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NYC folks advise me!
  • What are some fun things I could do with my wife on a trip to NYC, staying for several days at a way-too-expensive hotel at the south end of Central Park? All I can think of is things I want to eat. Also, is there some kind of trick to getting tickets to say a Broadway show on the cheapish? Everything there seems so friggin expensive

  • I’d still very much like to hear from anyone who has any suggestions for this trip. The trip is in the end of May.

  • Still here! I mean, not as often as I’d like, but I believe in the power of a message board.

    South end of Central Park is near Trump Tower, so you could take flipping-the-bird shots of that. The NYC food scene is kind of overwhelming really; M finds it stressful to navigate and I usually just default to my two favorite Isaan Thai places (Larb Ubol near Penn Station/walkable for you; Zabb Elee in Lower East Side). But obviously if there’s anything specific and obscure you’re interested in, it’s here somewhere. If you hit her up on FB, she’ll probably have better ideas (there’s a hipstery but good Szechuan {IIRC} place that had the Twin Peaks theme playing when we went there, probably a good NYC-dining kind of thing).

    Most of the LPTJNYC crew has dispersed, sadly, though I’d imagine Illest Waffle is still around somewhere.

    The newish High Line is kinda neat, though touristy and miserably crowded on weekends.

    It occurs to me that my idea of fun things has mostly contracted to attending repertory film screenings by myself, so even though I love NYC, I’m having trouble thinking of anything to recommend. 2017 is kind of a bad-headspace year, for obvious reasons.

    I know nothing of Broadway, but a theater friend suggested this: http://www.broadwaybox.com/

    And you can rent citybikes and there are plenty of bike lanes. Oh, and Central Park is nice to just walk around in, too!