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thread for mild annoyance
  • Thanks Jim, that’s really nice of you. The hotel room was indeed nice. I am now in Iowa, still tired, hungry again but about to be treated to dinner, so yay! I may have reason to chill in the Chicago area more in the future (about to post in job thread), so perhaps I will have the pleasure of meeting you one day!

  • I need more friends who aren’t married. Or at least friends who are willing to hang out without their husbands sometimes. I have a great group of girl friends, but I basically only see them in a group setting. I just want to go get a drink with a friend. Damn.

  • The chainsaw dudes came back and let a small tree fall on my fucking house. And then lied to my husband when he asked about it. Raaaage.

  • Morgan you and Mary should become friends that would be awesome

  • Tell her to get a drink with me tonight. :D

    (Honestly I’d love to be friends with Mary, she seems totally rad.)

  • She’s already in her pajamas

  • Are you on the Northside, still?

  • I am. Why, you wanna go for a drink? I HAVE A CAR!

  • I have to work at 7:30 am, but I could be up for hanging out this weekend!

  • Aw. Yeah, that would be cool. Also 7.30 is way too early to be conscious. I believe you have my phone number?

  • I’m so happy that there’s a potential hangout being organised in teh ‘annoyed’ thread :-)

    (annoyed that I can’t hang out)

  • Urgh I’m spending too much time on the internet. To be fair it’s been a hell of a last few days (defending a friend about some really nasty sexist stuff, helping out another friend with similar stuff, writing about child poverty), but it’s more the fact of my being online that depresses me. It’s a bit lonely, and I should be doing other stuff with my brain, and also I’ll look like such a dork who spends all her time on the internet.

    Also it’s raining tonight and I have nothing to do so I’m going to drink alone and either read Oscar Wilde or watch Days of Heaven. Hrrrf. Feeling a bit down on myself/my situation atm, though it’ll probably pass soonish.

  • Rain, a drink, and Oscar Wild: sounds kind of fabulous?

    mc that is insane about the tree. And then the lie!

  • “Arrange ribs in the pot, lieing flat, bones standing up, in one layer.”

    Has this person never seen a short rib? How can it both lay flat and be arranged standing up?

  • I am not really annoyed. Well, I am a little annoyed at myself, because I am confused, but we do not have a confused thread. So now I need to move to Des Moines, and I thought, “Well, that’s fine, I’ll just live downtown to ease the adjustment.” But absolutely all the available apartments downtown are these converted lofts with open floor plans and concrete floors, and see, I have these dogs, one of which is rather vocal about her hatred of moving, and that would just be a really loud echoey situation. I don’t need to put any more new neighbors through that, nor do I need to think about who my dog is terrorizing and to what extent while I am at work. She will settle in eventually, but in the interim, she cannot be reformed. I have tried pretty much literally everything.

    Luckily: it’s Des Moines! I have options! But once you get to the place where you’re not looking downtown, and you are looking at somewhat more detached options, all of a sudden you are seeing ads for like nine million square foot apartments and even small houses in your price range and my brain cannot process that kind of information. I don’t overmuch care at this point, I just want someone to give me any answer, which I will mark correct and then act upon. I know, major, major first world problems.

    Edit: Basically, I think I am officially in culture shock mode.

  • Ooh, get a small house! I know that what we paid for our house would buy us either a ten-bedroom mansion with a horse ranch in some places, or possible a single brick in a brownstone in Manhattan. It’s all America, but there are many nations.

    Would the small house also have a small yard?

  • B, “it’s all america but there are many nations” is brilliant and correct.

  • Would the small house also have a small yard?

    Some of the small houses have small yards and some of them have BIG yards, depending on where you look, and sometimes the owner keeps up the yard and sometimes you have to mow it and get rid of the snow. Which I have never done in my life, but hey, there’s a first time for everything. Also, sometimes the houses include certain utilities but sometimes they don’t and I imagine heating bills are a hell of a thing in Iowa.

  • Mowing is fun! The smell of fresh cut grass is one of my favorites.

    Shoveling snow isn’t as much fun

  • Most energy companies have a utility where you are able to look up past energy costs for particular residences.

  • EmJ said:

    Would the small house also have a small yard?

    Also, sometimes the houses include certain utilities but sometimes they don’t and I imagine heating bills are a hell of a thing in Iowa.

    Iowa gets as cold if not colder than the NYC area. The summers are just as hot, too.

  • Yeah, I’d go for a place that covers utilities if you can, especially if you get a whole house. Heating a one-bedroom apartment is one thing; heating a whole house is quite another. It can get pretty pricey.

  • Thanks guys! I very much appreciate the help! I am freaking out less now.

  • I guess this doesn’t belong in the annoyed thread because I am relieved, but to continue the conversation: I think I have an apartment! If they approve my application! Just one bedroom, thank goodness, in a super dog-friendly community where there are only four apartments in each building and the buildings are separated from each other, and there is a private dog run. And like a pool, and a fitness center, and some other crazy stuff. I’m a little nervous because it’s not an area that anyone showed me or talked about as being a good place to live, but an acquaintance who lives in Des Moines says it’s fine if bland, the crime rates are low, the essentials are there, and downtown is like a seven-minute bus ride away. They sent me some pictures. Fine. Done.

  • That sounds excellent! Congrats.

  • Thank you! The woman on the phone was so funny and sweet. She was like, “It’s not really new construction like some of the buildings over on the west side of town, we have these built-in medicine cabinets, you see,” and then she tried to explain to me what a medicine cabinet is.

  • that place sounds perfect :) good luck!

  • Cool. Great about the dog run :-)

  • phone broken. drnk. missin bf. he might not miss me. it’s silly cuz it’s only been like a day and it’s like nbd but i dunno. watever. it’s fine. I have a laptop. :(

  • // so he said he missed me too that’s cool. i believe him.

  • Giant shelf/cabinet thing fell out of the wall in my studio WOOOOO

    It put a big gash in my desk but didn’t break my computer or injure any people or animals, so that’s sort of OK, but ugh, what a pain.

  • lol all in bed lights off ready to sleep and step mom comes back to hotel room drunk, turns on all the lights, turns on espn loud as shit and starts talking to the tv about college football scores.

  • Em, I’m glad you got a place sorted out so quickly. It sounds nice.

  • Em, sounds like that place will be very good for you — small enough that it won’t be overwhelming, but also a positive place for your canine friend. Win-win.

    Also sounds like peacocks and mixedcats have had a crazy couple of days — have you found a way to fix the cabinet problem, mc?

  • We’re going to put L-brackets under the cabinet that’s still up on the wall for reinforcement. I am positive the one that’s up is screwed into a stud, so I’m not too worried about it. The one that fell down is going to stay down. I’ll replace it with smaller bracketed shelves.

    The desk is a modular Ikea table - you buy the top and legs separately - so I can buy a new top for $30 and reuse the legs I have. Just have to figure out when we can get down there again.