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My daughter’s five. What’s that mean? My daughter’s daughter is already rich. (Hip Hop + R&B)
  • back in the saddle again!

    thought i’d bring some r&b to the hip hop thread and i’m listening mostly to the-dream right now.

    his free album, 1977 came out a couple months ago (under his government name), and i think Love IV is due this quarter.

  • oh shit it just works like magic! sorry for all of the videos…

  • I LIKE VIDEOS. I think great music threads are made up of mostly videos that I can just click on and listen to while I do other stuff on the ‘net. For some reason (laziness) I’m more inclined to do that than to follow links. yayyayaya!

  • then here’s the great triptych from Love King, “Yamaha,” “Nikki Pt. 2,” and “Abyss”

    in the old thread ak mentioned his penchant for sad gangstas. i have a penchant for sad epic r&b. dream’s best tracks are probably the dark ones. “tell your boy at US Weekly i sent your pictures to TMZ”

  • the dream is awesome

  • yessss. my inner bitter r&b singer always liked this one the best. Heavy stuff.

    is Love IV actually coming out? I felt like it was going to be one of those lost albums..

    also: lala I miss karaoke

  • no i think he’s been pretty up front about its release. it’s funny how people get about certain artist’s releases. it’s only missed one release date (august), so it’s not as though it’s been perpetually pushed back.

    it seems like love iv is going to have a lot more features, and sparser production, more vocal harmonies as well.

    also… miguel! does anyone have the art dealer series?

  • The piano on “Dope Bitch” is very Dr. Dre, and the chorus harmonies feel like Quincy Jones to me. I like playing spot-the-influence with The-Dream, he’s so clearly a devoted student of the genre.

  • haha I love the total :( on this guy’s face in the youtube screencap up above.

  • Blucas wrote

    God bless Death Grips

    This is the most amazing thing that I read all day

    I didn’t even see the album cover at first. I just thought the story was awesome, about how they released the record for free without telling their label, etc.

    And then I heard Mary laughing uncontrollably in the other room, and I went to investigate, and she just pointed at the album cover.

  • update: the-dream is never not wearing a cap. he could have LITERALLY ANYTHING under there. and how do you quote?

  • Make a greater-than symbol

    If you want to add in the “____ wrote” part, you follow it with a hashtag. Each hashtag you add decreases the size of the font, so for that quote it looked like this:

    (>)(####Blucas wrote)
    God bless Death Grips

    Only without the parentheses

  • okay thanks. i remember when death grips signed and i wondered why the hell they would do such a thing. now we know. proverbial shit stirrers, those.

  • now i’m officially the guy who just posts dream videos.

    the second half makes me almost fall out of my chair every time. pretty sure that the radio killa sound is the most influential thing in music right now and for the past five years. and it shows no signs of letting up. just noticed that in “rockin that thang” at the part where the beats drops out and he says “okay i’m lyin, but damn you fine” after that he says “and ummm” until the beat kicks back in ha ha.

  • Miguel is my new crush

  • Miguel is my new crush

    me 2

  • yes, miguel

    i like hugs

  • Now why, since iOS 6 deleted YouTube as an app, can I watch these embedded videos but not embedded youtube videos on other sites?

  • html5? technobabble?

    oh and kaleidoscope dream leaked.

  • love this sooo much.

    1. Action Bronson is great
    2. This video is shot in Milwaukee, and features a Milwaukee rapper, Dana Coppafeel, who is pretty okay
    3. I wish it were Juiceboxxx instead
    4. I fucking hate Riff Raff so much and I think he pretty much ruins every track he’s on
  • Dana Copafeel needs some sun

  • feel the opposite about riff. but i haven’t heard a solo track of his that i like. such a wonderful beat on that.

  • Maybe I just don’t get it?

  • from that and one other riff track i’ve heard (which i think was also one you posted, jeb), i’m not a fan. and just looking at him makes me feel kinda skeezy. i kinda liked dana coppafeel.

    but i think i need to be listening to more action bronson.

  • jeb said: Maybe I just don’t get it?

    i don’t know that there’s anything to get. i think that people felt that way about lil b, but then they just kinda threw their hands up and started vibing with it, and found that it made sense from that perspective. i might just be speaking for myself here though.

    not to get all _______, but hip hop now seems to be so fractured that anything could be a joke or dead serious. and the stuff that i’m attracted to is the jokes that are taken seriously enough to be done well and creatively.

    i really love riff’s presence on everything, he just elevates it, brings a sort of absurdity and loudness. anyway. at first people felt like it was a put on, and maybe it is, but i feel that it’s just his style and whatever, it’s funny as hell.

  • The very tenor of his voice drives me crazy. I just can’t stand it. Not to mention that I feel like his rhymes, while occasionally clever, are mostly just logorrhoea

  • sure. but remember, a lot of people felt that way about wayne.

    (of course keeping in mind that all weird up and comers nowadays get compared to wayne…)

    and again not to work in broad strokes, but once you figure out that 90% of hip hop is shit talking and bragging, then as an emcee you want to do that as best and as differently as possible. i mean “diamonds on my binder, in fourth grade i was immaculate”? that’s choice. especially ‘cause for me, most of the truly on point boastful shit you can say on a beat should be on some weirdest kid in fourth grade level simplicity/complexity blend.

    also, probably most importantly, riff has helped me to discover that i am the rap game norm abram.

  • His cadence (and his corny punchlines) always remind me more of 2 Chainz than anyone else, actually.

  • Going on that track I think he sounds fine, but I kinda wish I’d never seen what he looked like, because: fucking ridiculous.

  • speaking of, has anyone read this http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/How_to_Rap

    and did you hear to pharoahe’s last record? how was it?

  • You know, I never really checked it out. I ought to.

  • me either :/ i heard it was a return to form or somesuch, but people always say that about pharaohe, so it’s hard to figure.

  • bossalinis leaked and is very good.

  • fitzhugh said: me either :/ i heard it was a return to form or somesuch, but people always say that about pharaohe, so it’s hard to figure.

    The thing about people in his lane is that you’ll always get a huge influx of New York stans talking about how the new one is a “return to form” and “real hip-hop” no matter how good or bad the album is. See Nas.

  • but hey! Life is Good was, like, actually good!

  • naw dogg

  • This whole Gunplay-getting-arrested thing has me really feeling down.

  • well, his name is gunplay. more interestingly, 50 cent has his chain… the plot thickens.

  • 50 has his chain ‘cause like eight G-Unit goons jumped him. The video is pretty crazy, he gets knocked down but then he jumps up like the Tazmanian Devil.

  • i’m just amazed at how dramatically and effectively 50 manages to reinsert himself into the conversation every couple of years. see also that beef with ross back in ‘09.

  • This is an extension of that, of course. Gunplay is part of MMG, and probably has a longer association with Ross than anyone else on the label.

    Kendrick Lamar continues his run of amazing goddamn songs.

    Weirdly, however, neither this nor “Cartoon & Cereal” are going to be on Good Kid Mad City.

  • oh of course. it’s just so inventive though. that was such a dead beef. like who cares at all (not just in a broader sense, but even in a worldstar hip hop sense). but here we are.

    re kendrick: we don’t even know yet what he may have chosen over these two tracks for the final tracklisting. gotta trust until we hear the product. even though “cartoons and cereal” is maybe…a bit of a contemporary classic. is that a stretch? i have a hard time seeing another track doing what that one does as well as it does. maybe it’s too alienating for a major label hip hop release?

    also, make sure you stylize that album title, bruh.

  • There’s a new Coup video:

  • Ah, thanks, I saw Boots bombard twitter with that but forgot to go back and actually watch it. I’m not 100% sold, withholding judgment until I hear the album.

    Also, I think I am the only one here who likes Young Dro, but Ralph Lauren Reefa is really, really good. It’s probably the most consistent thing he’s put out, and I’m sure Burn One’s involvement had something to do with that. Dro’s penchant for goofy punchlines (hell, entire goofy concept-verses) is one of my favorite things. I mean, the man rhymes “pterodactyl” with “tabernacle” at one point.

  • I dl’d but haven’t yet listened. Must.

  • Blucas said: Ah, thanks, I saw Boots bombard twitter with that but forgot to go back and actually watch it. I’m not 100% sold, withholding judgment until I hear the album.

    The video is goofy but I think the song is good.

    Then again having a totally unhip fat middle-aged guy who doesn’t listen to a lot of rap like their music may not be what they’re going for, I dunno

  • Now twitter tells me Dro is doing something with Block Beattaz? YES PLEASE