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Happy Halloween!!!
  • Happy Halloween! I hope you are all having a good day! What is your costume? I am dressed as a spooky skeleton wearing a skin suit of a bored cubicle drone. SCARY

  • I went as a red under the bed, and was going to bring a bed made of cardboard boxes but it was too much hassle, and then the beds in the house I was at weren’t big enough for me to hide under. fascists

  • I dressed up as Lara Croft (not drag, just cool belts and shorts and stuff) and also I did a bad Serpico costume last week. It was fun, but doing Pacino’s ANNOYING nasally Serpico voice was too hard and super annoying.

  • I didn’t dress up (I oughta next year, but grownups mostly don’t here). E wanted to to go trick or treating as Gollum, but I said “no. you’ll just look like a kid wearing a nappy” and the thought about it for a bit and decided to dress up as Darth Vader. Good choice I reckoned. We went TorTing with about 15 other 5-6 year olds and had a blast!

  • It’s funny, but this is really the first year I’ve noticed actual children trick or treating on Australivisan streets. In St Kilda participating households make it extra obvious that they’re giving out treats (with over the top decorations and costumed adults conspicuously loitering on porches and in entryways). But still, it seems mostly an excuse for wankers to drink excessively and act like assholes.

  • I really, really hope that tradition won’t catch on in the Netherlands (or at least only in the Australian way, where you can opt in by putting up over-the-top decorations, and be left alone otherwise). I feel like I see slightly more people in costumes every year, but so far, people have been leaving me alone at home, at least.