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All I wanna do is drink beer for breakfast
  • I fell asleep last night before I finished the beer that I had poured, so I woke up this morning and finished it. So I’m in favor of beer for breakfast.

  • I fell asleep last night before I finished the beer that I had poured, so I woke up this morning and finished it.

    Have you ever made beer eggs? scrambled eggs with last night’s beer mixed in.

  • Guys, it makes me sad but I have not been enjoying beer lately :(

    I have a fridge full of it, left over from our housewarming party a couple weeks ago. And really no desire at all to drink it. This phase coincides with a lot of recent enthusiasm over whiskey, so that’s part of it, but still. Depressing.

  • So basically you are not down with beer for breakfast then I guess. What about whiskey for breakfast?

  • also hey! what about Salami For Beer For Breakfast?

    Salami for beer

  • Fun (or sad/worrying) beer-related fact of the day: today I found myself missing Deschutes’ Mirror Pond from my recent US trip that I looked into possibilities of ordering it online.

  • They say the hearth is the heart of the home.

    So I put Satan there.


  • Guys, I can’t get the hang of embedding images. BeerGuy, hold my hand.

  • Dammit, ignore me. This:

    ![alt text](url to image)

    Here it is

  • …so a bang, then brackets with alt text then parentheses enclosing the url. No spaces between any of it, I think.

  • Beer gives me bad headaches now, pretty much every time. I dunno. I really don’t drink very often these days, but it makes me sad that I can’t even have a beer without getting a headache.

    Whiskey doesn’t give me a headache, though.

  • It’s more of a digestive resistance for me. But yes, the occasional wtf headache too, especially with high-gravity stuff.

    Mostly, I’m just really starting to dislike the sensation of filling up like a water balloon when drinking socially. It’s so much more pleasant to hold a tumbler and sip whiskey.

  • But that is also what makes beer so good for breakfast

  • excuse me why is this thread about beer and not The Replacements for years and years I thought the lyric in “I Will Dare” was “begging and cigarettes, a lousy dinner” and now there are like three lyric sites that say three different things. It is either begging, bacon, or fingernails (????) WHICH IS IT.

  • This isn’t really the dedicated beer thread I think people are still just used to megathreads. This thread is about my desire to drink beer for breakfast and possibly eat some of them barbecue chips

  • I had them barbecue chips for breakfast once last week. It went well.

    Today I had a fresh-from-the-oven biscuit with honey on it and a glass of apple cider. Then, after I got to work, some pot pie filling.

  • honey + buttered biscuit = about as good as it gets, really.

  • Have you ever made beer eggs? scrambled eggs with last night’s beer mixed in.

    thank u 4 changing my life

  • Hey @JimTheBeerGuy did you ever find out if you’re gonna be pouring for that beer thing? If you are I might still try to find a ticket. If not then I’m not gonna bother, but will probably come to Chicago anyway and have hangtimes with whoever is around.

  • I’m still thinking about going to Chicago that weekend too, though the beer thing ain’t happenin’ for me.

  • Are there other breakfast foods you can make with beer? I mean drinking it is one thing, but gross consumption might be enabled by maybe beer potatoes? Beer sausages? I dunno about beer eggs. Beer biscuits might be good. Beer orange juice. Beer grits. Beer yogurt parfait.

  • Beer coffee is the bomb.

  • Beer sausages would probably be rockin’. Beer brats certainly are.


  • Definitely signed up to volunteer for FOBAB. I’ll be stewarding in the morning for the judging, pouring during the afternoon session, and drinking in the evening :)

  • Beer orange juice.

    I’ve done this, but wine orange juice is slightly more common in my household.

  • Beermosas are delicious.

  • isn’t that a brass monkey? shire monkeys are also tasty- fruit punch and beer. and then there’s the pussywillow- arbor mist and beer. typically OE.

  • dudes I knew back in the day who’d drink something they called a brass monkey, seemed like it was as much about the process as the result—grab a 40, drink down half, fill it back up with OJ. Ingredients may be the same/similar but I can’t imagine anything you’d call a “beermosa” qualifying as a brass monkey.

  • I mean… I thought that’s what they were talking about.

  • yes. brass monkey.

    but if you make it with miller high life, then it’s a manmosa.

  • I don’t know, I was just talking about a glass (usually a pint glass) with half beer and half orange juice — a beermosa. They’ve got those at a lot of restaurants here. Because Milwaukee. Does this not exist elsewhere? Surely it does.

  • This thread has inspired me to try cooking with beer. I was thinking of having an all-beer breakfast tomorrow aftermorning, maybe beer breakfast burrito with beer sausages and eggs and potatoes and beer hot sauce wrapped up in a beer tortilla. With beer. I’ll let you know how it goes!

  • Frankly I think this is the best thread and should be stickied for posterity. And that everybody should listen to the Replacements every day. HOWEVER I am bumping right now because a) I would like an update about Gary’s beer breakfast and b) to see if this shit winds up back on the first page or not.

  • Aw man, I totally did have a beer breakfast. I didn’t find it worth posting about, though, because while it was delicious (and I took pictures, only they were deleted by my wife (“Why did you take pictures of breakfast??”)), I didn’t really feel like the beer added very much to it. I mean it was tasty, but I didn’t come away thinking, “I should put beer in everything!”

    But it was sausages boiled in beer, potatoes soaked and then simmered in beer, all scrambled with eggs and sweet pepper. I skipped the tortilla because I didn’t feel like making beer tortilla dough and I thought the meal had enough fat already. I will make beer tortillas one day, though! Another possibility would be biscuits with beer gravy.

  • woah. if only it were possible to make it all stay carbonated…

  • BeerGuy, I need your help.

    It’s my day off, and there’s a couple Pabsts in the fridge. It is 11:16am PST. I am not dressed yet.

    What should I do?

  • You’d best get one of those beers open before noon hits.

  • Josh is right, you’ve already wasted valuable time today not drinking.

  • I made beer gravy once when I was in some sort of liquid. It turned out kinda weird. The hop bitterness was the main problem and I recall using a pretty light beer.

  • I made beer gravy once when I was in some sort of liquid.

    Like, a sensory deprivation tank?

  • Whoa, what. I think I meant a liquid pinch. Like, I was shorthanded on flavorful liquids and shorthanded on things like vegetables to make water into a flavorful liquid.

    I guess I’ve never had to make gravy in a sensory deprivation tank, but I’d certainly be up for the challenge.