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The Food Thread
  • Guess who is about to have their first seasonal batch of Greg Nog’s Goddamned Chicken Pot Pie Filling?

    This guy.

    Thank you based Nog.

  • Cooking some chakalaka and baking cornbread for my lady friend as she visits tonight. I’ll also fry up some chilli bites (South Africanised onion bhaji, basically) to round out my menu as plebian as the police cover at 10 Downing St.

  • I never knew that creamed spinach was so delicious. It always sounded gross to me, but it is full of cream and cheese and deliciousness. Last night I made it to go with a beautiful hangar steak that our local rock star butcher, who had eaten the other half of the steak the day before, pronounced one of the best he’s ever had. I managed to cook it perfectly and everything was a delight. I need to do this cooking thing more often.

    Tonight I just had Frosted Flakes for dinner.

  • What’s a hangar steak?

  • What creamed spinach recipe did you use? Can I steal it?

    I got diagnosed with a thing a few months ago that basically means I can’t eat a lot of the things that used to be staples for me. I feel like I’ve had to re-learn how to cook and grocery shop, and that’s been a totally exhausting process. I’ve also been feeling completely frustrated and uninspired by a lot of my food options as of late, and it’s taken a lot of joy out of eating.

    But— creamed spinach and steak? Totally in my new diet!

  • Oops, I meant hangEr steak. It’s a cheap cut, but my favorite as it has good texture. It’s from the diaphragm of the steer/cow. Sometimes it’s called a bistro steak or a butcher’s steak (butchers used to always just keep it and eat it themselves).

    Beth, that’s a drag about having to recalibrate your eating & cooking. The recipe is from Jamie Oliver’s British Food book, which is full of comforting but (to me as an American) slightly exotic recipes. I’m not seeing that one online, but will type it in later when I have a minute. I’m planning to make a bunch of British things to eat while reading Jeeves & Wooster books.

  • This is the book:


  • I can’t eat a lot of the things that used to be staples for me.

    Do you have to eat gluten-free now?

    Thank you based Nog.


  • No!!!!! Not Jamie Oliver!!!!! Aaaarrrggghhh!!!!

  • Nick, I know. He’s really annoying! And there are a lot of annoying pictures of him in the book, but it was the only basic British cookery book more with pretty pictures of food and simple, easy to make recipes. Sorry! If you’d like to recommend another, I’m all ears.

  • I’m only joking - I’m sure the food is good. He just has this Mockney Geezer persona that irritates me.

  • Nick, if you made a book full of British/Korean food, snooker lore, and drone music, I’d buy like 11 copies and give them out at Christmas.

  • Do you have to eat gluten-free now?

    Not exactly, though a lot of things labeled gluten-free are pretty good for me!

    I’m mostly off all grains, though I can only have a very little bit of whole grain stuff each day. Absolutely no refined sugar, and very little unrefined sugar. I can’t even munch on fruit to my heart’s content unless I’m balancing it out with fats. I’m also supposed to eat every 3 hours to keep my sugar levels steady.

    This is not to say that I’m necessarily following all of these things as strictly as I should. Mostly because I like beer. And pasta. And don’t have a schedule that allows me to fill my face with chunks of cheese every few hours throughout the day.

  • And don’t have a schedule that allows me to fill my face with chunks of cheese every few hours throughout the day.

    i tend to spend a lot of my energy and willpower insuring that i don’t have that schedule. doing the opposite seems like a pretty sweet deal.

  • I want that cheese schedule you guys are talking about.

  • What is chakalaka and may I call it boom chakalaka?

    MOS I don’t know if it’s exactly British cuisine, but http://www.thebookloft.com/book/9780007164097 might be worth a look. I have their family cookbook and it’s lovely, and definitely British-inflected (which I didn’t know when I bought it).

  • Woah, Nick. That makes me a little jelous, which is no small feat, considering some completely deliciously smelling and looking turkey-sage-ham rolls are currently cooking in my kitchen.

  • So I’m going to DC this weekend and the kick-off wedding party friday night is at Charlie Palmer Steak. That’s a hefty menu! Has anyone from DC been there? What do you recommend a lady who doesn’t eat meat but dabbles in fish. I’m looking at the Loch Duart Salmon. Do you think the Cherry Glen Farms Goat Cheese Agnolotti is good? They sound freakin amazing.

  • Nick can I come live with you for a little while

  • Any agnolotti is good but I have never been there.

  • yeah because you have to be a millionaire to eat there! Maybe you are a millionaire, I don’t know. I think my cousin’s fiance is one. But I hope that since it’s a party it will all be taken care of.

  • Yeah that place had better be awesome if they’re serving a side of baby carrots for $10.

  • jesus I’m going to feel like a beverly hillbilly in this town.

  • The only thing I know about food in DC is that they have the best Ethiopian food I’ve ever had.

    My current food status: hacking hunks off of a frozen loaf of pound cake. I should probably make some ice cream or something. Or maybe I’ll just polish off the cake…

  • Update: now I am drinking all the club soda so I can do that crazy egg separating thing so I can make earl grey ice cream.

  • What’s all this? club soda and egg separating? I’m confused.

  • Whoa now! That’s hilarious. I usually just let the white slide through my fingers and keep the yolk in my hand.

  • I usually use the egg shells, but this seemed too fun not to try.

  • Whoah! Now I want some reason to separate the whites from the yolks.

  • Oh man, that is seriously amazing. I AM IN AWE.

  • Food reviews: Smitten Kitchen buttermilk chicken, lifted from Nigella Lawson. 5. Not bad, not great. Not much effort.

    Alice Waters, fish baked in fig leaves: 8. Pretty rad! Smells like coconut. Oh hey, baby’s up. bbl

  • That egg separating thing looks neat, but it seems to assume that the yolks stay whole after breaking the eggs. I usually always have at least one runny yolk each time I do something with eggs.

    Earl Grey ice cream sounds good! But it’s stew season again now as far as I’m concerned. The best part about the weather getting colder is that we can do a chorizo-chickpea stew again on a regular basis.

  • I roasted a pork tenderloin last night, and it’s one of the best things I’ve ever made. Bittman recipe. But: during the initial cook, I seared the fucker off on a grill pan heated in a hot oven. Then, during the longer, lower cooking time, I had some beef stock simmering with a bunch of mushrooms, fresh parsley, and peppercorns in it that I basted with.

    Now I’m making mashed potatoes and instant stuffing, because why not.

  • That sounds fantastic, Biggins.

    Holy cow this earl grey ice cream is intense. Though I guess I should have expected that with 5 egg yolks.

    The egg yolk separating thing works well! And is fun. It separates them very cleanly, though, yes, you do need to not break the egg yolk. And I would use a thinner bottle next time — the seltzer bottle was pretty thick and so harder to control, so I broke one of the yolks. No big deal, but it ended up with a little white in it and meant I couldn’t really keep & clean the bottle. A regular water bottle would probably work best.

  • For dinner tonight I had:

    • a piece of toast with butter
    • an apple with peanut butter
    • some pepperoni

    I really need to get out of the house.

  • The mall by us is undergoing renovations in order to fancy itself up. This includes adding on a Cheesecake Factory, which is one of the best chain restaurants to go to if you want to feel like dying when your meal is over. The press stuff said it would open in October, but I just learned it opened two weeks ago! Now I must have a head-sized sandwich and a fruity drink in a ludicrous glass.

  • Wait, wait — How do I get a hairy Greek man in my kitchen? And does he come with a recipe for Greg Nog’s Goddamned Chicken Pot Pie Filling?

  • My kitchen is too small for an influx of hairy Greek men but I could do with a reprise of the recipe for Greg Nog’s Goddamned Chicken Pot Pie Filling too

  • Let’s have a separate recipe thread, starting with that. It’ll be like an online cookbook.

  • I’m making hushpuppies for a bacon cook-off that’s coming up soon! I made a test batch the other day (strictly speaking, a few test batches, and settled on my favorite), and I think they’re great! They have molten butter cores and crispy porkrind coating, and will be served with remoulade!

  • This ice cream is amazing, but after ripening it froze up just a tiny bit too hard, so next time I think I’ll add a shot of St. Germain.

  • I am having fancy-ass (not to be confused with fancy ASS steak) steak this eve with the mister. Thanks random dude who bought our broken car! You have given us the greatest gift of all: filet mignon and some cokes.

  • so what can i make out of about 25 zucchinis?

  • I made some kick-ass stewed beef (following my mother’s world-famous recipe) and Serviettenknödel this weekend. And some excellent walnut pie, too.

    Also, a lot of our herbs have died over the summer, but the lemon balm has been procreating like crazy, so I made syrup last week. Which is pretty cool, because our entire stock of elderflower syrup didn’t survive the summer either, so this is a worthy replacement for all the bottles we had to throw out. This belongs in drinks, not food, though, I guess.

  • ferguson said: What is chakalaka and may I call it boom chakalaka?

    I posted the recipe over at LPTJ.

    The local hummus company now makes a chakalaka hummus dip. I was deeply, painfully confused at this, and my g/f had great fun laughing at my look of apprehension and disgust when I learnt about it. The dip, of course, bears no resemblence to the real thing at all.

  • I have made chakalaka (and even made pap to go with it once) and like it!

    I have probably asked this before without success but if anybody has a tried and true recipe for Leberknoedelsuppe (Liver Dumpling Soup) could you head over to this other thread for recipes and post it? or post it here I don’t care. I was planning on making 10lbs of bratwurst for our Oktoberfest party this weekend but I’ve been given 25-30lbs of various German sausages—knackwurst, bratwurst, frankfurters—and it would be silly to make 10 more pounds so I figured I’d make Leberknoedelsuppe. Maybe not the best party dish but I haven’t had it in about 10 years so I’m due :)

  • This is really weird; why does the board think this thread was most recently updated on October 5th when I just posted in it 24 minutes ago?