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Marine Airbag China
  • As one of the leading marine rubber airbag with ccs rmrs iso17357 guarantee manufacturers and suppliers in China, SHENXING is equipped with one of the best marine rubber airbag with ccs rmrs iso17357 guarantee brands, welcome to buy and wholesale customized bulk products made in China in stock from our factory. Marine rubber airbag Product Description diameter woncmg pressure MpaMedium sized<0.090,0.072<0.060<0.051<0.048<0.045<0.040<0.036 Demosion<0.130,0.105<0.087<0.075<0.070<0.065<0.058<0.052 High pressure>=0.130>=0.105>=0.087>=0.075>=0.070>=0.065>=0.058>=0.052 Carrying Capacity Per meterWorking High Diameter 50%Medium sized5.76 Demosion8.41 High pressure>=8.041 Working High Diameter 40%Medium sized6.92 Demosion10.10 High pressure>=10.10 Working High Diameter 30%Medium sized8.07 Demosion11.78 High pressure>=11.78 Working High Diameter 20%Medium sized9.23 Demosion13.46 High pressure>=13.46 Ship airbags are also known as air balloon, inflatable bags, roller bags, air lifting bags, salvage bags. Standard air bag size range is 0.8m to 2.0m diameter, with length up to 18.0m effective length and even more. Marine airbags now are used for ship launching, loading and floating. They are widely used in cargo boat/ship/vessel launching and landing, lifting and moving sunken ships and salvaging stranded boats. Air bags have the benefit of not only saving labor and time, but investment costs. Additionally they are flexible portable and dependable. Product specifications 1. The standard specification of marine air bags. You can choose the required diameter and effective length to meet your projects (1)Diameter: from 0.8m to 2.0m. (2)Effective length: from 5m to 18m. The above specifications only are our standard specifications arrange. Can be supplied customized size upon customers’ request. 2. The standard number of layers The numbers of layers, which mean the number of synthetic tire cord layer usually our airbags contain from 3 to 9 layers types. Other type is still available upon your request to confirm the safety working pressure. Ship salvaging marine air bag’ function: High gas tightness, high strength good ageing resistance performance character, wear resistance, easy installation, and long service life. With safety and efficiency, the green environmental protection, the flexible etc.
    The application of Marine air space limitation, no less by large-scale mechanical equipment, so it can shorten the construction period, saves a lot of money. Has been widely used in ship fluctuation, caisson hoisting removed and other heavy objects handling, underwater installation to help float, etc. Packaging & ShippingMarine Airbag China website:http://www.qdshenxing.com/airbag/marine-airbag/