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Random Internet Videos
  • Self-Affirmation in Under 2-Minutes:

  • Oh man, correct, I grinned lots. Want to see it again.

  • Amazing animation reel for Tom Waits’ “Misery is the River of the World”

  • my latest video of my cats. what can i say, i enjoy this shit.

  • Ha, those cats are awesome

  • If I get the fellowship I am applying for, will you let me hang out with your cats?

    If the answer is no, please hold off a few weeks with replying, because the prospect of hanging out with your cats will provide excellent motivation for finally starting to write my application!

  • Whoa, you guys have some seriously great home entertainment!

  • A) the move at 0m39s is AWESOME and B) I love that all the related videos are of boxers

  • Haha, yeah, Persimmon rolling back for her double-pawed thwacking made my day. And Alex, good lord, of course you can come hang with them! Persimmon is a moody crank, but Polly is a sweetheart.

    I don’t wanna hijack the thread completely, but here’s one more that I never posted on FB, which is more of a low-wattage concept cat vid:

  • Cats are the best!

  • ADF, you should do a remake of Berlin Alexanderplatz, but with cats!

  • it reminds me of the movie Sliver

  • Clayton_Peacock said: ADF, you should do a remake of Berlin Alexanderplatz, but with cats!

    Yes! “Berlin Alexanderplatz… NOW WITH CATS!”