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Sandwich Tribunal
  • Around January of this year, Josh and Thom and I started bullshitting about sandwiches on Twitter and calling ourselves the Sandwich Tribunal. About a month ago, I had a dumb idea to collaborate and eat every sandwich in the Wikipedia List of Sandwiches and write about it. I impulsively registered the domain sandwichtribunal.com and quickly threw together a wordpress blog there and invited Josh, Thom, Brian, Andrew, Crit, Myke, & some others to join me in this dumb task. We’ve barely gotten started on the list but we’ve got a pretty decent amount of content so far with supplemental posts about random sandwiches, and Andrew even started his own mini blog-within-a-blog about his cheap sandwich-eating habits. It’s pretty decent so far.

    Anyway, discussion on Twitter has become cumbersome with the character limit, so I thought maybe we could talk about it here, and the rest of you guys could join in, and tell me what a dumb idea it is, and maybe you could tell us about awesome sandwiches, etc.

    I hope that’s OK. We all met through this community and its precursor and this seems like a good place for it.

    Here are the first three sandwiches from the list, and we’ve got at least one post on each of them so far, with potential for a couple more to come

    From what I’m seeing, we’re probably looking at doing one set of sandwiches per month. October’s set looks like this:

    Anybody have any thoughts on any of these sandwiches, or any general sandwich wisdom, or perhaps any abuse to hurl?

  • Love your work Jim. I’m excited about the October list. I’ve actually found two places here that do Banh mi, and I’m looking to compare them. I don’t even know what that third one is though. So, enlightenment will ensue, I hope.

  • I’m neither a sandwich specialist, enthousiast or even a regular sandwich eater, but this is a really cool project. I can’t wait for you guys to get to the Francesinha: - a sandwich so utterly ridiculous I burst out laughing when I finished eating one on my own in Porto the other day. May be a bit hard to find one in the US, though!

  • I’m digging what I’ve seen via Facebook so far. Good on y’all..

  • This is important work, Jim. Groundbreaking work.

  • I have read of this Franceshina. It will be our greatest challenge yet.

    Thanks guys, even those of you who are fucking with me.

    Also let me take this opportunity to say that HP sauce is fucking awful. Maybe if I mix it with some hot sauce it’ll be better.

  • I’m curious, so I will peek into the abyss and try to get a grip on your aberrant and inhuman dislike of HP sauce. Have you had much experience with malt vinegar as a condiment?

  • I love malt vinegar, especially w/ fish & chips or even just plain old french fries. HP sauce is like a sweeter & less sharp version of our A1 sauce, although maybe my memory is treating A1 better than it deserves. Nope, we’ve got some in the pantry and I just tasted them head to head. Similar flavors, the A1 is a bit darker though & less sweet, with a bigger sharp hit of vinegar. HP sauce is slightly lighter in color, thicker & with a smoother consistency. And sweeter.

    I haven’t written about HP sauce yet, I’m still wrestling with it. It’s possible that if I had a better quality rasher to make sandwiches with, I’d like it better. I’m thinking of doing a hybrid sandwich with some back bacon and some of my homemade streaky bacon. I think the HP sauce would fare better w/ my bacon, which is less sweet than a lot of bacon and goes well with sweeter condiments.

  • As I suspected, the sweetness worked better when it had something to push against. The back bacon on its own was just too bland.

  • OK, that’s an answer. I find that stuff like HP sauce and especially malted foods like Marmite, etc., can be pretty confrontational to people who don’t have some experience with it. HP sauce isn’t my favourite, but it goes wonderfully with some things, fat+salt combinations.

    I like streaky bacon fine, especially for certain purposes (wrapping around stuff and grilling, for instance) but like many people back bacon is the default. Streaky bacon is simply too fatty for everyday use, for the same reason that I don’t cook every pork dish out of pork belly.

  • I’m going to paraphrase that back to you, and I promise that I am not goggling as I do so: you thought I’d be unfamiliar with malty flavors? OK I lied I’m goggling o_0

  • Well, malty flavours for condiments. And malt vinegar doesn’t taste like beer, nor does beer taste like Marmite (no matter what people who don’t like bock and the like says).

  • There’s plenty of HP sauce in Australia, but I haven’t cultivated an appreciation for it yet. I’m onboard with beetroot and a fried egg on burgers, though.

    Also, I like the ubiquitous Australian “barbecue sauce”, often found in strange places like an egg and bacon sandwich. Maybe that’s a bit like HP sauce…less sweet than American BBQ sauce, a bit more on the umami side of things.

  • I have yet another sandwich post on deck—finally having tackled the back bacon/HP sauce problem—but I’d like to let it simmer for a bit, so if anybody else wants to write about one of the three current sandwiches, please go ahead! We’ve got about a week left of September.

  • Aus BBQ sauce is the biz for sure. My big boy loves it on bacon, and it’s pretty much de rigeur in a burger. I haven’t had HP sauce for ages, but I remember thinking it was OK. Worcestershire is also good, and in my memory, kind of like a thinner less sweet HP. I might have to buy a bottle. I will eat and write about a hamburger with the lot. Maybe on the weekend.. I will also be writing about Vegemite some time soon.

    I’m sadly disappointed in your lack of enthusiasm about baked beans Jimbo, and given that your background is the generally unadventurous mid-west I’d’ve thought that bland and squishy would be your go-to for comfort food, but to each his own, I guess.

    I’ll be googling francesinha in a minute!

  • A1’s flavor is very much like Worcestershire. I’m intrigued by this Australian BBQ sauce and I’ll have to look into it. Anyone care to describe it to me?

    So I just published my post on the bacon butty so we now have 3 bean sandwich posts, 2 bacon sandwich posts, but only 1 bacon egg & cheese sandwich post. Anyone care to take a stab at another BEC post in the next week?

  • Well, if you’re desperate, they do ship this unique culinary product internationally:


    I still have yet to try a bean sandwich, although I think there is a bar in Fitzroy that does baked bean jaffles (there’s another sandwich variant for you, Jim).

    I would be interested in reviewing a sandwich somewhere down the line. However, scheduling my sandwich intake can be problematic since we don’t normally keep meat in our kitchen.

  • Oh jeez. We’ll be doing the Horseshoe and the Hot Brown in the same group. I’m going to die.

    Justin, I’d love to have anybody jump in who wants to. You won’t be required to write about sandwiches from the List if you don’t eat much meat. I anticipate settling down into about a 50/50 split between List and Random sandwich posts.

    I looked up Australian BBQ sauce and sounds like it’s essentially ketchup & Worcestershire sauce. Does that sound right to those who’ve had it?

    Also as it turns out I have a jaffle iron and I’ve been using it recently. And Clare did a post on a baked bean jaffle, which looked better than my bean sandwiches.

  • Tasted better too cos I love baked beans ;-P baked bean jaffles are fantastic. my 3, no 4 go to jaffle filings are: baked beans and cheese; worms and cheese (heinz tinned spagh); ham cheese and tomato; and leftover roast lamb. Oh and sloppy joe mince and cheese. 5 go to fillings…

    I don’t know how to describe bbq sauce. I’ll have to send some over with Bloke if he’s going to the US in the next few months (likely, as he’s gotta check up on his mother) and he can mail it from Mpls if he doesn’t get as far as Chicago…

  • That would be awesome, let me know if there’s anything from here you’d enjoy in a return package

    My research into Australian BBQ sauce, as usual, was minimal and shoddy :)

  • Question re: tone. I have written a post about 2 sandwiches I had today, one that was fantastic, and one that was so terrible it made me angry. I stay calm throughout most of the post but go on a bit of a profane rant at the end, and I also ended up subtitling the post with a bad word. (It won’t appear on the home page but it will appear as a headline at the top of the post once you click it). I also use the phrase “gums-puncturing needles of former meat”

    So, to those of you who are involved in this project, or would like to be involved, is this a bad idea? Would you be upset and not want to take part anymore if I post a profane rant? I mean, it’s funny too I think, and it’s not threatening in any way, but there’s no mistaking that I’m pissed off.

    Please comment, thanks

  • I haven’t read your post, but I think it’s probably fine. I have no issues with profanity as long as its not maliciously directed at individuals.

  • Yeah, I’ve got no problem with it. I’ve reigned myself in a couple of times because I wasn’t sure about same, but I’ve got some foul-mouth tendencies for sure.

  • Profane rants are welcome. I hear heaps of profanity every day, it’s kind of an Australian tradition (even in the office).

    I’ll make a mental note to keep track of my sandwich eatings. I actually had a pretty great baked tempeh/avocado/spinach/pesto/mayo sandwich on homemade sandwich bread strait outta the oven yesterday, but I failed to take any pics.

    There is also a food truck that parks across the street from my apartment that does a great-looking soft shell crab sandwich that I’ve been meaning to try.

  • I consulted with a particularly irascible local food blogger, a guy who pretty viciously tears into places, and he pointed out to me that he doesn’t swear in his blog. Well, I’m a guy who swears, but I looked it over again and removed like 80% of the swearing.

  • Removing the swears kind of made it less funny though. Oh well. Posted in less sweary form

  • You should post an unedited version as well.

  • Totally. And I’ve got a bacon sandwich post in the pipeline. If I survive my gallstone attack. Ugh.

  • Yeah, I want to see the unedited version. Actually you should start a sister blog where every post is cursing about sandwiches. You could call it Obsandwich.

  • I mean I guess I could go back and dig up an earlier draft but I don’t think it’s worth it. It wasn’t that great, just angrier and more profane.

    btw, today is the last day of September so last chance for a new List post from the first round. Tomorrow I’ll do a post on the site with the 3 new sandwiches for October and kind of a wrapup for the first round and hopefully we can get a little discussion going in the comments there about the first round?

  • also the “cursing about food blog” thing has been done and ugh http://jezebel.com/meet-the-white-people-behind-thug-kitchen-1640479775

  • I’m gonna shoot for all three of these too, I’ve already got an idea for Banh Mi.

  • If you guys haven’t taken a look, or if anybody new is interested, here’s today’s post wrapping up September and introducing the 3 new sandwiches for October. http://www.sandwichtribunal.com/2014/10/october-list-sandwiches-september-wrapup/

  • I just made two posts. One the long awaited bacon sandwich, and one “my dinner” story.

  • Yesss. Good work, Clare. I’m pretty into all of this as a whole.

    After a quick talk and a beer with Jim this afternoon, I did start writing up a long Hot Doug’s post, which I’ll either put up as one big post or break into a narrative post and a more straightforward review of the food. We’ll see how it goes!

  • I’m hanging out for that post!

  • Do you guys wanna know how many PBJs I, an adult man with a job, have eaten in the past few months? You wanna know how to make a sandwich out of discount bread and generic chunky peanut butter and eat it, and eat it, and eat it until the sandwich loses all joy and color and becomes a sequence of steps performed by your hands and your mouth in strict order, an algorithm to subdue anguish when cowardice rules out death? LMK.

  • I for one would like to read about an ennui sandwich.

    No wait I’m sorry I meant an andouille sandwich 

  • Daaaamn you ran that pick back for a touch down

  • Man, I’m loafing so far this month, sorry dudes. I’ve been distracted by playoff baseball and giving that some otherwise free time. I’ve got a couple of things I’m hoping to hammer out for Beergraphs this week, but I’m hoping I’ll get to do some Banh Mi yet this week and BBQ next week.

  • I just read the Chilean one! Amazing! I have Port Salut in the kitchen, and tomorrow I will be talking to my avocado-guy as a matter of urgency!

  • Thanks Nick! I’m pretty proud of that one.

    Josh, I think we’ve all had a slow start to the month, no worries. Hopefully that turns around soon, we’re just about at the halfway point. It took me damn near 2 weeks just to do today’s post.

  • That was some in-depth shit, Jim.

  • Whoah, amazing. From what I can tell, you are a gringo who makes beer and looks like zach galfiniakas.

  • Wow! From now on, you are ‘Un Bloguera Gringo’ to me, and that’s that.

  • Holy shit dude, that’s awesome. I did love that post.

  • I don’t think I said at the time, but damn Jim, that Chilean sandwich post was so impressively researched and written. I have found that eating yeast is no longer a thing I should really do, and I miss it so much - reading sandwich tribunal is amazing but torturous in this respect.

  • ST is now on Twitter, I see! Global domination can’t be far away now.

  • Heh. it’ll be sweet!