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  • I really, really like the tags. However, I think they would work a whole lot better if you were able to scroll through or pick from already used tags when creating a new discussion. Otherwise I’m just guessing, which isn’t really helpful, and will lead to all kinds of tags that don’t make sense or don’t get re-used.

  • Wait, I think you actually can do this. When I typed in “m,” I was able to scroll through the various tags that contained the letter “m.” Animals, meta, music, names, etc. That’s pretty nifty! However, it would be more nifty if I could just press the down arrow in the box and get a complete list of all the tags. I don’t know if that’s a feature than can be implemented or not, but I thought it’d be worth bringing up.

  • I’m actually a big fan of tags over multiple categories, if we can stick to using consistent tags.

  • I feel like I am in a library science course. Standardization!

  • i can only see the following advantages for tags over categories:

    • 1 - you can add new ones easily
    • 2 - one post can have multiple tags

    is that right, jeb? otherwise the forced standardisation and dropdown box are already present in categories.

  • I like the idea of being able to add new ones, yes, and I like that a post can have multiple tags.

  • I’ve already forgotten to tag both threads I’ve started. I can’t see us being organised enough to use them?