come on here and say ‘not evil’!

  • Holy shit, nickinko, that’s really scary! Whenever an octopus looks at me, I’ll have to assume it’s imagining itself fitting through me.

  • My image here is part of a Michael Kupperman comic.