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Scrobble that year, y’all
  • Cuz tradition. (Incidentally, this is a lot easier to do than it used to be. Just click on Top Artists from your profile and when you get to the next screen, you can set the date range by clicking on the red text on the right side of the screen — it probably defaults to “Last 7 days.”)


    John Zorn because this was the year I discovered avant garde jazz. Most of this, but maybe just over half, was the Masada stuff, which I now count among my favorite pieces of music, period.

    Yo La Tengo because I’m getting ever older and so are they.

    The Jesus & Mary Chain because a little less than a year ago, I decided they finally deserved a place in my all-time top, I dunno, 25 favorite bands?

    It was a big year for Simon Joyner and I.

    Black Rebel Motorcycle Club because there’s a lot of it, and it sounds more like Jesus & Mary Chain than other bands that aren’t Jesus & Mary Chain, except maybe Crocodiles (#59).

    Casper & The Cookies because the new/old drummer’s gotta learn the new songs!

    Frank Sinatra because there were lots of Wee Small Hours nights. This is one of them, actually. First of 2016!

    It was the year I discovered Cass McCombs.

    Ryan Adams is a heavy hitter for Davy in his 30s.

    Pavement returns to the top 10! Pretty impressive.

    Other notables. Dave Douglas is unsurprisingly the highest-ranked jazz man outside of John Zorn. I really enjoyed his records this year.* I finally started listening to Leonard Cohen’s lyrics, and wow, yeah, shoulda done that earlier. Happy to see some oldies round out the top 25: Wheat, Grandaddy, Danzig (actually a bit of a surprise, there), Blur…good dudes, all.

    On the flip side of the coin, if you were to ask me how it is that I only listened to 15 Machines of Loving Grace songs this year (probably their lowest total since 1992), or just 10 Boz Scaggs songs … well, I wouldn’t have a satisfactory answer for you. There’s always 2016.

    • In case you’re wondering — I was — Vijay Iyer Trio was #27, Erik Friedlander was #38, Skalpel was #41, Thomas Chapin was #50, Jim Black was #58, Miles Davis and Ramsey Lewis Trio were #60 & #61, Charlie Parker was #67, The Bad Plus was #80, Jimmy Smith was #97, Floratone was #98, and Monk was only #112, though I’m not sure how that’s accurate.
    1. B.B. King (264)
    2. Afghan Whigs (154)
    3. Johnny Cash (152)
    4. …And You Will Know Us by the Trail of Dead (129)
    5. Lucinda Williams (124)
    6. Custard (122)
    7. Aphex Twin (120)
    8. Kristin Hersh (119)
    9. Run the Jewels (107)
    10. Swans (105)
    11. Radiohead (102)
    12. Air (87)
    13. Alela Diane (85)
    14. Lady Lamb (84)
    15. Autechre (83)
    16. John Lee Hooker (80)
    17. Richard Thompson (79)
    18. Tom Waits (77)
    19. Guided By Voices (75)
    20. Robert Pollard (74)
    21. Bad Brains (72)
    22. Otis Redding (68)
    23. Torres (68)
    24. Angel Olsen (68)
    25. Throwing Muses (65)
    26. The Clean (62)
    27. Sarah Harmer (61)
    28. The Magnetic Fields (60)
    29. Elliott Smith (58)
    30. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (58)

    Not a single new discovery in there!

    • 1) Panda Bear (319)
    • 2) Pye Corner Audio (249)
    • 3) Bob Marley & The Wailers (221)
    • 4) Benoit Pioulard (217)
    • 5) Nicolas Jaar (216)
    • 6) Jefre Cantu-Ledesma (207)
    • 7) The June Brides (201)
    • 8) Bob Dylan (189)
    • 9) Otto A.Totland (174)
    • 10) Luna (165)
    • 11) Colleen (158)
    • 12) Alva Noto (149)
    • 13) Keith Hudson (149)
    • 14) R.E.M. (138)
    • 15) Machinefabriek (134)
    • 16) Paul de Jong (133)
    • 17) Twenty-One Pilots
    • 18) Jon Brooks (112)
    • 19) Chihei Hatakeyama (108)
    • 20) Tim Catlin & Machinefabriek (105)
    • 21) Scientist (102)
    • 22) Robyn Hitchcock (101)
    • 23) Animal Collective (100)
    • 24) The Cure (96)
    • 25) Autechre (94)
    • 26) Helm (94)
    • 27) Goldmund (94
    • 28) Vatican Shadow (92)
    • 29) Visionist (87)
    • 30) Joanna Newsom (86)

    Mine has a few similarities to my year end list ~ Panda Bear, Nico Jaar, Pye Corner Audio, Colleen and Jefre Cantu-Ledesma, Alva Noto Paul de Jong were all high in my best of 2015.

    Machinefabriek gets on there twice, along with other ever-presents like Chihei Hatakeyma, Autechre and Animal Collective.

    Reggae has less of a showing than last year, but in Bob Marley, Keith Hudson and Scientist, 3 of the big guns still make it. What can I say, we didn’t have much of a summer here this year.

    The June Brides and Luna are high because I was revisiting in readiness for a concert (the first of which was attended by fewer than 30 middle-aged men and the latter of which I ended up missing because I had to go to Algeria).

    Twenty-One Pilots is actually there because it’s one of my daughter’s favourite bands and I sometimes forget to turn off the lastfm plug-in when we put it on. Having said that, I secretly love that Blurrydace album and am looking forward to seeing them at the Brixton Fridge in February. Andrew would have understood. R.E.M. and The Cure are also a bit over-represented as they are family friendly all-round favourites. Sometimes Hyejung won’t put up with Black Dice while we’re having dinner, and I can’t say I blame her.

    Nice to see Otto Totland there. Pino was by far my favourite record of 2014 and has pushed aside Goldmund’s Cordury Road as my go-to mellow solo piano album.

    God knows why Dylan is up there. I think I must have fallen asleep with john Wesley Harding on repeat one evening.

    Further down, a la davy, some random additional mentions go to Marc Almond (#31), The Human League (#87) and The Sisters Of Mercy (#100). Apparently I listened to The Monkees 15 times and The Bhundu Boys 10 times, both of which need to be addressed in 2016.

  • 1 Dick Diver 323

    2 Twerps 239

    3 Danzig 216

    4 Opeth 209

    5 David Bowie 208

    6 Tindersticks 197

    7 Low 181

    8 Joanna Newsom 177

    9 Bad Religion 168

    10 Blur 167

    11 Ryan Adams 155

    12 Deerhunter 154

    13 Neil Young 152

    14 NOFX 151

    15 Lower Dens 147

    16 Led Zeppelin 145

    17 The Sisters of Mercy 144

    18 Fugazi 144

    19 Royal Headache 143

    20 Siouxsie and the Banshees 138

    21 Spoon 132

    22 Pixies 128

    23 Guns N’ Roses 128

    24 Sonic Youth 125

    25 The Cure 121

    26 Misfits 121

    27 Grass Widow 115

    28 Isis 114

    29 Kendrick Lamar 111

    30 Cass McCombs 108

    2015 was the year I got (forgive the pun) deep into Dick Diver. Culminating in seeing them for the 2nd time on Boxing Day. It started with the “No Name Blues” 7”, a lament for the working class Australia of yesteryear backed with a cover of an excellent track by an Aboriginal band. If there is any modern equivalent to the Go-Betweens, it’s Dick Diver.

    I listened to a lot of metal during the winter, which is where the Danzig, Opeth, and Isis came from. Neurosis is a few slots down as well. Tindersticks also figured heavily in the winter months and I expanded upon “Curtains” with Tindersticks (I) and Tindersticks (II).

    Bad Religion and NOFX have a lot of plays because I secretly listen to heaps of pop punk (and Guns N Roses) in the summertime.

    I’ve been listening to Fugazi for almost 25 years, but 2015 was the year I really got into listening to Fugazi records other than “Repeater”, especially “13 Songs” which seems to be the consensus favorite. “Steady Diet of Nothing” and “Red Medicine” also got some spins.

    And, as with Davy, I discovered Cass Mccombs in 2015 as well. I found “Catacombs” at the library and took it home on a whim. I was kind of obsessed with the song “Morning Star” for a while as well.

  • i forget how to add images to posts, so here’s an uploaded file: http://i.imgur.com/MKIWbJJ.png

    my scrobbling really only gets logged when i am listening to music while working on my desktop, and mainly i do photo editing there. and as such, i tend to listen to bands i’ve shot, which is why bands like Van Halen and My Morning Jacket are on there (not that i don’t like them, btw). not sure that i listened to taht much RTX though, i don’t remember that!

  • I’d be surprised if Bowie doesn’t top my chart this year.