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Fresh To Death [The Clothes Thread]
  • I am not sure what category to make this, nor am I sure how to post images, nor am I really sure how to do ANYTHING now that I have been deprived of the internet forum code that I’ve used since I was in high school honest to god, but the immediate issue is that we are FLY AS FUCK and therefore a thrad is needed. QED.

    It’s Indian Summer in SF, and I’ve been rocking this Southwick blue-but-not-quite-navy half-lined hopsack suit I got off of eBay for ten bucks. It’s . I’m not quite sure what its ideal tie is, though - I’ve been defaulting to a navy knit, but that’s a little understated. And also a lot of blue.

    Also: I keep staring at this picture. http://ethandesu.com/post/15063485219/triple-double-double-four-in-hand-by-drakes

  • I am interested in ideas about what to wear. I am about ready to come out of dormancy and would like to look and feel human again. It’s been so long since I’ve worn anything that wasn’t ‘work’ clothes of one kind or another — the work of filmmaking, the work of pregnancy, the work of living with my mother-in-law, the work, now, of moving and unpacking. And then somehow in the middle of it all I became a middle-aged mother and a professional and I feel like I have to stop wearing jeans and sneakers. Or at least wear jeans that aren’t falling off me.

  • I have a Limited credit card, you guys. My 15-year old self is punching me in the face, but I look bangin’.

  • Moving this out of the private forum.

  • Look at my fly fiancé and I at our engagement party on Saturday:


    The tie was wool and the collar was small, so that wasn’t the best combination (hard to get the knot small/tight enough), but what’re you gonna do? It actually looked somewhat better when I unbuttoned the top button and loosened the tie a bit.

    Shout-out to my engraved tie pin, which was given to me by my sister … in middle school!

  • Both of you are looking excellent — and so happy!

  • You two look fabulously happy, davy! So good.

    NP: Last night was date night at the roost, and it went rather well. Except that when K and I were leaving the house she refused to let me wear these fly designer blue jeans I just bought, because I have to roll them up.


  • Was she worried food detritus might fall into the cuffs?

    davy you both look nice but I am diggin on that crudité platter somethin fierce

  • You realize the Eiffel Tower is not connected to it, right?

  • You guys look so happy and very adorbz!

  • davy: :) <3 :) lookit you TWO

  • davy, you two look sharp and happy and wonderful!

  • :D congratulations on being such a stunning couple.

  • I just want to say that I bought a pair of Levi’s skinny jeans

    And I look awesome in them

  • sweetness.

  • Photos please, Jeb.

  • I’ll work on that!

  • autumn = layering = i am having an awesome clothes time right about now

  • Yeah man I am so ready to layer as like a daily human practice again

    Witness new cardigan thing

    Also davy you and Starbuck are lookin great up there.

  • Some dapper looking LTPJ, I mean TNM folks here. Looking forward to the Jeb pic, too! Also, yes, layers! Autumnal colors! Textures! Fall is the best.

  • So…I will be attending a preservation conference at the National Archives in D.C. in a couple of weeks. I’m really excited for it! I’ve got this beautiful 3/4 sleeve knit orange blazer from The Limited that I’d like to wear, but have no idea what to wear with it. I want to try to avoid pairing it with black so as not to create a Halloween effect. Any ideas? Throw me some pictures from around the internet, y’all. I like skirts or pants, but want something professional-looking as this will be a conference and I’d like to network the hell out of it. Also prefer darker colors, but am looking for earthy tones to match the orange and bring in a bit of an autumnal theme.

  • posted this sorta blurry photo of me on instagram earlier. the gingham + v-neck sweater combination is simple as hell but it felt cool


  • also officially i’d have no idea what to pair with orange in my life

  • lookin good! I love the sweatshirt or cardigan over button up collared shirt a lot! I try to do a similar thing with a polka dot dress I have.

    Morgan wrote

    So…I will be attending a preservation conference at the National Archives in D.C. in a couple of weeks.

    Me too me too! But in a couple of days! It’s 90 here still every day. What sorts of things am I supposed to wear in DC to stay warm but not too warm?

    Morgan! I am on the limited’s site and I think I see the thing you’re talking about, or something similar. They have really professional looking stuff, I like it! I would do slender or skinny navy blue jeans/slacks with that and a white shirt under that is longer than the blazer, and then like… light brown or tan chunky heels, possibly platforms. BRB GOOGLING.

  • I also like grey with orange

  • I like this belt it’s kind of manly
    they have other good belts too. I don’t know why I’m drawn towards animal print things for this outfit. I usually heavily avoid animal print. oh maybe because sometimes those things are made out of animals. This belt is faux though. feaux though feaux though.

  • Oh, you’re awesome! Thanks for all of the suggestions; a lot of them are things that I probably wouldn’t have thought of on my own! I don’t know about the button-down thing — I have issues with those because of the boobage. I love the way they look in theory, though, so maybe I just need to try more on at better stores (I don’t think I have tried any on at The Limited, come to think of it, because I mostly gave up on them years ago). I love the striped shirt, and actually really like the pants in that photo, too — I think that could work as a great outfit with the orange blazer, but would that be too much bold color in one place?

  • Oh, and you’re going to a conference in D.C. in a couple of days? That’s exciting!

    I’d go with a few layers if I were you, maybe. It can get a lot colder inside than it is outside when it’s that warm, so maybe wear a nice light shirt but bring along a cardigan.

  • Maybe not the yellow with the orange, but maybe some wine colored pants? would that be weird? all these reds and yellows together might not go quite right. I have very small boobage so I do a lot of button downed stuff.

    I’m not going to a conference, but a wedding. Though a wedding is like a family conference, so sort of! All of my clothes are more than a year old. I think I’m going to wear a wine colored wool dress with a black satin band with flat bow just below the bust that I wore to a november wedding in 2007 0_0 I don’t think I have anything to wear over it or shoes that won’t make me look like a raggamuffin. Maybe I’ll go shopping in some friend’s closets.

  • Also I am like MS. Cardigan. I love them. I wish I had more.

  • Morgan, brown with orange. I don’t know if anyone’s said that yet. And burgandy/wine tones are also great. I love orange, and wear it a heap!

  • Yeah the only orange clothes I have are socks and a hat but browns and reds seems to go well with them

  • I constantly feel like I need new jackets. I don’t mind only wearing plain white dress shirts for the rest of my life, but there are just tons and tons of sport coats and blazers that I need. It’s terrible.

  • Morgan, brown with orange.

    Yeah, my lady was wearing a brown/orange outfit with little bits of black, red and yellow last night, and everyone kept being like “Oh! That’s so cute! You look like it’s Fall!”

    I am also excited about the ability to start wearing layers again!

  • Seconding peacocks. Grey rhymes with orange. It’s the autumn-leaves-on-rock look.

  • Thirding the grey & orange. It’s what I usually do. Also faded blue jeans.

  • Oh, but I’m definitely sure buying a lot of vintage ties on ebay right now.

  • I actually just bought an orange wool jumper today. ‘(Also a green one, with a bit of yellow and blue.) I’d definitely wear it with brown, if I could find a decently fitting pair of brown corduroys again. I hate not having any brown corduroys. Or any kind of corduroys that fit, for that matter - they’re my favourite kind of trousers, especially for the autumn-early spring season, but the only ones I currently own are ones that I bought last year when I was at my chubbiest, so they look kind of ridiculous now.

  • In one week, I did all the fall shopping I intend to do this year — 1 pair of greyish slim jeans, 2 pairs of “lived-in slim” chinos (red & caramel … these feel amazing!), one striped button-up, and a navy military jacket from Gap (I had to go on an insane quest to find my size in this one); another four patterned button-up shirts, one striped tie, and a red chambray work shirt from J. Crew. Also scored a chocolate brown wool bomber jacket at a thrift store (made by Gap & in great condition) for $16!

    Gonna make do with my current work-pants and assortment of shoes for another season. Might buy one more white dress shirt before I call it a day.

  • image

    Did you buy that one… ON PORPOISE?????


  • Love the flowers!

  • Quit dolphin around! Wait.

  • New favorite thread.

    Thanks for all of the suggestions, guys! I’ll post photos of the outfit when I figure it out.

  • Antero, what’s your strategy for finding cheap suits on eBay?

  • Goddamnit I can’t wait to be able to buy a new clothes. I’m glad to be able to wear my woolen jackets again.

  • Here’s me in my favorite fall/winter jacket, as seen today at work.

    struggling to stay awake. swag.