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Austin, TX
  • I’m going to be in Austin TX for something like 12 days in December. We’re staying at the dude’s parents house kind of in the burbs but we’ll get to go to the city a lot I’m sure. Any ideas to keep us entertained? Any cool peeps still living there we could make friends with? 12 days of Austin: GO!

  • Oh man, I miss Austin. I haven’t been there in a couple years, and some of my pals there moved away. There are always bunches of shows to go to, check out http://www.showlistaustin.com/ for info on that. Emo’s, The Mohawk, Cheer Up Charlie’s (if it’s still called that) are pretty good spots. If you get a chance to see David Israel, he’s pretty great and a pal of mine. Tell him I said hello.

    Eat at Casa Maria, get Migas tacos or even better a Migas platter for breakfast, you won’t regret it.
    Also eat at Bouldin Creek, which is an all vegetarian place (but there’s tons of veggie food in Austin if that’s a concern)
    There’s also a BBQ place called Franklin’s that’s apparently famous and has long lines. I’ve never been there, but in case you wanna scarf what’s supposed to be some pretty tasty meat.

    Buy some records at Waterloo.

    If the weather is good, go to Barton Springs.

    I’ll let you know if I think of more.

  • Franklin’s line is indeed ridiculous, but it was the only exceptional brisket I had in that town. Crushed the Salt Lick, for example.

    Edit: removed erroneous bar rec.

  • Duuuuuuuuude, I have such fond memories of Veggie Heaven, right off campus on Guadalupe. I spent a month in Austin about a decade ago, and basically ate there every day. The spicy yams, they were my love.

    On top of being cheap and excellent, the place is a bit of a trip because every spare inch is just covered in Falun Gong propaganda. Like, look at the layout of their website, and imagine that in meatspace.


  • That place reminds me so much of Loving Hut, where there are at least 4 large flat screen TVs tuned into Supreme Master Television 24/7. The food is aight.

  • Oh man, I love Supreme Master TV. There was a Loving Hut on South Street in Philly, and they must have realized the cult vibe was keeping business down, because they reconfigured the place to downplay it. I stopped going.

    But Veggie Heaven »> Loving Hut foodwise, IMHO

  • Does Loving Hut offer the same food at different locations in the US? It exists in Europe too, but it’s not a standardised chain at all, the two I’ve been to had a completely different menu. The closest restaurant to our house is actually a Loving Hut. It’s not terribly good, though. I might go there again at some point maybe, but I will never ever eat soup there again.

  • this is really making me want to check out the loving hut we have up here

  • The Loving Hut here has a lot of asian/vietnamese food items maybe because of the neighborhood. It’s basically all fake meat and fake seafood with mediocre vegetables. It can be tasty, but there are other places that are veggie or have veggie options that are just way better. I like the weird weird vibe though, the people working there are nice, and they give you ginger candy at the end.

  • also they never play any music. just the tv sounds or silence.