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guys what’s up
  • where’s the drunk thread at

  • the forums are all kinds of glitching for me right now.

    anyway, how’s things? how’s yr job? did you get that promotion? no?

    me, i’m okay. still teaching english in japan. it goes on.

  • I’m a little less than half twisted on some high test craft beer. Things are going very well professionally this week. Home stuff pretty good too. Places I’m very much hoping to visit this spring/summer are NYC, Chicago and Asheville.

    What is Japan like, pretty good I bet

  • Are you in Tokyo? I have a friend near Hamura who is like, a mail carrier for the air force base or something. but he also plays music around places with his technobox.

  • technobox? that sound cool

  • yeah it’s rad!

  • Wo ho ho, remember this thread? Cause I sure don’t.

    I’m not in Tokyo, I’m about two hours away from Tokyo by bullet train.

    Pollo japan is good but the beer is generally not good, so it’s a trade off you know.

  • your friend should bring his technobox down to good old hamamatsu!

  • I looked up where hamamatsu is on google earth and it seems to be RIGHT NEAR THE BEACH

    so congratulations beaches are cool

  • it sure is! but I mean I’m from new zealand and I’m living in japan, so I’ve never lived more than a couple minutes from the beach anyways

  • Adam you should look for some Hitachino and Baird Brewing stuff

  • Not drunk. But figured this is an okay place to ask what is up with the new middle. It’s seemed quite quiet this week, is this normal. What shit has gone down since it started? Who came over from LPTJ? What the fuck happened to LPTJ? WTF happened to Andrew, Milly, Lucy, Freddie, Heather(s), Dicky, Alexandra and Dennis, ‘cause I can’t see them about the place.

  • It is a pretty quiet place. I mean LPTJ had slowed down a fair bit towards the end, the reasons for which we discussed in the last Do Our Interactions Here Matter thread (it’s in White Courtesy Phone). A lot of people think it’s related to us all getting older and having less time/need to say so much on LPTJ/equivalent. I put quite a bit of it down to so many of us being on Facebook or Tumblr etc. I mean Antero and Bernard don’t post much here but I see them on FB all the time. Same with Milly really.

    For the most part, Andrew left LPTJ in a flamewar in 2010 (though I also see him on FB). Lucy seems to be dating Almanzo, if you remember Almanzo. I have no idea where Dick or the Heathers are.

  • Yep. Anne’s got it covered. The crash was spectacular. You can read it. diesel_powered also left at some point, but he’s also all over facebook. Milly pops in here sometimes…dunno about Dick.

  • Thanks. This is like being at school reunion, except the reunion ended a year ago and everyone who is left went to the school in different years. Or it’s like some dude who comes back to his home town after a few years to find out that the houses have been knocked down, remade a couple of miles away, but all the people who lived there before have moved to Bangkok.

  • We sort of lost the sustainability of having new members come in when John slowed and then stopped doing LPTJ writing. At the beginning we sort of planned to have TMN as a group writing project thing so we could get new people, but it fell by the wayside rather. You aren’t on facebook, right?

  • PM’d ya regarding facebook.

    Right now I’m drunk, reading old LPTJ, thinking about what that board and its people meant to me. Realizing how long ago that was. Wondering WHAT those interactions MEANT.

  • Man, this thread would’ve been perfect for me, because I’m on my own tonight (an uncommon event, what with living with the lady and all), and I had this plan—I swear, this isn’t a joke—to drink this really strong beer that’s been sitting in the fridge forever and then bust out my acoustic guitar up and just wallow in being all maudlin and shit.

    But then I got sick and now I’m just gonna curl into the fetal position and go to bed at 11pm and hope either sleep or death comes quickly. The beer didn’t even get opened, nor the guitar touched. Oh well, I still have the same antipathy toward introspection that I developed during some long

  • I think that sentence originally had an ending, but now I don’t even

  • pollo said: Adam you should look for some Hitachino and Baird Brewing stuff

    thanks for the tip - i’ve tried some baird brewing stuff and liked it, so i’ll keep an eye out for the other one.

    sup adf, i hope you feel better tomorrow.

    kinda sad my crappy thread turned into another lptj cryfest, but it’s cool cause wally hasn’t been around, he needed the goss.

    anyways here’s a picture of a pretty cute but not too cute duckling. http://31.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_lxkbi4Es4L1qdedm3o1_500.jpg

  • Hi guys it’s 3 AM and I just bought a plane ticket to Boston (not for right now).

  • adam said: it sure is! but I mean I’m from new zealand and I’m living in japan, so I’ve never lived more than a couple minutes from the beach anyways

    I was actually just in Japan—and stopped at Hamamatsu for about 30 seconds or so on the shinkansen going from Hiroshima to Tokyo. Some a-mazing views of Fuji-san on the train about 20 minutes after leaving Hamamatsu, lemme tell you.

    Japan is awesome, btw.

    Craft beer is cool and all, but a cool thing about Japan is the prevalence of beer vending machines that sell tall boys of Sapporo, Kirin, or Yebisu for $3.

    Hi, Wally!

  • hey guys this guy named “Don Derfuss” keeps emailing my work email about something spammy and I wonder if he knows how dumb his name is.

  • dirk diggler over here

    (well if it isn’t the ol’ one two buckle-my-shoe)