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  • Happy New Year everyone!

    What are your plans for 2014? My main one is that I’m going to try to learn to drive, finally, 27 years after the last time I tried. But that’s a secret, so don’t tell anyone. I’m also going back to Bangladesh for a month at the end of January for work. I’m not sure I’m into being away that long at all (Mrs Ink and the girls are going to Korea for 3 weeks when I get back too), but it will be nice to see my Bangladeshi mates again. Ellie starts secondary school in the autumn, and this will be the year we start letting her go out on her own a bit. That feels really strange, but it has to be done some time soon. I need to get up to the Boleyn and see West Ham a couple more times before they leave the ground they’ve had for 100 years too, so I’ll try to rope my brother into the idea of wasting extortionate amounts of cash on seeing that load of dross. I will read more books and continue to delve into the fathomless depths of dub.

  • Happy New Yar, y’all. This year I’ll still be working at Scoop; I’d rather do something else, but it’s hard while both the economy and my health are fucked. (Hence my only real resolution is to put more serious effort into getting better.) BUT while I work on that I’ll also be trying to prepare myself intellectually and practically for going back to school to do Honours in 2015—need to see if my marks are adequate or what. Me and Grace and Mother are going to Europe around September for a holiday, which will be the first time I will have left New Zealand—hoping my health is improved enough that it’ll be fun rather than overwhelming. A family member of ours has some serious health problems that they’re starting treatment for soon, so that’ll be quite full on. It’s election year here, so it’ll be busy at work and possibly a bit irritating amongst activism since people sometimes put stuff on hold while trying to get the lesser of two evils elected.

  • Where in Europe will the Russell family travel?

    Plans/resolutions (probably wildly overambitious since merely thinking about some of these things feels exhausting now, but here we go anyway):

    • Move to another flat

    • Get a divorce

    • Write more

    • Try to understand what goes on in my head a little more, think clearly and be less anxious/depressed

    • Try to drag my feet less about socializing

    • Learn to cook more things; about two new things a month would be nice

    I’m sure there’s more, but I got too little sleep and my brain’s not working very well. Happy 2014!

  • Within the next week I will have begun assisting/co-teaching in a course on Charlie Chaplin, which I am very excited about, and I will have finished a rough draft of a music video I have been working on, or trying to work on, since September; by the end of January I will have applied for a few dissertation fellowships, which mostly means I have to revise my first chapter a little; by the end of February, I will have gotten some other important writing done; by the end of March, I will have traveled to New York to conduct research and hang out with family and friends. Beyond that, 2014 is a mystery—there is a conference I am organizing, but that will be over in early April, and I hope to travel both to Los Angeles and Moscow to do archival research, but that depends entirely on money.

  • Here are my hope and plans for 2014:

    • More sleep
    • More writing and drawing
    • Maybe more playing music? Though I’m not super interested in playing music lately …
    • A lot more school
    • Hopefully a new job, or a way to not work at all while I’m in school
    • Less really bad depression
    • Finish that comic I started a few years ago
    • Finish the comic I started a few months ago
    • Polish up some short stories and maybe even submit them a few places
    • Spend less time on the internet
    • Lose the weight I packed back on over the last few month
    • And also, hopefully more travel! I haven’t been to NYC in years, and I would love to get back. I’d love to visit with more of you folks.
  • On Twitter I jokingly said I was going to eat 2014 sandwiches in the year 2014, but now I kind of want to try to do that.

  • I should probably be a more goal-oriented person. Let’s add that to my list of resolutions for 2014.


    • Get on-track for Australian permanent residency (my current visa runs out in August and I’d like to stay so I can get dual-citizenship)
    • I’m going to Japan in April
    • Bike to work 4-5 times a week
    • Still keep running 2-3 times a week
    • Read 25 books (hoping to improve from 23 in 2013)
    • Climb at least 1 mountain
  • Ford at least one stream?

  • Stream fording is so 1878…

  • Yay about the permanent residency thing! So exciting.

  • Although I should mention that I pretty much want to move somewhere else immediately after getting citizenship (shhh…don’t tell Tony Abbott). We want to be able to move back without fuss in the future, though.

  • ElJosharino said: On Twitter I jokingly said I was going to eat 2014 sandwiches in the year 2014, but now I kind of want to try to do that.

    Dude that’s like five and a half sandwiches a day or something. I salute you and this brave life decision.

  • Ah, you and everyone else, midnight! It’s a really common thing, to take out citizenship and move within 2 years. I have a Mexican buddy who’s done just that. His ceremony was in November, and he’s now on an extended visit to his family in Canada with an unknown return date ;-)

  • I have a half-hearted list of things I’d like to do, which is less resolutiony than just.. things I need to do to not fall apart:

    be able to do one real push-up by the end of March
    I will apply to five craft shows in 2014
    take A out for social things at least once a week, and get her used to short stints in the gym daycare
    new brakes, new mattress

  • Please don’t fall apart!

  • that’s the goal! it’s like, uhhh, retention of self while being a stay-at-home parent is hard? and I have to Keep Doing Things and refuse to feel bad about meeting my own needs. If that makes sense.

  • I have to decide THIS WEEK if I want to sign on for another year of teaching English in Japan, from August this year to August next year. Too many pros and cons to count, this decision sucks.

  • Cats, it’s hard, but worth it. Gym daycare is a great thing.

    Adam, flip a coin, and then see if you wanted the other option?

  • go for it adam!

    I was feeling pretty shitty this year in general, but last night I watched Agnes Varda’s “The Gleaners and I” and it made me feel much better somehow, so I guess my resolution is “watch more varda”

  • It turns out I can do like five real push-ups in a row right now so maybe I’ll try for ten in March.

  • 2014, I haven’t liked you very much so far. Grim, dark, cold, and hectic. Unrelenting. Bleak. I have managed to watch one feature-length film per day—this, under normal circumstances, would be a good thing, would be a thing I like about you, but I know it is instead compulsive behavior from which I derive little happiness. On the other hand, I have been able to go swimming three times a week, and have few complaints in that regard. Nonetheless, I am displeased. Do better, 2014.

  • hannah said: I have managed to watch one feature-length film per day—this, under normal circumstances, would be a good thing, would be a thing I like about you, but I know it is instead compulsive behavior from which I derive little happiness.

    I can’t relate to that at all.

    He said.

    Before popping in Pierrot le fou.

    Which he did not really need to see again.

    And there was also a whole disc of extras.

  • Ugh. Hugs Hh. I would concur about the suckiness of 2014, but the very first few weeks were more fun than the subsequent ones (I got to meet you and Jim and Briggins and Bluc, that was good)…

  • In 2014 I wanna go to chicaaaago and New York and see all you suckas

  • I think I’m actually going to go to New York this year. Hopefully in May or so.

  • peacocks said: In 2014 I wanna go to chicaaaago and New York and see all you suckas

    yes please

  • you know what’s between Chicago and NYC? PHILADELPHIA. just sayin.

  • Philly is totally a go if I journey to the northeast!

  • Yeah, I’m probably gonna stop by Philly too if all works out according to plan. Hopefully eat one of those cheesesteaks wrapped in pizza I’ve heard about.

  • what! that is a thing? Of course it’s a thing. How silly of me. I am going to have to get really good at saving money this year because I want to travel ‘round the country quite a bit. Road trip through new orleans to Austin, several trips down to miami, bus ride to the northeast, plane ride I guess to Chicago and Portland. $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

  • Yeah, and they named it after a food that’s not even involved: http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=Philly Taco

  • It’s really more of a Philly pizzarito IMO

  • Chicago contingent is totally awesome. I’m pretty sure they won’t disappoint.

  • I used to say that Andy Reid ate cheesesteaks folded in pizza after Eagles wins and I’m so glad it’s a real thing

  • well I’d only eat one of those things if there were a vegan version, but I would gladly watch y’all take one on!