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How about a little tank n’ spank: gaming thread
  • I forget, anyone else play WoW or any other MMORPGs? The other half and I bought a Retron 3 today, along with the Ghostbusters game for NES. Haven’t played it yet, has anyone here?

  • No MMOs for me, though I once installed that DC Universe one and played for about four seconds before uninstalling.

    I haven’t played any games in a while. I think it’s just due to, like, summertime awesome funtimes, but I’m kind of like that. I’ll go through spells where I play a lot, and then it’ll be months without. I still haven’t beaten Portal 2. Or Fallout: New Vegas, for that matter, which I had started before my Xbox got stolen, and then bought for PC and never yet installed it.

  • So just played the Ghostbusters NES game… Wow, it’s terrible. I should have gone with BurgerTime.

  • I played Arkham Horror with a couple of people last night. It was a lot of fun! The first tabletop game I’d played in years, board- or otherwise. I was a little intimidated by the seeming complexity of it at first just b/c it had been so long but I actually picked it up super quick and had a really good time the whole ~4 hours. Would definitely play it again.

  • I was thinking about mario bros 3 three the other day and got kind of scared. I mean you’re traveling through these worlds right, and each world you go to eventually you end up trapped in a small dark room with nothing but you and a monster and you have to fight it. Damn. Also the hand that grabs you.

  • I played Arkham Horror with a couple of people last night. It was a lot of fun! The first tabletop game I’d played in years, board- or otherwise. I was a little intimidated by the seeming complexity of it at first just b/c it had been so long but I actually picked it up super quick and had a really good time the whole ~4 hours. Would definitely play it again.

    Awesome dude! My wife and I are wanting to play this again with some people. Game is real fun.

    Last night we played Carcassonne with a friend while drinking coffee, it was really nice.

  • Arkham Horror sounds like a lot of fun, I’ve always wanted to play it.

    My wife found this game Barbarossa at the thrift store. Though it’s got a board game structure (involving dragons and elves for some reason), the actual point of the game is to make objects out of modeling clay, and have the other players guess what they are without making it too easy or too hard. It’s pretty neat.

  • I’m partway through:

    • Xenoblade Chronicles (nice newish Japanese RPG with friendly game systems, an awesomely OTT and affecting story, and ridiculously lovely and interesting environments. At the moment we’re in a pretty dull and longwinded area though, which is why I’ve stalled)
    • Fallout: New Vegas (happily just pottering around in this every so often because after playing FO3 twice it’s basically just a chance to play the same game some more)
    • Shadow of the Colossus (PS2 game spruced up for PS3 re-release, pretty epic in scale)
    • God Hand (PS2 game similar to Bayonetta in craziness, set in the wild west, difficult, daft, complex fighting and idiotic story)

    I’m not playing any of them because I’m addicted to Street Fighter 4 and Marvel vs Capcom 3.

    I kind of want to get Minecraft because I have xbox points burning a hole in my virtual wallet, and I kind of want to get Virtua Fighter 5: Final Showdown for the same reason, but I won’t play either because I’m addicted to Street Fighter 4 and Marvel vs Capcom 3.

  • I just started playing Borderlands 2 but it makes me want to vomit so I need to figure out how to get my money back from Steam. I’m done with Diablo III having done everything except for Inferno Diablo and I don’t really feel like grinding til the point that I can get there.

    IRL, I started up a D&D group again as the DM. We played our second session the other day and my players hit level 2. Maybe I can make a thread about their adventures?

  • /double post

  • I have D3 but have yet to start it. WoW put out MoP last week - it’s okay, and now you have to level to 90, which I’m not too down with.

  • I got a gamestop gc for my bday and i’m pretty sure it’s a $50 jobber and the one thing I really wanted to get was Mass Effect 3 and that’s down to like $20 now so I guess I gotta figure out what other cheap games to get

    I also got an Amazon GC and preordered Halo 4 ‘cause I’m a tool.

  • DCDave said

    IRL, I started up a D&D group again as the DM. We played our second session the other day and my players hit level 2. Maybe I can make a thread about their adventures?


  • weren’t we going to skype D&D way back when?

  • I remember that. I totally have a video camera on my laptop now too.

  • Diablo 3 is basically pointless to play at this point if you planned on ever doing anything online because even me at 60(17) is so far behind everyone else.

  • God help me, I started getting interested in MOBAs (DOTA/ League of Legends). The community are a bunch of foul-mouthed immature teenagers (who are the only people with enough free time to excel at it) but the gameplay is so intricate and interesting, I don’t know if I can resist.

  • If it’s anything like the Street Fighter community (and I suspect it kind of is, given how many top SF players have started playing those games too) then you’ll be able to find yourself a nice little sub-community somewhere that’s not totally obnoxious for the sake of it.

    Be wary, though, for I have heard tales of these games and their death grip on all that you used to work towards. A couple of months ago it was a bit of a running joke when SF players did badly in tournament that “man, I need to uninstall LoL…”

  • I’m quite tempted to buy one of those XBLA sega reissues this week, either Nights or Jet Set Radio. Never played either of them, but I really longed for a Saturn when Nights came out and JSR just looks really pretty.

  • I don’t play WoW, but I just read this and now I’m fascinated:

    Entire Cities Dead on Certain Realms

    All those bones

    (btw, “Entire Cities Dead on Certain Realms” would be an awesome song title.)

  • Yup, WoW was hacked (so the rumor goes on the discussion forums) and everything was down for a few hours on Sunday. Many nerds were PISSED.

    (i will write that song with you)

  • I brought up the idea w/ Scott (formerly of Dear Astronaut), and he liked the idea of us only getting together a couple of times a year to write like two long songs and release them as an EP.

  • “Entire Cities Dead on Certain Realms” would of course be one of those

  • Man, I was lookin’ for a game thread before I made my Dark Souls thread but I couldn’t find it. Silly me.

    Hey guys, I’ve been playing Dark Souls! Everyone should play Dark Souls.

  • Mechwarrior Online is the shit, especially if you are an Asperger Kerensky who used to play Battletech tabletop.

  • Been playing that Minecraft on Xbox this weekend. It lured me in - I didn’t realise the demo was time-limited and I was halfway through doing, well, not much of anything to be honest, but it was all very pleasant. I like that you can make a jukebox and there appear to be random records lying around.

    Also been playing a lot of Marvel vs Capcom 3.

  • Bought final fantasy 3 (err, VI, or whatever) for Wiiware and have been playing that all week. Still a super fun game. My friend let me borrow Skyward Sword and I have been noodling around on that. It is fun, but I have yet to ever beat ocarina of time (wiiware versions), twilight princess or spirit tracks for ds (or wind waker, for that matter), so maybe I just don’t like Zelda games anymore? I guess I’ll just keep at it…

  • Beat my first game of XCOM. It’s a very, very worthy update of the original, and for a while there made me incapable of doing anything except playing more XCOM. There are some things from the original I’d like to have seen (aliens assaulting your base, for instance), but I’d say all of the things it added to the game—the skill system for troopers, the new movement system—are unqualified successes, and it’s a hell of a lot of fun to play.

    People complain about it being hard, which it is. But largely it’s an issue of people not wanting to lose any of their troops during a mission. This is a mistake. Roll with the punches—the game is a lot more fun that way.

    (There are still some ‘noob-traps’—suboptimal play which no experienced player will indulge in but which is available for new players to fall in to—especially not ramping up your earning potential by launching and protecting satellites. Most games have these, especially ones with rich systems like XCOM does, and it’s no worse at this than most any other game. In conclusion, if you’re playing XCOM, don’t concentrate on your ‘ground game’ too much and sink all your resources into equipping your troops: revenue and research are the most important things.)

  • I am considering playing a video game soon! It’s been like… 18 months, maybe? What should I get for Xbox? Last few games I really enjoyed were LA Confidential, Portal 2, Fallout: New Vegas. I like big immersive games with high production values, but I often have trouble finishing stuff.

  • Everyone who likes that kind of stuff is going crazy about that Dishonored game at the moment, maybe you’d like that.

  • Marinus convinced me that I should play the Walking Dead game. Is that available on XBox?

  • Yes. https://www.telltalegames.com/walkingdead/

    It’s an adventure game, so mainly you’re just making your way through the narrative, interacting with the world, and making gut-wrenching decisions. It’s split into 5 episodes, of which the 4th just came out (the last one is due next month). The first episode can be downloaded for free at the above address if you want to give it a trial run.

  • So glad that XBox arcade and Steam have brought back the adventure game.

  • Just started playing XCOM when I got back. Really, really fun.

    I don’t know, I don’t find it very difficult, even on the harder settings. As Marinus says the macro game is a mindless resource-shepherding/research grind, and in the tactical portion I very rarely lose units unless I do it intentionally for purposes of dramatic tension (Lt. Rivera, your sacrifice at the alien base will forever be remembered).

    But then I cut my teeth playing Terror From the Deep (famously more difficult than the original X-Com) when I was 12 or so.

    Has anyone actually played Dishonored? I considered playing that first, but I have a nearly two-decade old relationship with the X-Com franchise, so I had loyalties to satisfy first.

  • I kind of want to, but I never end up liking those kinds of games as much as everyone else.

    The other game I’m intrigued by at the moment is Chivalry, which just looks like hilarious fun.

    I’ll probably just play Dark Souls again next time I need a Street Fighter break.

  • Well, @Dick, if Terror from the Deep is your standard, then there is nothing in the world which could scare you.

    Finishing a game of XCOM2012 makes me really want to dig into the original again.

  • Some parties (like Dick, but I’m sure he already knows) may be interested in the interview of Tarn Adams of Dwarf Fortress fame on Roguelike Radio. http://www.roguelikeradio.com/2012/10/episode-49-interview-with-tarn-adams.html

    Very good and in depth, but I’d have liked some mention of Liberal Crime Squad, which is actually a hell of a lot of fun and has been name-checked on that podcast before.

  • Anyone play SpaceChem? I don’t play a lot of puzzle games, but I downloaded the demo and am now hopelessly addicted.

  • Man, did I ever play SpaceChem! Steam tells me I put in 36 hours, and I still was quite a way from finishing it before I burnt out after marathon sessions. When you beat one of the harder puzzles it makes you feel like you deserve a Nobel Prize, which is a great quality in a puzzle game. I recommend it wholeheartedly.

  • fuckin milly and thermo and I just got into an hour or so of killin, halo 4 style. good stuff. Xbox360 dudes, come out and play with us sometime

  • I wish I could get into shooters! I am not twitchy enough for that shit!

    Lately: Dead Space 2, Rainbow Moon, Need for Speed, King of Fighters XIII.

    I didn’t have any fun with the first episode of Walking Dead, but I think that has more to do with the fact that I don’t enjoy the Walking Dead as a franchise/world than as a game.

  • I got that KOF13 and played it for about half an hour - before inevitably getting an invitation from a friend to play some SF4 - and really liked what I saw! The art is lovely, right down to the sound effects of footsteps on wooden floors. I never learned to play it or even how to use any of the characters but it’s pretty fun to watch, too.

    I may return.

    This week I’ve been playing Dark Souls, which is the second best game.

  • I feel like I’m not brave enough for dark souls.

  • I don’t think it’s necessarily scary. Hateful, confusing, demoralising and at times upsetting, yes. Gruelling and time-consuming too.

    Also magnificent.

  • Oh, I don’t mean I’d be scared. I’m just a fairly unskilled gamer, and I am easily demoralized.

  • I may have used this comparison before when talking about this game, but I think it becomes a lot less threatening if you think about it like one of the old Mario games - yes, you are going to need to fall down holes and get hit by stuff an awful lot before you’re able to run through a level, but that falling and getting hit and losing progress is just part of the game. Sometimes it’s still annoying because you’re so close to finishing something and you die in a stupid way, or get killed by something that you couldn’t have seen coming, but that’s fine. At some point you’ll fly though the thing, cleverer than anything the game can throw at you.

    Plus and also: the world in which all of this takes place is just beautiful - intricate and clever and interesting. The first time you realise that you’re walking across an area you previously thought was just part of the background art for a previous level is a revelation; when it keeps happening, and you realise that the whole game world is interconnected and whole and solid, and you look up at that clouded sky hiding who knows what kind of sun and realise how very small you are as you wander this earth destroying its whole mythology one unexpected monster at a time, it becomes not just a game - still a game as well, sure, but also a lesson which it might take some time to fully unravel.

    I’m kind of into it.

    Also, if you suck you can spend time farming currency in various places to bump up your character’s abilities, or you can play online to get help from other people so you’re not going through it alone.

  • jamesschneider said: I wish I could get into shooters! I am not twitchy enough for that shit!

    fwiw Halo is less twitchy than most shooters. Though Halo 4 multi seems faster-paced than some of the previous versions.

    We had a great time anyway. ex-LPTJer girl popped in for a bit just to chat via XBox Live party, though she apparently refuses to buy the game. Somebody else in this group was a Halo hater IIRC, was it you alistair? or Chet? Somebody I thought.

    Get Halo 4 and play with us dooooooo iiiiiiiiiiiiit

  • Chet hates Halo because he doesn’t understand. I like it but I haven’t got the new one. I ended up playing less Reach than I expected and I guess I don’t feel ready to abandon it yet. Though I haven’t played it at all in a couple of months.

  • I’m feeling convinced on Dark Souls. Will pick that up once I’m through Dead Space 2.

    No halo for me, I’m a PS3 guy, no xbox to play on.

  • Don’t be afraid to look up a bit of help with Dark Souls if you’re struggling at any point, but do try to restrict yourself to only looking for help after you’ve had an honest try at whatever it is that’s causing problems. As with life you get out of it whatever you put in. If you want vague pointers at any point to make sure you’re heading in the right direction then feel free to post up and I’ll happily direct without telling you the answer.