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  • Oh crap, hey, I’m heading to Chicago tomorrow! Will be there through Wednesday evening, wondering if the LPTJ/TNM-C crowd might be up for hanging maybe on Sunday or Monday evening? Kinda late notice, though to put it in perspective, I also don’t yet have a hotel for Sat/Sun, and am giving a talk on Tuesday that remains largely unwritten (yoink!). So even though I’m a mess, would be great to see people—and M’s coming too, if that’s any enticement, since she’s really a lot more fun to hang out with than I am.

  • welcome! let’s hang out! You have my cell # right?

    I saw that there was a feminist vampire movie playing at the Siskel center and thought, hey that sounds like Whit’s kinda thing. So if that’s not already the reason you’re coming, just thought you might like the heads up. http://www.siskelfilmcenter.org/agirlwalkshome

  • Yep, I do—and gaaah, I really want to see that, but suspect it’s just not in the cards for me this trip. Though thanks! Any pref between Sun/Mon? Think I’m flexible—though of course, I’m also wholly clueless here…

  • At the moment I think Sunday works better for me but if there’s a group thing I’ll try to be flexible.

  • come to milwaukee you dork

  • ADF said: (yoink!)


  • It took me a couple of seconds to get that. We’re not all that quick on wordplay here stateside

  • Likewise, but well played. In any case, looks like this is a go for tomorrow night if anyone’s interested: http://www.siskelfilmcenter.org/hogtown

    and Jim, super-interested in the other one too if there’s time!

    would love to hit MKE, kinda bummed that I’m not a better self-promoter because I have a friend in the film dept. there and could totally have pitched this as a scholarly roadshow. might be taking it to Oregon later this spring, but that’s such a long flight, ugh.