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Watching us watching you watching us watching you
  • Is there no photo thread yet?

    The Iveagh plinth:

    alt text

  • This is wonderful!

  • A watch him a watch me

  • Here are some random pictures:

    Labor Day, Bayview

    View from my office

    Awesome gator log

  • @jeb I love the colors in that second one

  • next paycheck I’m getting some chemicals to develop film so I can just do it at my house. I know b+w but I never tried developing color before. exciting!

  • That’s really cool! I would love to learn how to do all that stuff

  • glam spider


    spotted this on my ride home tonight

  • Jeb, that shot with the utility pole (which is awesome) reminded me of some trivia. You know what people who work on power lines call those cylindrical transformers you see in yr photo? Pole pigs.

  • My lady, me, coldforge, and my friend Yakov, after the bacon takedown!


  • Here I am, stuck in the middle with two clowns

    alt text

    No idea who they are. I just asked for a photo so I could show Iris the pink guitar. She was impressed!

  • Hello everyone. I just got back from my first ever real life paid vacation. I went to Big Bend National Park. Here are some pictures:

    tuff canyon
    A tuff canyon (geology pun)

    An overlook near Santa Elena Canyon

    A view of the Chisos Basin

    Part of the Chisos Mtns.

    That is my report about what I did last week.

    • by Dick, age 28.
  • Wow, fantastic!

  • Wow, that looks beautiful!

  • pants i love the spider web photo.

  • this whole page is great!

  • Before we left Newfoundland, Ben and I took a trip up the Northern Peninsula and over to the Labrador Straights. We went to Gros Morne National Park, then Red Bay (old Basque Whaling Colony) then to L’anse aux Meadows, where they found archeological evidence of the Vikings in North America. It was awesome.














  • God, what a beautiful place. I like the seabirds at the bottom of the viking picture!

  • Seconded. Awesome pictures.

  • WHOA! some of those middle ones remind me of the old jason and the argonauts movie with the mountains on either side of the water. I want to go to there!

    and wow bethany I didn’t know you were so strong!

  • The first published photo of a friend of mine who has won some competitions and long been delighting us with his feed. James Field-Mitchell trying "Fuel", 29 - Babylon

  • Eee nice. Where is that?

  • That is extremely cool.

    In the spirit of lightening my own mood, I shall now make fun of myself. In the course of running my little errands today, which occurred late in the day/evening, two men said they liked my hair, and then as I was taking my dogs on a late-night jaunt around the block, a slightly drunk girl stopped me and said she “wished she could pull that off” and asked what my “trick” was. I was really confused at this point, because first of all, I normally have fairly nondescript, uncommented-upon hair, and second of all, my trick consists of paying someone to please cut it shorter when it begins to annoy me and then hastily applying a sub-three-dollar styling cream in the morning. So when I got back inside I looked at the mirror and ascertained that today I had two extra special tricks that might have made those comments less than genuine, which were 1) I failed to shower on account of workmen in my bathroom all morning and after that I didn’t care, and 2) I believe I was anxiously putting my hands in my hair all day. The results were as follows:

    The weird facial expression is just ‘cause I apparently can’t look in the mirror and take a picture at the same time!

  • ha ha it is a really good hairstyle though

  • Jeez Em you’re cute as a bucket of buttons

  • Hoshi said: Eee nice. Where is that?

    In a spot where the Darran Mountains run along Milford Sound. A crag called Babylon. http://climbnz.org.nz/nz/si/fiordland/cleddau-river/babylon


  • Hoshi said: Jeez Em you’re cute as a bucket of buttons


  • Aw, well, thanks guys!

  • Both that it’s a good hairstyle and that you’re super cute, those things are both things that are true

  • ^^^ Serious. Truth.

  • everyone has accurate assessments!

  • em we basically have the same haircut

  • Everything on this page is pretty much golden!

  • Wistfully Taking In the Immensity of Nature: Image and video hosting by TinyPic

  • holy shit. that’s worthy of some 19th century sublime painting.

  • Here is where I spent most of the last week:

    From the Daintree

    Cattle & Cain

    (Tropical North Queensland)

  • how’d you do all the colors! Amazing! Yes! Yes!

  • 50% the natural beauty of Queensland, 50% instagram

  • Excellent photos, everyone. I want to go to all of these places, please.

  • Where’s the first one? I love it up there. Did you see any of my favourite road sign ever?

  • It’s a bit south of the Daintree rainforest.

    Let me guess—your favorite sign is cassowary crossing?

  • What Instagram filter is that it is so good

  • I don’t quite remember…maybe Valencia?

  • oh do you press the little sun in the bottom left hand corner? I just tried that on a picture this morning and it seemed to do a similar thing with the color, though of course not as vibrant as the pictures above.

  • is camera+ worth downloading?

  • On occassion I press the little sun. Sometimes it looks cool (I think I may have used it on the first image), but sometimes it looks overly sharpened and weird. For the first image I like how it ended up looking like a postcard from the 1940s…

  • yes me too

  • swans

    more good shots from the ride home

  • Loch Ness monsters?