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  • It’s eleven euros, which I guess doesn’t make it that big of a difference. I guess I will probably suck it up and cave in at some point; thanks for the offer though!

    (was also considering the bundle)

  • Listening to one of those Celer concerts (Greetings From Celer & Machinefabriek) this morning, and, well, they were really jolly good, weren’t they?

  • New one today! A third collaboration with Banabila, following the self-titled from 2012 and Travelog the following year. It’s called Error Log and is described as ‘glitchy’, ‘monolithic’ and ‘dystopian’. Which is just how I’m feeling right now.


    Lots in the pipeline: an 80 minute Dead Neanderthals live album, Buoyant (with Dirk Serries), and, brilliantly, Compendium, a collection of all those beautiful Machinefabriek/Celer singles a while back.


  • Just bought this today…


    Dirk Serries & Rutger Zuydervelt - Buoyant

    It’s made up of four pieces around the 10 minute mark, and is a nice blend of guitar drones, glitches and sundry effects. Slow and sweet.

    I now have 152 Machinefabriek-associated releases on my hard drive. It’s getting a bit silly.

  • Alex, Nick, Pat, what about we all team up as catsitters for Rutger this summer?

  • Ha, I certainly am tempted! One of you would have to the first couple of days, though!

  • I did consider it!

  • A couple of developments.

    pip ‘Slieperswaar’ is the latest album from the excellent Piiptsjilling. If spoken word Frisian poetry over gloomy electroacoustic backdrops is your cup of tea then this is really the only band for you.

    dos And hot off the press comes a new collaboration with a double bass player called Gonçalo Almeida, ‘Doze Ruínas’. Twelve short and sweep experiments in which Rutger burbles, farts and hisses all over said instrument. What could be finer? Only 3 euros too!


  • mf16

    What a brilliant start to 2016 this is. Hess is a percussionist who worked with Pan American amongst others, and here his various thumps, twangs and field recordings are looped and distorted by Zuydervelt into textures, drones and even some semblance of ghostly melody. In Machinefabriek terms, these tracks are positively ‘catchy’.

  • Still haven’t caught up with Rutger, but appreciating these updates! I revisited That It Stays Winter Forever the other night as part of my ongoing ‘randomly picking stuff to listen to from my record collection and loved it.

  • So that Re:Collecting release up there is still my favourite one this year, but here are a couple more recent releases…



    A couple of nice 20-minute drones



    A long piece based on unscrewing the plates from effects pedals and jigging around with the workings.

  • I was listening to dwaal the other day, super ominous

  • Something new from the Dutch maestro. This time a dynamic half hour piece with long-time collaborator Anne Bakker on scrapy see-sawing violin and, unusually, warbly vocals from Edita Kartkoschka. The first half floats about in (and is occasionally submerged by) soupy static and field recordings of creaking swings and howling wind, while whirring dentist drill electronics buzz in and out of the mix. It calms down at the midpoint where the spare vocal arrangements remind me of the Fonal vibe of someone like Islaja, or maybe another of Rutger’s old partners, Mariska Baars of soccer Committee. In the final part, a sad violin trudges off into the distance arm in arm with a droning low end.