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Right Here In The Middle - NOW PLAYING
  • aka the youtube embed-thread /domesday triad payoff

  • what’s up guys, here is a track that sounds like time piling up brightly

  • ^^^ I like it - bright and breezy.

    We could do this as a sort of ‘rate the song above’ kind of thread?

    Or not?

    Anyway, whatever we do, we all need this…

  • viiiiibe



  • on my phone, which doesn’t display YouTube embeds, you guys look really boring.

    i am (eternally) listening to cannibal ox and eating choco-pies.

  • best thing = playing all of the NP thread at the same time

  • crash my computer you fucker doooo ittttt

  • Listening to all of the songs at once actually sounds remarkably like that lost Dingbats single, “Four Quarters and a Dime” b/w “Going Number Three on a Public Train”

  • shh their legal team will be after us

  • IIRC their “legal team” was disbarred for tripping on acid during the obscenity trial, People v. Dingbats.

  • even so it was better than when they represented themselves

  • Did that movie about that ever come out? I heard that Peter Falk was in it.

  • yeah they took him hostage

  • alt text

    I found the new site then found the new np thread. I feel somewhat relieved.

  • Rad cover. Welcome to the new np thread!

    (and for the record np: consumption 4/tori kudo- atlantic city. not a bruce cover)

  • Yeah, I like that cover too. Looks like Natural Snow Buildings but without so many severed heads.

    What were Caravan like? I have only the fuzziest conception of them, and I may even be thinking of Camel.

  • Man, I’ve been coveting that record for years based solely on the title and image. I don’t think I’d care much for the music, sadly.

  • Caravan are probably the definitive Canterbury prog band and Land Of Grey & Pink is their best album. I picked it up years ago on a lark and thought it was quite funny. But it eventually got under my skin and became the album that got me interested in prog. It’s certainly an acquired taste. Not because it’s super full on but rather the opposite. It’s polite psychedelic English pop (“Love To Love You”) mixed in with some technical keyboard led prog rocking (the 22 minute “Nine Feet Underground”). It’s a bloody masterpiece to my mind.

  • Holy Shit this Accumulation: None version of ‘I break Horses’ is the fucking business, I don’t know why I haven’t listened to it more.

  • Yep. It may as well be the only version for me.

  • Thanks Killdozer! I enjoyed that actually. I don’t know whether it will be quite enough to kick off a fully-fledged prog interest but you never know. Perhaps a dedicated Caravan thread might be required.

  • You know those days when you wake up and just feel a ravishing compulsion to listen to each and every Natural Snow Buildings album plus side projects from start to finish? Well, I appear to be having one.

    I’ve started with the latest Isengrind album, “Night Of Raining Fire”. I’ve listened to it a couple of times before, but not concentrated properly. The Natural Snow Buildings/Twinsistermoon/Isengrind material does have a tendency to tread a familiar path. But listening more closely today, it’s sounding particularly pretty (in keeping with the mildly gory, slightly NSFW but undoubtedly pretty album art.

    The weird vocals are much less noticeable on this album, and there are some great short-form drone collages, but the best parts of the album are where it sort of dissolves into these fragmented, drifting movements of of percussion, strings and psychfolk ambience. You can hear parts of it at the Blackest Rainbow bandcamp page.

  • the vocals are weird? I never understand a thing they say.

  • Well, quite. I meant the sound of the vocals, rather than the lyrics. French innit.

  • Oh yeah, right. I don’t know though it always registered for me as english somehow (though totally unenunciated). Maybe I’ll listen as if it’s french and finally have some insights on the words.

    I agree that on their last few albums the best parts have been when they hit the jams

    • “unenunciated” is apparently not a word but it was fun to type
  • Death is the best band. All of you should listen to more Death. I know I should, cause every time that I do I rock the fuck out, and I listen to them at least once a fortnight.

  • I’m onto a massive folder of piano things on random now. It’s just thrown up:

    • Akira Kosemura - Noel
    • Library Tapes - Enslig
    • Sylvain Chauveau - Pauvre Simon
    • Goldmund - The Winter Of 1539-1540
    • Erik Satie - Sports & Divertissements g) la peche
  • Oh. I want more things with just piano but I’m never sure what to look for. Especially in regards classical stuff. I’ve no idea who the pianists of note are so get confused then bored when a list comes up on itunes. So any suggestions from Nick or others in that regard would be much appreciated. A man can not survive on Glenn Gould alone.

    np: Laurel Halo - Quarantine

    Has this album gotten any discussion on LPTJ? I’ve been slowly taking it in over a good few listens in recent months. It’s actually quite a wonderful if not always easy listen. There’s something slightly off about the whole thing. The album seems like an open raw nerve or something.

  • My favourite solo piano releases are Goldmund’s ‘Corduroy Road’, ‘Two Point Discrimination’ and ‘Malady Of Elegance’, Gonzales’ ‘Solo Piano’ and Sylvain Chauveau’s ‘Des Plumes Dans La Tete’. As for classical, I really have no idea, except to say that I like the gentler Satie pieces and quite a lot of Debussy, so I just throw those into the mix.

  • Death is the best band. All of you should listen to more Death. I know I should, cause every time that I do I rock the fuck out, and I listen to them at least once a fortnight.

    Fuck, I think I found my metal sweet spot. Ah, Death!

    Sweet album cover too.

  • Oh Sweet Death!

  • also, sun ra solo piano @Killdozersnakeboy

  • “Why not try emo, Johann Sebastian Bach, electronic or Billie Holiday?”


    thank you lastfm

  • Also it seems to be broken.

  • Hey, @Killdozersnakeboy this Caravan thing is pretty good, I hadn’t heard of them before.

  • Caravan lead singer looks like Julian Cope - nearly forgot to say.

    np: Xela - Memories Of Gallifrey / Exorcism

  • nickinko

    np: Xela - Memories Of Gallifrey / Exorcism

    that one is great.

    np two times through one of these new fushitsusha albums this morning…

  • Feels like I’m doing sundays right

  • np: Laurel Halo - Quarantine

    this record is fantastic. it took me aback at first, because i’m a big fan of the straight up vocal-less atmospheric techno she made on the hour logic ep. still, i really like it; it’s so woozy and half-formed, sounds like it’s drunk

  • Hmm, I had avoided it because I’m not really a fan of this post-Grouper breathy female vocal trend thing (see Motion Sickness Of Time Travel), but maybe I should investigate?

    np: Xela’s side of this split with High Aura’d.

  • I fucking love this album so much. I think it’s my favorite Will Oldham record, and that’s saying a lot!

  • That’s a lot jauntier than the (limited) Will Oldham I’ve heard. Sounds almost like Devendra Banhart at times there. like it.

    Off work with a temperature today. The girls are at school, mrsinko is at work, and I’m loafing about, re-reading a Magnus Mills story and listening to Richard Skelton’s Verse Of Birds..