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Mix Thread
  • I haven’t made a mix in YEARS. Years. I got a surly-but-affectionate text in the middle of the night last week from someone dear to me, to whom I promised a mix at the end of 2011. I had some playlists, but none that stuck. This morning, in the last 10 minutes of train riding and the several minutes of standing at stop lights whilst walking from train to office, I had it.

    I just trimmed it down. Here it is:

    1. John K Samson - Heart of the Cotinent
    2. Magnetic Fields - Two Characters In Search of a Country Song
    3. Matthew Sweet - Sick of Myslef
    4. Baby Teeth - End of Actress
    5. Jens Lekman - I Want a Pair of Cowboy Boots
    6. Young Marble Giants - Ode to Booker T
    7. Miniature Tigers - Like or Like Like
    8. Bonnie Prince Billy - Beware Your Only Friend
    9. Drink Me - Happy Hour
    10. Cameron McGill - Noah’s Worst Nightmare
    11. Neko Case - Don’t Forget Me
    12. Jimmy Scott - Jealous Guy
    13. Clem Snide - I Don’t Want to Set The World on Fire.

    Not groundbreaking, but chock full of stuff I genuinely love. A lot of it is on the various mixes I made to try and lull myself to sleep last year during my bouts with insomnia. I’m pretty excited to give it a listen all at once.

  • Is there a way we could set something up, maybe on Spotify or something, to be able to listen to mixes like this? (I use Spotify very rarely, so I don’t totally know the ins and outs of it.)

  • spotify is excellent and easy when it comes to this sort of thing.

  • Is it possible to have some kind of group repository for mixes? Or can you only have individual accounts?

  • Ooh. That’s a really good call, I’d totally use spotify for that. Never really used it afore.

  • Is it possible to have some kind of group repository for mixes? Or can you only have individual accounts?

    I’m not sure you’d need something like that. I mean, theoretically, you could have a shared account (disguised as an individual account) that multiple people could log into and listen to mixes, but it would be easier, I think, for every one to have their own account and collect only the mixes they wanted.

  • I made a mix for a guy this summer. When he finally got around to listening to it, he thanked me for putting so much thought into it — “It was obvious that you’d actually thought this through and put songs in there very purposefully.” Of course, dude. I am not sure why this would surprise anyone.

  • I use the I Ching to make my mixes, so

  • “spotify is excellent and easy when it comes to this sort of thing.” For those of you that live in countries that can access the service.

    I could access it through a proxy server, but (a) that’s a lot of effort for questionable gain, and (b) streaming data is hard enough down here in God’s Own Country without introducing more bottlenecks into the service.

  • thenewmiddlemakesmixtapesforeachother.net

  • spotify is very much available in nz these days, GI

  • snap! that’s good news! spotify is amazing.

  • I recommend the $5/mo. level. No ads, unlimited listening. Bargain of the century.

    And I would absolutely pay extra for the next level up if I had a smartphone.

  • Forgive my ignorance (I’ve used Spotify very little), but how do you share mixes? Is there a way to gather them together, or do you save a mix you made in your own account and then point people to that?

  • Basically that second thing. You create mixes using your own “playlist” features. Then, by right-clicking on the playlist title in the left-side menu, you have a number of options. You can share it with spotify friends, facebook friends, or copy an http link, which I suppose is what we should use here?

    There’s also something called “collaborative playlists” which could be fun, but I’ve never messed around with that.

  • I’m working on a mix and would love to get song ideas from you guys. Basically I want to do a Halloween mix, where the song titles or themes kind of map to a Halloweeny idea and the songs themselves maybe have a bit of a creepy vibe to them also. And since my last Halloween mix was all metal, I’d like to do this one without any metal at all.

    Right now my first 3 songs are 1 XTC - Poor Skeleton Steps Out, which is mostly upbeat and poppy but also has a bit in the chorus that goes kind of dark. 2 David Bowie - Loving the Alien. 3 The Cure - A Night Like This, ‘cause I don’t know, “night” I guess is kind of tentative but the song has the basic vibe I’m looking for

    And I have some others in mind but I’m not 100% on them yet.

  • You should definitely use Furr by Blitzen Trapper.

  • Kinda want to shoehorn Kraftwerk’s The Robots in there, it’s not so much halloween-creepy but there’s like a very appropriate mechanical soullessness to it that might serve. Also it is awesome

  • And I would absolutely pay extra for the next level up if I had a smartphone.

    I get so much use out of this. I get to listen to new music all the time on my commutes.

    There’s also something called “collaborative playlists” which could be fun, but I’ve never messed around with that.

    Oooh, I forgot about that. I’d rather like to see how that works.

    I also need to steal more playlists from y’all.

  • I made a spotify playlist for that mix. Sadly, it’s missing a handful of tracks. Is this the sort of service that’d let me sub in items from my own itunes library for those tracks in cases like this?

    Either way, the mostly-complete list is here: http://open.spotify.com/user/124861009/playlist/5ngOfHCXS5nYWZ01Ud6403

  • Jim ~ I made these mixes for Halloween a couple of years ago. Some of the tracks are overtly evil (Kill People!), some are,as you say, just a spooky vibe.

    I’m happy to upload links if anyone wants them ~ maybe nearer the time? Anyway, this was the track listing:

    BOO 1 (62.49)

    01 - Boards Of Canada - The Colour Of The Fire (1.46) 02 - Rolan Vega - Viva Myria (2.39) 03 - Excepter - Kill People (4.58) 04 - Broadcast - Black Umbrellas (1.09) 05 - Micachu & The Shapes - Eat Your Heart (2.21) 06 - Black Dice - Cloud Pleaser (1.44) 07 - Reigns - Translating (3.31) 08 - Boredoms - Chocolate Synthesizer (0.51) 09 - Ben Frost - Hibakusja (7.26) 10 - Mika Vainio - Behind The Radiators (2.52) 11 - Broadcast - Corporeal (3.55) 12 - Burial - Near Dark (3.55) 13 - Julianna Barwick - Scary Cat (0.35) 14 - The Knife - The Captain (6.11) 15 - Shackleton - Blood On My Hands (Ricardo Villalobos Apocalypso Now Remix) (18.34)

    BOO 2 (62.02)

    01 - Robyn Hitchcock - The Black Crow Knows (3.34) 02 - Charalambides - Walking Through The Graveyard (3.36) 03 - Badgerlore - Whichever (1.42)
    04 - Voices And Organs - Screamer (1.12) 05 - Lau Nau - Vuoren Laelle (4.38) 06 - Library Tapes - Broken Piano Pt.1 (3.00)
    07 - Deaf Center - Weir (6.34) 08 - Svarte Greiner - The Boat Was My Friend (4.17) 09 - Elegi - Skumring (3.46)
    10 - Autechre - Sim Gishel (7.15) 11 - Pan Sonic - Hertsilogia (4.54)
    12 - Luciano - Aphgan Birds (4.40) 13 - The Books - A Dead Fish Gains The Power Of Observation (1.07) 14 - The Kallikak Family - Portland, Oregon Part 1 (2.42) 15 - Benoit Pioulard - R Coloring (0.39) 16 - Thee Stranded Horse - Fiend Over Your Knees (2.09) 17 - Alan Sparhawk - How The Weather Comes Over The Central Hillside (1.46) 18 - Konntinent - My Shoulders Are As Wide As Your Hope Is Heavy (4.31)

  • Here’s my three hour long playlist that I made for my Halloween party last year:


  • excellent, spotify almost always crashes the audio of my laptop though :( I’ll try to listen

    Nick, I’d love it if you uploaded those mixes, the couple that I tracked down and listened to on youtube or whatever were weeeeeeeeeeeeeird

  • YoJimboTheBeerForBreakfastGuy!

    Halloween 1

  • Whilst my daughters continue to be besotted by The Cure, they’ve recently discovered their second favourite ‘Daddy Band’, the Pixies.

    Under the direction of my youngest, we have compiled and burned a “Grace’s Pixies Mixies’ CD for bedtime settling:

    Here’s the track list, as specified by Grace, 6:

    Tony’s Theme
    Monkey Gone To Heaven
    There Goes My Gun
    Alec Eiffel
    Here Comes Your Man
    Ed Is Dead
    Crackity Jones
    La La Love You
    Broken Face
    Distance Equals Rate Times Time
    Head On
    Palace Of The Brine
    Stormy Weather

    Grace says her favourite is Tame, and Ellie’s is Ed Is Dead. My favourite is Allison.

  • nickinko said: bedtime settling:


    Nice tracklisting

  • QFT bedtime settling :D

  • Nick I have to notify you that the President is coming to pin a medal on your six-year-old for having enough Gumption and Right Thought to begin the mix with Tony’s Theme

    (my favorite Pixies song is probably Cecilia Ann, but Tony’s Theme is high up there, also)

  • Thanks Greg. I saw the Pixies live once with a load of friends. One of our friends was named Tony. He did not know anything about the Pixies before the gig. He was both awed and amused.

  • Dick suggested trying this 8tracks mix website. So knocked up a quick one to see how it works. Mostly contemporary UK Bass/House/Techno but with something old thrown in at the end.

    October ‘12 from KDSB on 8tracks Radio.

  • oh hey, I like this Fay album

  • Good one, killdozer. I’ve been trying to decide whether or not I like that FAY album for a while now. It certainly has something going on, and some of the sounds are really nice. But I don’t know whether it’s a bit too MIA-ish for me overall.

    The Mark Fell stuff just sounds better and better every time I listen to it and is likely to be in the upper reaches of my year-end list now. Although I think I listen to the SOA album more than Sensate Focus.

  • [turns up the volume for Δkkord]

  • An experimental first toe-dipping with 8tracks. A wee bit of annotation for the nation too.

    Uhahoh from nickinko on 8tracks Radio.

  • I am working on a booze mix, but Spotify doesn’t have quite a few of the songs I’ve got on my local version. Still working on song order, etc.

  • Hey Jim, did you get those Halloween mixes I linked up there?

  • I did! And I started listening and I got scared and I realized that your mixes were way scarier than anything I’d be able to put together. But I still plan on finishing them :)

  • When I update my metal mixes, I’ll post them here.

    Unfortunately, I should counsel you not to hold your breath.

  • well as far as metal mixes go, here is my metal Halloween mix

    Also I got on this 8tracks business and put up my current draft of the drinking mix, though I’ll likely still tweak it a bit and eventually mix it to a single long track in Audacity, give it a fancy title and a writeup and throw it up on one or more of my web sites

    Booze Music from JimTheBeerGuy on 8tracks Radio.

  • I made a quick sun city girls mix to try out on 8 tracks, but then realized you can’t repeat artists on that site so

    anyway here it is
    GIRLS GIRLS GIRLS by Basilic

  • nice waveform

    1. Ask Heem 202 456 73569 (grotto of miracles)
    2. Nites of Malta (Djinn Funnel)
    3. Tarmac (Torch of the Mystics)
    4. CIA Man (Horse Cock Phepner)
    5. Different Kind of Whore (grotto of miracles)
    6. Me and Mrs Jones (Midnight Cowboys From Ipanema)
    7. Uncle Jim (sun city girls)
    8. A Target Silhouette Punished Part 1 (Dawn of the Devi)
  • I will listen to this, thank you. I have never heard the Sun City Girls before, though I’m always reading about them.

  • cool let me know what you think B)

    you get the wild grunting jazz side of the girls here, I didn’t worry too much about accessibility.. these tracks are fire though

  • I’m going to start posting some mixes from you guys to the blog. If you want a mix on the blog, all you got to do is: 1. make a new topic for your post, include a link to soundcloud or 8tracks or a file thing for your mix, 2. write a brief description or give some sort of context, and 3. let me know.

    I’ll publish it to the blog. Probably try to do a mix every few days.

    We might come up with some formatting conventions later on, I don’t have any good ideas right now. If you do, chime in.

  • Good stuff. I’ll try to get onto it at the weekend.

  • I’m afraid that our playlist for tonight’s 90’s r&b/hip hop dj set isn’t nasty or freaky enough. Y’all got any suggestions? The people have requested booty shakers and I want to give them what they want.

  • btw Pants i’m diggin on that sun city girls mix