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  • I’ve only just heard the news and I’m surprised by how upset I am. I don’t really know what I want to say, except to acknowledge that I am simultaneously sad that he is gone and awe-struck by the manner of his going.

    Of all the many many tributes and eulogies, this one from Momus hit me hardest.


  • Thanks for that, Nick. Man, I never know what to make of these celebrity deaths. I have a hard time making the same connections with a celebrity that would allow me to actually mourn for them in any kind of meaningful way. That said, it was a rather shocking (no warning) and dramatic (releasing a record and video days before). The song “Blackstar” is fantastic though. That and “Where are we now” are up there with anything the man has ever done.

  • I think if someone had asked me how I’d feel if Bowie died, I wouldn’t have understood the question. Bowie…dead? I would have said I was a pretty big fan before, but I’m more into his music than I realised. That might sound like something that’s easy to think now, but the deaths of Lou Reed, Elliott Smith, Joe Strummer and George Harrison among others didn’t make me appreciate their music any more than I already did, and didn’t need to. Perhaps it’s because Bowie sort of crept up on me, whereas I could practically tell you where I was the moment those others “clicked” for me.