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  • wasn’t there a thread for lptj nostalgia? I can’t find it.

    Sometimes I think about this song and I just say to myself “LAST PLAAANE / LAST PLANE”

  • Well I don’t get friend requests on the old FB very often, but the other day I opened it up and had two! How exciting! Until I saw that they were from my creepy alcoholic ex-boss, and CBS.

  • CBS is one of two people that I have blocked on that motherfucker

  • eugh! I’d forgotten all about her, even though she’s why we’re here…

  • Well, no, JD is the reason we’re here, though she def factors into that

  • I mean, why are we anywhere?

  • She kind of started the impetus for it though. Anyway guys this isn’t a very good nostalgia thread so far. Remember when we had a long thread about milk mining? that was a time. Oh and when I decided which LOTR characters you all were. (not to make it a buzzfeed quiz or anything) We haven’t had that much surreality on TNM, except for mourning Antero’s untimely death.

  • Haha yes. Antero. I’d forgotten he was dead, it seems like he’s still here with us sometimes.

    (and yes, you’re right Jeb, it was a multiple-body problem)

  • I remember when I was living in Korea and in the early days of my LPTJ flight being absolutely fascinated by the vitriol and hatred that oozed out of the ‘Is emo sexist?’ thread. Although I loved the place, it never quite soared to such heights again, if I’m honest.

  • Who the fuck was GHIGATRON anyway? Can we be told now? Zach, it was you, wasn’t it?

  • No, I think it was lastbubble or something. Whoever it was made a thread on LPTJ between the two of them at the end of LPTJ’s life and then deleted it. It was briefly glorious.

  • Wow, skimming that emo thread it’s amazing that almost the entire contribution of [reeaally long] posts was by men, which wasn’t noted on thread until coldforge brought it up on page six or seven. We’ve possibly come some way, I guess?

  • Yeah we never talk about emo anymore

  • I’m not sure that’s something we can give ourselves credit for

  • I tried reading through that thread recently (I made an offhanded reference to it elsewhere) and it made me hate everything

    This is why I don’t feel nostalgia, because the past is fucking awful

  • I don’t reminisce about being a pathetic man-child!

  • A week ago I mentioned taints and chodes to someone, they asked me what they were, I said you can call them Freddy Knuckles and laughed. They stared blankly at me. I thought about LPTJ, a single tear fell, a little blood rushed to my penis and I went to the shop to get me a flapjack. Having eaten the flapjack I moved on with my life, but couldn’t shake the mild erection and decide to go LPTJ. There I discovered what I think I already knew, that it had ended. I came here. The rest, as they say, is the future.

  • Here’s to an excellent future!

  • Aw Dom, I was just thinking of you the other day—YES!

  • What’s up Dom, I half-remember drunkenly talking to somebody about missing your input recently. Or maybe I’m making that up, I dunno.

  • Alright lads. Hope you’re all keeping well.

  • Speaking of nostalgia … I am currently watching a video of Andrew with Tri-State Killing Spree from 2000 and it is awesome

  • I just saw that! It was great!

  • In less than two hours I’m going to meet up with the ex I had that dramatic breakup with, it being the first time we’ve been in the same country in 3.5 years. LPTJ was one of my main sources of advice about how to proceed around that time, I think, so thanks y’all. Why that boy gotta be so Islamophobic though, weirdly that’s like my main concern about meeting up

  • I’ll post this here, because I can’t find random and there’s a chance people will actually read it.


  • Joe, that’s wild!

    Anne, sorry I missed your post. (i got slack about coming here) How did it end up?