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Comics Drawings Pictures etc.
  • Inspired by, and in lieu of Nog’s idea for his forthcoming comics feature, I thought we might share drawing type things somewhere.

    The girls have been crazy about The Cure lately, so here’s a quick ‘Robert Smith on a postit’ I did for them:

    alt text

    And here are some pictures I just took of Ellie’s latest comic strip book, ‘The Kat Chronicles’

    alt text

    alt text

    I didn’t realise what was happening in this one at first, but Ellie explained that Klorz falls asleep and dreams that he’s a rock star and everyone is chanting his name :-)

    alt text

  • This is going to be the best thread.

    Ellie is incredibly talented! (and that’s a very nice Robert Smith, too)

  • KLORZ!

    I love it




  • oh, it was hounds. well. I’m gonna keep saying hands.

  • Fantastic!

  • i compulsively doodle monsters whenever i am holding a pen, so i started a tumblr to document them: http://3monsters.tumblr.com/

  • I saw some of those over on FB. I’m really into ‘em.

  • sashwap, those are great - I’ll show Ellie later, she’ll love them.

  • love those, sashwap! i think my fave is the one-eyed horsey with horns.

  • Here’s a monster by Iris, my 5 yr old

    alt text

  • Wow, that’s great. Somewhat psychedelic, I might add. Well doen Iris.

  • Somewhat psychedelic, I might add

    She takes after Dad.

  • What Dad’s reading. It’s crazy awesome.

    alt text

    Synopsis from this review

    Thor Vs. Seth, the Serpent God is the kind of big, sprawling war of the gods that Thor is so well-suited for. Having stolen the power of the other gods in his particular pantheon, the death god Seth has his sights aimed for Asgard. With the rainbow bridge between Asgard and Earth severed, Thor cannot easily return to his homeland. Seth throws his armies against Asgard while putting plans into motion on Earth to make sure Thor cannot return to aid in its defense. He bestows two men and a woman near death with super powers and lies to them, telling them Hogun the Grim (who journeyed to Earth to tell Thor of Seth’s invasion) must die or else Earth is doomed. The Egyptian-themed Earth Force battle Thor but eventually realize they’ve been duped. Once they figure out a way to leave Earth, the ragtag group of Thor, Hogun the Grim, the Earth Force, and the Black Knight storm the battlements of Seth’s dimension and tear through his green hordes of snake-headed soldiers.

  • I might have asked this before, but I’ve never really got anywhere. Recommendations for graphic novel/comic stuff for a grown-up 9 year-old (probably better to think about what a typical 11 year old would like). Ellie loves the art as well as the stories. The only one she’s really loved so far is this:

    alt text

    When I was a kid, I used to adore comics - 2000AD, Strontium Dog, also things like Action - dated now of course, but very inspiring as a nipper:

  • I’s a fan of the Bone comics, and found them at around eleven. They’re funny, and get darker as they go along.

  • Scanning some stuff now, so expect some drawings soon!

  • @nickinko, I’ve been putting a lot of thought into your call for recommendations. I hope to get back to you soon!

  • I also thought it was ‘hands’.


  • Thanks jeb - I’d really appreciate any ideas.

    Looking into that Bone business too Anne, thanks - 1,300 pages for about £20 on Amazon.

  • love those, sashwap! i think my fave is the one-eyed horsey with horns.

    thank you! and thanks for the other comments, everyone else. whee, fun. i have a backlog of hundreds of doodles, i just have to remember to keep posting them. and coloring them occasionally.

  • Bone is great.

  • I picked up a couple of things for Ellie today.

    I think I mentioned on the Plane that we have this fantastic graphic novel/comic shop in Brighton..

    alt textalt text

    Anyway, I got 3 books for Christmas (I know, it’s a long way off, but I’m a bit of a planner when it comes to Christmas present buying), one of which is Bone. The second is another opening book in a series that looks terrific, called Amulet. I had a careful browse through and I’m pretty sure she’s going to love the art and the subject matter. The girl’s dad gets killed off on page 5 too, which she’ll like :-)

    The last one I got was a one-off graphic novel rather than a series. It’s called Ghostopolis and it looks amazing.

    alt text alt text alt text

    While I was there, I noticed a weekly comic with 8 different story strips inside. It looked a lot of fun and I remembr looking forward to this sort of thing when I was Ellie’s age. And of course there are lots of different colourists and artists, and I know she really notices all the different drawing atyles and tries to copy them and so on. I think Grace will enjoy it too, so if they get into it I suppose I’ll pick it up after work every week. It’s called The Phoenix:

    alt text

    Jeb (and anyone else), I’m still super-keen to hear any ideas you have on this subject.

  • I’ve read all of those, and they’re all great! Except the Phoenix — that’s new to me, but I am definitely about to see if I can get that for Finn.

  • Also, Amulet is done by the amazing Kazu Kibuishi, who curates those great Flight graphic anthologies, and also did a kid-oriented series called Copper, which is one of my favorites. I have this framed print on my wall:


    link to bigger image: http://photos1.blogger.com/img/116/5097/1024/copper.jpg

  • Bone is really so good, I can’t believe I never got my kids into it. IIRC it gets more mature as it goes along so maybe they’d still get into it now. Though obv not the 5yo, not yet anyway, but the 12yo and the 14yo should dig it.

  • I liked Bone immensely at first, but I felt it kinda dragged as it kept going. I wish it had just kept up the Barks-like pace of the first few issues.

    Also, I know I’ve mentioned this before, but I totally love Smith’s newest thing, RASL. Though that’s not really kid-friendly.

  • I kinda feel the same way as Nog re: Bone. But still, those first few collections were so great.

  • Thanks guys! You’ve bolstered my confidence that it was money well spent. Those things aren’t cheap here, or anywhere else I imagine.

  • huge image I was going through a notebook from earlier this year.. there were some pretty good ones. the new userimage comes from

  • Heh, now you have to change from Pants to Trunks. :-)

  • Should I just change my name to whatever I happen to be wearing?

  • Only if it’s a loincloth.

  • I dunno if they sell the Adventure Time comics in the UK (though I don’t know why they wouldn’t) but those are super fun. I love them and would happily hand them to any kid interested in comics.

    Also I have been buying the translations of the Drops of God manga as it comes it out and enjoying it. But for the latest english book, they skipped ahead like 5 or 6 volumes to get to “new world wines” to try to get more interest in the series. It is super annoying because there are a bunch of new characters who aren’t introduced and they give away a bunch of plot details. It’s like they are trying to drive me to scanlation sites. hmph.

  • Oh, wow; I’d never heard of that, but it sounds great! Thanks for the tip, and for the heads-up about them skipping ahead! As someone who’s been utterly awful at ever retaining any information about wine, I could see this series being very helpful to me.

  • Oh man, they are so fun. It’s like a big goofy soap opera with lots of good information about wine. The descriptions and illustrations are totally over the top, but it adds to the fun.

  • Excellent! It sounds like it might be similar to Eagle: The Making Of An Asian-American President, (a fictionalized manga about the 2000 Presidential election) in that it’s super-dry material full of DRAMATIC MOMENTS and FAMILIAL INTRIGUE and FATHER ISSUES WHILE MAKING GRIM FACES

  • Just read my first Sandman collection (V.5, A Game of You) and holy shit, I see what the fuss is about. Best Gaiman story I’ve read.

  • The Sandman version of Orpheus is fantastic. Can’t say I was ever drawn into Sandman all that much, but I was very impressed by that issue (Special Issue #1, Google tells me, and in the Fables and Reflections trade).

  • Cool, will check it out!

  • I think the Sandman series builds in a really great way, with the last few collections being fantastic and emotionally brutal (in a good way). There are a few duds in the whole series and the beginning is pretty uneven, but a good read. I have also been reading the collected Hellboy books and those are a really good time in a similar way (drawing from lots of different mythologies, a hero who can’t change and has to face the consequences). Mike Mignola is also drawing the new Hellboy story, which is great news. I like the Hellboy stories that he illustrates the best.

  • found a drawing from a few months ago, it seems like I was stressed out
    conference call

  • offices and humans page 1

    aaaaaah guys Roope Eronen is blogging his new book Offices And Humans one page at a time. I’ve been following this guy a minute, this is one of my favorite things. Check it check it out!

  • yesss. @pants i like your drawing.


    this is a thing i made last night for my illustration class. i was thinking about minoring in illustration, but nope nope nope. it seems way too much about being really blunt about things while also whispering secrets to people who won’t understand (this feeling is probably related to it being a lower level class).

    this is “town and country”.

  • I feel bad that I never replied to this with recommendations! I’ve been struggling to come up with some good ones, but I just … brain … no … work?

  • josie that’s awesome. sheep allowed full use of lane!

    here’s a collage from my 20s. the “signs” on the left are the levels of the Beaufort wind scale.

    alt text