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I went out last night and saw a band
  • For the first time in ages, we went out to see some friends doing their thing, launching a CD and what-have-you. It was great. I don’t know why I don’t do it more often! (Actually I do know why I don’t do it more often, but we’re working on that.)

    Here’s an old sample…

  • Should we have one thread for shows you saw and upcoming?

    Anyway, I got tix for the Goblin show tonight. They had sold out last time I tried but that was early bird tix only it turns out. Goblin will be playing the whole of Suspiria including use of the largest pipe organ in the southern hemisphere. I’m awfully excited about this.

  • Fiona Apple was pretty great, but she ended her set with a cover nobody knew and then didn’t come out for an encore, so it didn’t exactly end with a bang. :-/

    And no Limp. :(

  • The Afghan Whigs were fantastic last night. We were surrounded by people who had flown in from Austin, Atlanta and Los Angeles; the crowd was enthusiastic. It took a little bit for me to get into it but then “When We Two Parted” had this great intensity. I might consider that a highlight but that was followed quickly by “Gentleman” “Going To Town” “Uptown Again” etc. We also got “Kiss The Floor” which made my night.

    Their cover of “Lovecrimes” may have closed off the main set but it got a decent reception. The encore was a bit of a dud; they hadn’t really saved anything special.

    Still, they were hot.

  • I am about 20 feet from stage, 20 min before robyn hitchcock comes on at hardly strictly bluegrass #12 - our blue angel F-18 fighter jets just buzzed the crowd, charming - typing this message into the San francisco <-> Brighton pneumatic tube delivery system, hoping nick ink opens the canister

  • mssg rcvd + undrstd Cptn.

  • Any chance of a report on that Robe-in gig Captain Peacock?

  • Yep, been meaning to! Seeing him was the highlight of HSB this year. It was a solo show (is that typical?) and he looked crazily healthy & cheerful. His first words were, “It’s good to be back in the sixties, 52 years later.” He did “Glass Hotel”, “Museum of Sex”, a few I couldn’t place, a couple new songs, and a cover of “Tangled Up In Blue” that he dedicated to Michele (?) saying it was her favorite Dylan, and that it would be on youtube soon. It’s like his voice & wit hasn’t changed since Black Snake Diamond Role. Best part was when he introduced “Balloon Man” with, “You all knew capitalism was doomed, didn’t you? This is a song about the collapse of capitalism.”

    Near the end (& for the Dylan cover) he brought on John Paul Jones of LZ to play mandolin! He was awesome!! ROCK ON JOHN PAUL JONES

  • Jens Lekman next week and The Afghan Whigs the week after that! Wooo!

    Afghan Whigs bonus: L is seeing Passion Pit in a different area of the same venue that same night and her show starts earlier than mine. This scenario gives me a perfect excuse to be the nerdy fan who gets to the show really early and stakes out a spot at the front of the stage.

  • Clayton_Peacock said: It was a solo show (is that typical?) …. and a cover of “Tangled Up In Blue” that he dedicated it to Michele (?) saying it was her favorite Dylan

    Great stuff. I’ve seen him in all sorts of permutations over the last 6 years (since I came back from Korea), and further back in the day - solo, Venus 3, Egyptians, Soft Boys, with various friends.

    Michele is his wife. It’s interesting you spelled it that way, as that is correct, as alluded to in his ‘One L’ song.

  • Earlier today I read that John Paul Jones also chipped in at the Giant Giant Sand show in Golden Gate Park!

  • JPJ played mandolin on the “Spooky” LP, and I love that one! I’ve only seen Robyn with the Venus 3, but it was excellent—worth it for the banter alone.

  • Doom metal folks: So I just won tix from KALX to see Saint Vitus tonight at the Independent in SF. It would take some pleading with the spouse, some travel time, plus the venue’s acoustics are mediocre to poor. Do I go?

  • Yes, absolutely. I don’t know much about their current line-up, but Saint Vitus are old standards: they’re good at what they do. Also, I think they’re touring with Weedeater as of late, no? Go, if only to say you’ve seen Saint Vitus. Nothing to lose here, Clayton_Peacock. And oh so much to gain!

  • Seconded. They’re one of the gold-standard bands for doom metal.

  • Yep, Weedeater’s on the bill. Being me, I heard it as Weed Eater.

    I’m putting the wheels in motion, guys. Doom calls.

  • I haven’t seen Vitus, but the Hidden Hand stole the show from Kylesa when I saw those two together. Wino is a legend.

  • I’m pretty stoked to see Boomgates in November. They’re a Melbourne super group of sorts. I love their new record and this weird video:

  • Boomgates! What the hell am I seeing Radiohead for on 16 November.

  • Captain said:

    Nothing to lose here, Clayton_Peacock. And oh so much to gain!

    Words to live by. Show was a mindfuck. In my mutant third eye I keep seeing Wino howling “Enchainnnned! … Enchainnnnnnnneeed!” in front of a pulldown screen with snake & rod psychedelia. Plus, I accidentally on purpose forgot to tell K about the gig. Sneaking out to see metal is metal, right?

    Plus, this poster.

    alt text

  • dan said: Boomgates! What the hell am I seeing Radiohead for on 16 November.

    Truth! I love this record. Gotta see them before they start selling out all their shows (like The Twerps) or start playing arenas with the Black Keys (like Royal Headache).

  • Did St Vitus play “The Troll”? I love that song. And it has a good message.

  • Good chance they did, but can’t say for sure.

    Drummer was wearing a Black Sabbath t-shirt, except it said “Bill Sabbath” and had Bill Ward’s face on it. I thought that was a good message.

  • saw texas is the reason twice last night, it ruled

  • I used to think The Fall had the world’s greatest band name.

    Still do. But Texas Is The Reason is a close 2nd.

  • it is the best band name, really

    the second show was like this

  • I saw Louis CK last night. I guess this probably isn’t the right thread for that though.

  • Weird, 2nd time in a week I’ve needed the services of TNM’s 24/7 Death Metal Oracle.

    So I’m on my way to Big Sur right now for a long weekend of camping with friends. Except, I’m listening to KALX, and it turns out Morbid Angel’s playing Slims tonight. I could, you know, show up in Big Sur a day late.

    What sayeth the oracle?

  • Do not pass up an opportunity to see Morbid Angel, I think I’ve got my finger on the pulse here

  • Righto, O holy one

    [cuts across center divider, reverses course]

  • Y’all were more circumspect when I asked this question a couple months back, and I passed up the opportunity.

  • Actually, I’ve heard some divisive opinions about the current Morbid Angel line-up. I’ve known some folks who found ‘em underwhelming. Others found them to be absolutely fantastic.

    My opinion? Pretty decent chance you’ll get to hear Maze of Torment live, so probably you should go. Also, how do you feel about crazy guitar solos and wind fans? If your answer is “pro,” you better get to that concert, Clayton.

  • Hey, just putting it out there, I know many people are not fans but if any NYC people wanted to see the Gandalfs this week but didn’t get a ticket for whatever reason (or you need one for a friend, or really for any purpose except to sell it, ‘cause, well, I could do that, but then again I am not the boss of you), I have exactly one (1) for 10/16 that I will give you for freebies, because I like you. All you hafta do is come get it, and actually I could maybe be convinced to meet you in a mutually convenient location if that is an undue hardship as I have some errands to run that will drag me out of Brooklyn in the coming days. That is all!

    Edit: Hmm, this isn’t really the right thread for this. I guess if someone takes the ticket and goes to the show they must come back and post about it to make things right.

  • JimTheBeerGuy said: Do not pass up an opportunity to see Morbid Angel, I think I’ve got my finger on the pulse here

    I didn’t think their live show is all that. However, they play their extremely complex material note perfect live, and that’s worth seeing.

  • night #4 in a row for me…if i have the energy, i’ll go see Slug Guts. I really should, as when’s the next time they will be around here? not any time soon.

    the other nights were Calexico/Dodos, Swans/Hawk and a Hacksaw, and JSBX/Bloodshot Bill. all excellent in their own ways. If i had to rank them, i’d go Swans/JSBX/Calexico.

  • Saw Antony doing Swanlights at the Melbourne Festival last night (Saturday). Soaring, fragile, beautiful, a wonderful hour and a half. And to top it off, Boy George joined him on stage for ‘You Are My Sister’ to close the show.

    Friday night was a nostalgia trip to see Regurgitator, one of Australia’s bigger bands in the 90s, play their albums Tu-Plang and Unit back to back. I’ve seen Regurgitator about 12 times now, and it was great fun as always.

    Support act Senyawa from Yogyakarta, Indonesia was the highlight of the night. They’re a two piece. Wukir Suryadi plays his own instrument called a bambu wukir, an elaborate stringed stick thing, and vocalist Rully Shabara is equal parts Diamanda Galas and Mike Patton - shrieking, growling, and singing his heart out over infinity octaves. One of those beautiful experiences where I didn’t know what to expect and I was completely blown away.

    The first support act at Regurgitator was Hedgehog from Beijing, an indie pop three piece. A good way to start off the night, and at the end of the evening, Hedgehog’s drummer/singer Atom joined Regurgitator on stage during their encore, proceeding to knock several microphones over in drunken glee, creating feedback and tangled leads and continuing to dance as the sound crew scrambled to sort out the mess. Rock.

  • I haven’t come to understand Regurgitator yet, but those opening bands sound awesome.

    Hopefully I can score some tickets to see My Bloody Valentine when they go on sale this week…

  • ‘Gurg are very much a 90s band. The two albums Dan mentioned are a good starting point. There’s not much to understand. Spiderbait, Frenzal Rhomb, Regurgitator, Jebediah, Something for Kate…

  • Guys, Jens Lekman was really really good last night. As an enthusiastic but more or less casual fan, I was a little shocked at how comfortable and amiable he was on stage. Quite the showman. What really elevated the show were all the little tweaks and flourishes he put on the songs — like at one point, he integrated a minute-long sample of “Give Me Just A Little More Time” into the bridge of a song, and the crowd just went nuts. There was lots of stuff like that. He has a crack band of musicians, too. Lots of build-ups and surprising transitions; they were a lot of fun to watch.

    The show ended with just him on stage. It was a quiet acoustic number, and he got us folks in the audience doing this off-beat clapping thing and chanting “I’ll come running with a heart on fire” over and over again while he soloed and riffed on top of it. The whole thing just made your insides glow. Highly recommended.

  • Captain said: Actually, I’ve heard some divisive opinions about the current Morbid Angel line-up. I’ve known some folks who found ‘em underwhelming. Others found them to be absolutely fantastic.

    My opinion? Pretty decent chance you’ll get to hear Maze of Torment live, so probably you should go. Also, how do you feel about crazy guitar solos and wind fans? If your answer is “pro,” you better get to that concert, Clayton.

    Didn’t get to see them - sold out. But it turned out all right. Got down to Big Sur and had an amazing couple of nights camping on the edge of the continent. You get the ocean to the west and mostly-uninhabited cliffs to the east - darkest sky I’ve ever seen. Sirius was scorching a hole in the firmament.

    NP: Here’s a Dec show I’m looking forward to: Psychic TV at the Uptown. Seems like the sort of show I’ll need to prepare for - update my will, settle old scores, etc. Who knows - P. Orridge might shanghai the crowd onto his spaceship just for kicks. And then where would I be?

  • Davy, did Taken by Trees open that Jens Lekman show? Pretty sure they’re touring together. TBT is awesome, but I’m not sure how it would come across live.

  • Yeah, I believe they did, but unfortunately I was in the Indian restaurant across the street when their set was happening.

  • oh i saw fiona apple last night

    see her immediately

  • Attn anyone in Amsterdam vicinity: Simon Joyner’s doing a show tonight Oct 21 with the Bingo Trappers at NIEUWE ANITA, Frederick Hendrikstr 111. Doors 20:30.

  • Hey Euro dudes, my friends in the band Conduits are embarking on their first European tour the next few weeks. They’re pretty swell, female fronted music that’s kind of trip hoppy, and kind of shoegazey and kind of other things. Their album is on Spotify if you do that thing, but they’re way better live. Go tell them I said hello if you get a chance.

    10.31.12-Linz, Austria » Posthof w/ Belle & Sebastian DJ Set
    11.01.12-Wien, Austria » B72 Der Gute Club
    11.02.12-Winterthur, Switzerland » Gaswerk
    11.03.12-Luzern, Switzerland » Südpol
    11.04.12-Innsbruck, Austria » Bäckerei
    11.07.12-Graz, Austria » Forum Stadtpark
    11.08.12-Bolanzo, Italy » Halle 28
    11.09.12-Aflenz, Austria » Sublime
    11.10.12-Weyer, Austria » Bertholdsaal
    11.13.12-Offenbach, Germany » Hafen 2
    11.15.12-Hamburg, Germany » Nachtasyl
    11.16.12-Dresden Germany » Blaue Fabrik
    11.17.12-Nurnberg, Germany » Stereo - afternoon show!!
    11.20.12-Bordeaux, France » El Chico
    11.21.12-Paris, France » L’International
    11.22.12-Utrecht, Netherlands » DB’s - Late night show (free entrance with your the XX ticket

    Also, like Clayton said up there, Simon Joyner is wandering around over there also. I dunno what his itinerary is, but if you look him up on Facebook he’s been updating as he goes along. Omaha’s takin’ over Europe, bitches.

  • word I’ll make a note to check out the paris show. I’d like to see joyner too, from his facebook it looks like he’s kind of making it up as he goes along

  • Saw Liars and the Haxan Cloak the other night. The latter was pretty great, he played a long, dark, doomy and drony piece that became worrying loud as the climax neared, so even though it was awesome I had to get out of the room because I’m worried about hearing loss. Nick, should be right up your alley if you haven’t checked him out yet.

    Liars were good but also played so loud that it detracted from the sound quality, and by the point they were on stage I was too tired from a very long day of work that I wasn’t in the best mindset to enjoy it, which is kind of a shame, because they seem to be a pretty interesting band.

  • Saw Lee Ranaldo on Wednesday night playing songs off Between The Times & The Tides with a couple of covers in the mix that he seems to play fairly frequently - Talking Heads’ ‘Thank You For Sending Me An Angel’ and Neil Young’s ‘Revolution Blues’. Steve Shelley played drums, so this was arguably the closest I’ll get to seeing Sonic Youth for the time being. The only Sonic Youth track in the set list was ‘Genetic’. Alongside the Ranaldo touring band, Melbourne’s J.P. Shiloh contributed violin for the set.

    Thursday was Thurston Moore playing songs from Demolished Thoughts with the acoustic set up - harp, violin, drums, guitars for the first half of the set. The second half-ish of the set was electric, playing songs off the new-ish Chelsea Light Moving project. The new Chelsea Light Moving songs sounded great. Their debut record is out next March on Matador. Thurston did not play any Sonic Youth tracks, responding to a request with “We don’t do covers.”

    I returned to Australian music on Friday night with Robert Forster. He played for two hours solid on his own. Just the great man, his guitar and those songs. He played stuff from across The Go-Betweens career and his own solo records, and finished the second encore with a touching rendition of Grant McLennan’s ‘Streets of Your Town’, which he hadn’t played in public before.

    Then on Saturday I went to a wedding, and on Sunday I spent the day in bed. This has been Dan’s week of doing too much. Thank you for reading.

  • Oh, man, I wish I could see Robert Forster, that sounds completely awesome.

    The rest of your part reminded me that I saw Body/Head, a band consisting of Kim Gordon and Bill Nace on guitars, a couple of weeks ago, playing a 40-minute set of what seemed to be borderline unrecognizable blues standards (and possibly other stuff). I’m not a Sonic Youth expert or anything, but it sounded and looked like Kim Gordon was pretty much doing her Kim Gordon thing (including stepping on her guitar at one point), while Bill Nice was often playing really interesting and slightly less predictable stuff. Good show, overall.

  • Dan, you go to all the shows that I would go to if I put forth more effort and/or had more money. Well done!

  • You should go together!